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Cao-Dai Collection


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Series I

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Cao-Dai Collection | Northern Illinois University

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Collection Overview

Title: Cao-Dai Collection


Primary Creator: Nguyen, Tan Hung

Extent: 1.0

Date Acquired: 03/12/2019

Subjects: Southeast Asia

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Materials in this collection cover aspects of the Cao-Dai religion. Caodaism is a montheistic syncretic religion officially established in the city of Tay Ninh in Southern Vietnam in 1926.

Subject/Index Terms

Southeast Asia

Administrative Information

Repository: Northern Illinois University

Acquisition Source: Nguyen Tan Hung

Acquisition Method: Donation to the Southeast Asia Collection

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series I],

Series I
Box 1
Item 1: Yeu Diem Giao Ly Dai Dao
Item 2: Cao Dai, Out of Many, One.  A Religion of Unity
Item 3: An Introduction to Caodaism
Item 4: Guide to Caodai Spiritual Celebration
Item 5: History and Philosophy of Caodaism by Gabriel Gobron
Item 6: Nhu Y Phap Mon
Item 7: Cao Dai Van Dap
Item 8: Nghi Thuc Cung Kien
Item 9: Chinh The Lich Su Cao Dai Daw Dao
Item 10: Thanh-Giao.  Rieng cho de-tu Chieu-Minh
Item 11: Duong Huong Tu Hanh trong Dai dao Tam Ky Pho Do & Chu Truong Ve Khoa Tinh Luyen Cua Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do.
Item 12: Su Linh Huong & Phuong Thuc Tiep Xuc Voi Thay Day Tam Linh
Item 13: Thien Dinh So yeu & Nguyen ly cua hien tuong thang hoa Tinh Khi Than
Item 14: Anh Sang Phuong Dong. So 7 - Thang 2 - 2009
Item 15: Tap San Hoa Dong.  So 2 12-95
Item 16: Tap San Hoa Dong.  So Ra Mat 1-1995
Item 17: Tap San Hoa Dong.  So 3 1-1997 Xuan Dinh Suu
Item 18: Hiep Sieu Hinh Vo Thua Chon Giao
Item 19: Minh Khai Hai Ngoai Chieu Minh Dan Tap 1
Item 20: Minh Khai Hai Ngoai Chieu Minh Dan Tap 2
Item 21: Thanh-Giao.  Noi Long-an Dan Nam: 1937-1938-1939
Item 22: Nghi Thuc Sam Hoi va Thinh Do Thap Nghi Luan
Item 23: Giao ly Dai Dao, so 07, Xuan Dinh Hoi 2007
Item 24: Cao-Dai Giao-ly Dai-Cuong
Item 25: 12 Loi Nguyen Lon Cua Duc Quan The Am Bo Tat
Item 26: Long Thay Bai noi chuyen cua. Le Anh Dung
Item 27: The Dao
Item 28: Tap San Duong Dong.  So 8, thang 7/1994
Item 29: Thanh Giao Suu Tap
Item 30: Cam Nang Tho Cua Duc Dieu Tri Kim Mau
Item 31: Van De Tinh Luyen Doi Voi Mon Sanh Cao-Dai Thuong-De
Item 32: Thanh Giao Rieng cho de tu Chieu Minh
Item 33: Thanh Truyen Trung Hung
Item 34: De Nuoi Lon Hanh Phuc Trong Thoi Gian o Lang Mai
Item 35: Dao-Dai Ngoai-Khuyet
Item 36: Ban The Dai Dong Dan Toc
Item 37: Tuong Phat Thich Ca Mau Ni (Tat Dat Ta Co Dam)
Item 38: Thanh-Giao Suu-Tap Nam: 1977-1978-1979-1980
Item 39: Dao-Thong Chon-Truyen
Item 40: Kinh Niem Phat Ba-La-Mat (Phap Tu Don Ngo Vang Sanh)
Item 41: Lich Su Dao Cao Dai Thoi Ky Tiem An 1920-1926
Item 42: Long Tu Mau
Item 43: Huan-Tu Duc Chi-Ton Cao-Dai Thuong-De
Item 44: Thanh-Giao Suu-Tap Nam At Meo-Binh Thin (1975-1976)
Item 45: Huyen Dieu Canh
Item 46: T.T Dong-son
Item 47: Dong-Chon Tap (Tron-Bo)
Item 48: Kinh Bat Dai Nhan Giac Bao An Phu Mau Vu Lan Bon
Item 49: Sen Hong Xuan Dinh Suu 1
Item 50: Sen Hong Phat Dan 2541
Item 51: Cao Dai dai Dao Chieu Minh Tam Thanh Co Vi.  Dao Luat
Item 52: Nhung bai Giao Ly Dai Dao.  So 10
Item 53: Kinh Cung Thoi Va Cau Sieu
Item 54: Kinh Giac-The Hoi-Minh
Item 55: Dia-Mau Chon-Kinh.  Ngu Coc Dieu Kinh Nhan Quang Kinh
Item 56: Kinh Cuu Kho - Cuu Nan.  Quan-The-Am bo Tat
Item 57: Kinh Thien-Dia Bat-Duong
Item 58: Kinh Sam Hoi
Item 59: Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do.  Cong binh - Bac ai - Tu bi.  Nhan Qua
Item 60: CaoDai Faith of Unity
Item 61: Caodaism A Novel Religion
Item 62: Dong Suu Tu (Pho Bien Noi Bo)
Item 63: Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do.  Don Thien
Item 64: Nhung bai Giao Ly Dai Dao 02-2004
Item 65: Nhung bai Giao Ly Dai Dao 05-2004
Item 66: Tu-Chon Thiep Quyet
Item 67: Avam Ram Ham Kham Mat Tong Van Dap
Item 68: Trang Quynh
Item 69: Ngoc-Minh-Kinh
Item 70: Danh Hieu & Tieu Chuan Lap Phap Cua.  Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do
Item 71: Quyen nang Duc Ho Phap trong Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do
Item 72: Huynh Dinh Kinh Nom
Item 73: Phap Ly Vo Vi
Item 74: Phuong Phap Tu Than Hanh Dao
Item 75: Truyen Nhan Qua boa ung: Nguoi Khong Tai, Mat, Mui, Luoi
Item 76: Tua Rang
Item 77: Huynh Dinh Kinh Nghia
Item 78: Ngoc Kinh Quyen III
Item 79: Phap Nhan Nhuc
Item 80: Thien Theo Duc Dong Phuong Chuong Quan
Item 81: Kinh Cung Tu Thoi
Item 82: Phep Luyen Cong Cua La Dong Tan
Item 83: Kinh Cung Tu Thoi
Item 84: Quan The Am Bo Tat.  Bach Y Than Chu
Item 85: Kinh Bach Y Cuu Kho Chu Dai Bi
Item 86: Nghi Thuc Cau Sieu
Item 87: Muoi Hai (12) Bai Luyen Tap Than The
Item 88: Thanh Dien Nhat Tung
Item 89: Luan Thi Chinh Phap
Item 90: Hay Tro Ve Nguon.  Tap Hai
Item 91: Hoi HQ/HH Tran Quang Khai Ban Tin So I
Item 92: Thuong Thua Chon Giao Quyen III In Lai Theo An Ban Nam 1976
Item 93: Dung Cong 24 Gio Trong Nep Song Dao
Item 94: Lich-Su Quan-Phu Ngo-Van-Chieu (1878-1932)
Item 95: Thanh Giao Duc Ngoi Hai Suu Tap Tu 1981 Den 1997
Item 96: Thien Dao Minh Tam xuat ban In Lai Theo An Ban 1963
Item 97: Thanh Giao Suu Tap Nam 1969 In Lai Theo An Ban TLBT
Item 98: Thanh Giao Suu Tap Nam Binh Ngo-1966 In Lai Theo An Ban TLBT
Item 99: Tieu-Su Duc Giao Tong Nguyen-Ngoc-Tuong (1881-1951) In Lai Theo An Ban Nam 1958
Item 100: Tieu Thua Chon Giao Quyen I In Lai Theo An Ban Nam 1961
Item 101: Trung Thua Chon Giao Quyen II In Lai Theo An Ban Nam 1962
Item 102: Thanh Giao Chon Loc (thi tap)
Item 103: Thanh Giao Suu Tap (phan I, vol. II).  Handwritten.
Box 2
Item 1: Kinh Thien-Dao va The-Dao
Item 2: Phap-Chanh-Truyen
Item 3: Co Quan Pho Thong Giao Ly Dai Dao.  Cac Thanh So Cao Dai by Tinh Long An
Item 4: Phap-Chanh-Truyen La Constitution Religieuse Du Caodaisme
Item 5: Tap San Trung-Hoa
Item 6: An Outline of Caodaism
Item 7: Thanh Ngon Hiep Tuyen va Tan Luat Phap Chanh Truyen
Item 8: Thanh Huan Hiep Truyen Quyen 1
Item 9: Thanh Huan Hiep Truyen Quyen 2
Item 10: Su Tich Tam-Tran Oai-Nghiem Trong Dai-Dao Tam-Ky Pho-Do
Item 11: Tim Hieu Dao Cao Dai Quyen 1
Item 12: Dai Thua Chon Giao
Item 13: Thanh-Giao Suu-Tap Duc Ly Thai Bach, Giao Tong Vo Vi.  Dai Dao Tam Ky Pho Do
Item 14: Thanh-Giao Suu-Tap Duc Va-Hanh Thien-Su
Item 15: Thanh-Giao Suu-Tap Duc Dong-Phuong Lao-To Va Duc Nhu-Y Dao-Thoan Chon-Nhon
Item 16: Luoc Su Cuoc Doi Hanh Dao cua Mot Nu Cu Si
Item 17: Lich Su Dao Cao Dai Quyen I Khai Dao.  Tu Khoi Nguyen Den Khai Minh
Item 18: Thanh Giao Suu Tap.  Nam At-Ty 1965
Item 19: Lich Su Dao Cao Dai Quyen II Truyen Dao Tu Khai Minh Den Chia Chi Phai (1926-1938)
Item 20: Thien Chau Tinh Quan Soan Thuyet Dao
Item 21: Noi Chuyen Cao Dai
Item 22: Thanh-Huan Hiep-Tuyen Quyen I
Item 23: Thanh-Huan Hiep-Tuyen Quyen II 1961
Item 24: Lich Du Dao Cao Dai Quyen I Khai Dao Tu Khoi Nguyen Den Khai Minh
Item 25: Dai Dao Khai Minh
Item 26: Thanh Giao Suu Tap Nam Canh-Tuat 1970
Item 27: Bao Phap Chon Kinh
Item 28: Dai Giac Thanh Kinh & Kinh Thanh Giao Phap
Item 29: Thanh Duc Chon Kinh
Item 30: Huan Tu Duc Chi Ton Ngoc Hoang Thuong De
Item 31: Thanh-Duc Chuyen-Me
Item 32: Thanh-Giao Suu-Tap.  Tu nam 1981 den nam 1988
Item 33: Thanh Giao Dan Long Hoa Nam 1971-1975
Item 34: Duong Chon Tap Tron Bo Va Chau Dich Xien Chon
Item 35: Binh Minh Dai Dao
Item 36: Thanh Ngon Hiep Tuyen
Item 37: Thanh-Duc Chon-Truyen Trung-Dao

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[Series I],

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