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American Association of University Women-Wheaton/Glen Ellyn


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American Association of University Women-Wheaton/Glen Ellyn, 1957-2011 | Northern Illinois University

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Collection Overview

Title: American Association of University Women-Wheaton/Glen Ellyn, 1957-2011

Predominant Dates:1980-2000

ID: RHC/RC/331

Extent: 12.0 Linear Feet

Arrangement: Series I consists of Treasurer’s files from 1994 to 2010. The series contains budget and financial records, operations revenue and disbursement, membership dues and rosters, and Educational Foundation records. Series II includes Branch Program Files for programs the Wheaton-Glen Ellyn Branch conducted or participated in from 1968-1995. The third series consists of Membership files from 2008-2010, with directory lists, board meeting minutes, and dues records. The fourth series contains Historian files from 1957 to 2011.These records include Branch directories, policy manuals, and Branch-initiated educational materials. In Series V are the President’s files from 1969 to 2000. These include Board and Branch meeting agendas and minutes (1969-2001), annual reports, 5-Star Status materials, and AAUW-Illinois records. The files follow the original order the records were received, which most likely reflects the filing system of each branch president. The sixth series contains scrapbooks from 1956 to 1997. Series VII consists of materials that span the history of the Branch used to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Wheaton-Glen Ellyn Branch, including Branch Histories and proceedings, project and program materials, clippings, and awards. The eighth series, Media, consists of audio tapes from Branch programs and oral histories.

Date Acquired: 01/31/2013

Subjects: AAUW, American Association of University Women, American Association of University Women, Wheaton-Glen Ellyn, Glen Ellyn (Ill.), Universities and colleges, Wheaton (Ill.), Women--Societies and clubs.

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The American Association of University Woman, Wheaton-Glen Ellyn Branch records date from 1957 to 2011, although the bulk of the material dates from 1980-2000.  The organization provided a very detailed chronological inventory at the time of donation that influenced how the records are organized. Materials were created and organized by the different officers of the Branch and the way in which the records are arranged reflect the original order they were created. Each officer’s duties is distinct, but projects and areas of focus often overlap. The collection is divided into eight series: Treasurer, Branch Programs, Membership, Historian, President, Scrapbooks, Branch 25th Anniversary, and Audio-Visual.

Collection Historical Note

The Wheaton-Glen Ellyn Branch of the American Association of University Women was chartered in the spring of 1956 with 15 members under first Branch President Sally Dow. The Branch promotes equality for all women and girls, life-long education, and positive societal change through its administration of the organization’s Educational Foundation which provides for woman’s education. In addition, the branch initiates community action in local school boards, community education, and voter education campaigns. They are involved in legislative and public policy programs at the local, state, or national level and its Legal Advocacy Fund. The Branch also publishes a regular newsletter, Twigs. The Branch supported the idea of a local junior college which later became College of Du Page. They created a program, Women of Du Page that highlighted achievements of historical and contemporary women and provided curriculum units for upper elementary grades in all of the local schools. In addition, the Branch has published Nuts and Bolts: A Citizens’ Guide to Local Government and three editions of “Facing Divorce: A Practical Guide to Financial, Legal & Emotional Survival.” One of the Branch members, Jackie DeFazio, served as AAUW National President from 1993 to 1997.

Subject/Index Terms

American Association of University Women
American Association of University Women, Wheaton-Glen Ellyn
Glen Ellyn (Ill.)
Universities and colleges
Wheaton (Ill.)
Women--Societies and clubs.

Administrative Information

Repository: Northern Illinois University

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on access to the collection

Use Restrictions: Property rights to the collection are held by the Regional History Center; literary rights are dedicated to the public.

Acquisition Source: AAUW Branch President Phyllis R. Fogel

Acquisition Method: The records of the American Association of University Women (AAUW), Wheaton-Glen Ellyn were donated to the Northern Illinois Regional history Center by AAUW Branch President Phyllis R. Fogel on January 31, 2013.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series I.: Treasurer Files],
[Series II.: Branch Program Files],
[Series III.: Membership Files],
[Series IV.: Historian Files],
[Series V.: President's Files],
[Series VI.: Scrapbooks],
[Series VII.: Branch 25th Anniversary Files],
[Series VIII.: Series VIII. Audio / Visual],

Series V.: President's Files
Box 3
Folder 18: Adalante Book Group, 2001
Sub-Series A.: Association Files
Box 3
Folder 19: AAUW Sales Catalogue, 1997-1998
Folder 20: Communications, 1997-1999
Folder 21-22: Association Conventions, 19971999
Folder 23: Dues Increase, 1999
Folder 24: Legal Advocacy Fund, LAF, 1997
Folder 25: Membership Dialog, 1997-1999
Folder 26: Educational Foundation Association, 1998
Folder 27: Single-sex Education Report, 1998
Folder 28: Sister to Sister Girls Summit, 1998
Folder 29-30: Reach for the Stars Files, 1997-1999
Folder 31-34: Branch Application for 5-Star Status, 1958-2001
Folder 35: 5-Star Branch Award, 2001
Sub-Series B.: AAUW-Illinois
Box 3
Folder 36: 75 Years of Making a Difference, 1998-1999
Folder 37: 75th Anniversary, 1998-2000
Folder 38: Necrology, 1998-1999
Folder 39: Annual Reports to AAUW-Illinois, 1990-1991, 1993-1999
Folder 40: AAUW-Illinois Directory and Bylaws, 1998-1999
Folder 41: AAUW-Illinois, Board of Directors, 1998-1999
Folder 42: AAUW-Illinois, Other Branches, 1997
Folder 43: AAUW-Illinois, Nominations, 1997-1998
Folder 44: AAUW-Illinois, Summer Leadership, 1998-1999
Folder 45: AAUW-Illinois, What's Working for Girls News, 1998
Folder 46: AAUW-Illinois, Young Women's Issues Forum, 1999
Folder 47: Strategic Plan, 1985-1986, 1995-2000
Folder 48: Branch Presidents (History), 1996
Folder 49: District 4 Meeting Agendas, 1997-1998
Folder 50: Cable TV Presentation, 2000
Folder 51: Take Back the Night, 1999-2000
Folder 52: Agents of Change Award, 1992-1994, 1996
Folder 53: AAUW-Illinois Branch Membership Awards-Recruitment, 1995-1997
Folder 54: AAUW-Illinois, Emerging Star and Spirit Award, 1998
Folder 55: AAUW-Illinois Convention, 1998
Folder 56: AAUW-Illinois, Fall Conference, 1997-1998
Folder 57: AAUW-Illinois Gender Equity Fund, 1997-1998
Folder 58: AAUW-Illinois Public Policy, 1997-1998
Sub-Series C.: Branch Records
Box 4
Folder 1: Branch Correspondence, 1993-1999
Folder 1a: Branch Nominating Committee, 1998, 2000
Folder 2: Annual Report Form (Blank), 1997-2001
Folder 3-4: Branch Annual Reports, 1997-2001
Folder 5: Branch Divorce Handbook, 2001-2002
Folder 6: AAUW Table, Sidewalk Sales Glen Ellyn, 1997-2000
Folder 7: AAUW Booth, Autumn Fest Wheaton, 1998-2000
Folder 8: Branch Goals, 1996-2001
Folder 9: Audit Committee Reports, 1958-1959, 1962-1963, 1967-1969, 1972-1973, 1977-1986, 1991, 1996-2000
Folder 10: Branch Budget, 1997-1998
Folder 11: Branch Board List, 1993-1999
Folder 12: Branch Board Meetings-Hosts, 1997-1998
Folder 13: YWCA Award, 2000-2001
Folder 14: Branch Book Sale, 1984-1985, 1998-1999
Folder 15: Branch Banner, 1998
Folder 16-17: Branch Brochure, 1995-1999
Folder 18: Branch Member Profile Form, 1997-1998
Folder 19: Branch Membership Directory, 1997-1998
Folder 20: 40th Anniversary, Branch Presidents Series, 1996
Folder 21: Branch Calendars, 1998-1999
Folder 22: Correspondence Log (Social), 1983-1990
Folder 23: Branch Diversity Survey, 1997
Folder 24: Branch Diversity Task Force and Adelante Book Table, 1997-1999
Folder 25: Edith Back Honorary Life Member, 1981
Folder 26: Educational Foundation Branch Disbursal of Funds, 1997-1999
Folder 27: Facing Divorce, Copyright Information, 1993-1997
Folder 28: Facing Divorce book, 1983, 1990, 1995
Folder 29: YWCA, 1996
Folder 30: Branch Operations Fund Raisers, 1998
Folder 31: Branch Education Equity Initiative, 1997-1998
Folder 32: LAF (Legal Aid Fund) Branch Contributions, 1997-1999
Folder 33: Branch Math Mentoring Project, 1992
Folder 34: Branch Media, 1997
Folder 35: Branch Members at Large, 1997, 1998
Folder 36: Branch New Member Packet Information, 1997
Folder 37: Membership Economic Diversity Branch Policy, 1993, 1998
Folder 38: Membership Forms, 1998-1999
Folder 39: Branch Programs, 1997-1998
Folder 40: Public Policy / Political Candidates, 1998
Folder 41: Branch Reimbursements Form, No Date
Folder 42: Returning to Learning Scholarship, 1997-1998
Folder 43: School Board Endorsement Committee, 1999
Folder 44: Twigs, President's Copy, 1999
Folder 45: President's Report to Board, 1997-1998
Folder 46: Branch Membership Coffee, 1971-2000
Folder 47: Branch May Banquet, 1971-2000
Folder 48: Branch Bylaws, 1997-1998
Folder 49: AAUW Sales Catalogue, 2001-2002
Folder 50: Association Publication, Leader Tool Kit, 1999
Folder 51: Organization Primer, 1999
Folder 52: Leadership Materials, 1999, 2000
Folder 53: International Relations, International Dateline, College of Du Page Publication, 1999
Folder 54: Branch Initiative for Education Equity / Reality Store, 1997-2000
Folder 55: College of Du Page Adade Wheeler Award, 1998-1999
Folder 56: Association Awards, 1991-1994
Folder 57-59: Branch YWCA Nominations and Awards, 1994-1996,1998
Folder 60: Bicentennial Project, 1975-1976
Folder 61: Branch Programs, 1993-1997
Folder 62: Branch Budgets, 1991-1993, 1995-1997
Folder 63: Adalante, Diversity, 1996-1999
Folder 64: Branch Bylaws, 1992
Folder 65: Censorship, Impressions Series, 1990-1992
Folder 66: Citizen Advocacy Center, 1994-1996
Folder 67: Community Education, 1988-1995
Folder 68: President's Correspondence, 1973-1985
Folder 69: Du Page Child Care Forum, 1995-1996, 1999
Folder 70: Du Page Coalition for Public Schools Rally, 1998
Folder 71: Educational Foundation, 1995-1996, 1999
Folder 72: Gender Equity Assessment, 1993
Folder 73: Du Page Equity Roundtable, 1992-1993
Folder 74: Education Equity, 1992-1995
Folder 75: Girls Can!, 1995
Folder 76: Growing Smart, 1995-1996
Folder 77: Hostile Hallways, 1993
Folder 78: How Schools Shortchange Girls, 1992
Folder 79: International Federation of University Women, 1997-1998
Folder 80: Learning Respect Day, 1994
Folder 81: What's Working for Girls, 1995-1997
Folder 82: Jackie DeFazio Campaign for AAUW President (1), 1993
Folder 83: Membership, 1978-1979, 1984
Folder 84: Pro-Choice, 1989-1990
Folder 85: Public Policy / Voter Education, 1993-1996
Box 5
Folder 1: School District 200, 1995,1997-1998
Folder 2-32: Branch Meetings, Agendas/Remarks, Minutes, 1969-2001
Folder 33-52: Branch Annual Reports, 1972-1999
Folder 53: Board Reports, 1956-1964, 1966-1967,1 976-1977, 1985-1981, 1987, 1989-1991
Folder 54: Slides, "Women of Today" (74), Level 1 "Women of Today" (17), Wheaton-Glen Ellyn AAUW (67), 1976

Browse by Series:

[Series I.: Treasurer Files],
[Series II.: Branch Program Files],
[Series III.: Membership Files],
[Series IV.: Historian Files],
[Series V.: President's Files],
[Series VI.: Scrapbooks],
[Series VII.: Branch 25th Anniversary Files],
[Series VIII.: Series VIII. Audio / Visual],

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