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Student Activities


Scope and Contents

Administrative Information

Detailed Description

Student Affairs Committee Records

Organizations and Annual Activities


Religious Life

Student Protests and Demonstrations

Commencement and Class Programs; Photographs [See also UA 34]

Addendum 1

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Student Activities, 1899+ | Northern Illinois University

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Collection Overview

Title: Student Activities, 1899+

Predominant Dates:1940-2010

ID: RHC/UA/35/

Extent: 24.0 Linear Feet

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Student Activities collection documents campus life from 1899 to the present.  The records are strongest in the post World War II period and weakest in the decade of the 1930's.  The collection has been organized into six series: 1 - Student Affairs Committee Records (1901-2010); 2 - Organizations and Annual Activities (1899-2005); 3 - Homecoming (1950-1974); 4 - Religious Life (1901-1981); 5 - Student Protests and Demonstrations (1967-1977); and 6 - Commencement and Class Programs; Photographs (1900-1979).

Several series give good insight into such annual events as May Fete (later Springfest), Homecoming, Winter Carnival, and Stunt Night during the 1950's through 1970's, and on the period of campus unrest, 1968-1972.  Over one hundred clubs or activities are documented in this collection and the researcher should check the container list below, or the Student Organization Index [available at the Reference Desk], for a specific organization.

Researchers should also check related collections in the archives, especially Sorority Records, Fraternity Records, Student Association Records, Intercollegiate Athletics, Student Publications, and Student Housing Records.  The Northern Star/Publication Index will also lead to information on specific groups or activities

Administrative Information

Repository: Northern Illinois University

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on access to the materials in this record series.

Acquisition Method: The University Archives acquired records documenting student organizations and activities from various individuals over the past several decades.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series I: Student Affairs Committee Records],
[Series II: Organizations and Annual Activities],
[Series III: Homecoming],
[Series IV: Religious Life],
[Series V: Student Protests and Demonstrations],
[Series VI: Commencement and Class Programs; Photographs [See also UA 34]],
[Addendum 1],

Addendum 1
Series II: Organizations
Box 28
Folder 1: A.I.E.S.E.C. (originally Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales), 1966, 1978
Folder 2: American Institute of Biological Sciences, 1968, 1970
Folder 3: Association for Childhood Education, 1970
Folder 4: Circle K, 1966
Folder 5: Mortar Board, 1971, 1973
Folder 6: Society for Advancement of Management, 1965-1970
Folder 7: Student Education Association, 1959, 1969
Box 29
Folder 1: Ban ROTC Immediately Coalition (BRIC), 1990
Folder 2: Black Student Union, 1989-1990
Folder 3: Coalition for Unity, 1987
Folder 4: Day of Action III Committee, 1989
Folder 5: Feminist Front, 1988-1990, no date
Folder 6: John Lennon Society, 1986-1989, no date
Folder 7: Marxist Humanist Forum, 1988-1991, no date
Folder 8: Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan (MEChA), 1987-1988
Folder 9: Northern Illinois Peace Action Coalition, 1986
Folder 10: NIU Community for Peace, 1991
Folder 11: Students for a Democractic Society (SDS), 1986, 1988
Folder 12: Students for the Freedom of Martha Palmer, 1988-1989
Folder 13: Veterans and Conscientious Objectors Peace Coalition (VETCO), 1988
Box 30
Folder 1: Gay Liberation Front, 1970-1975
Folder 2: Gay Liberation Front, Meeting Minutes, 1972
Folder 3: Gay Christian Fellowship, 1972, 1980
Folder 4: NIU Gay Community Organization: Constitutions, and Phone Lists, 1975-1979
Folder 5: NIU Gay Community Organization: Meeting Minutes, 1975-1980
Folder 6: NIU Gay Community Organization: Newsletters, (1976-1980)
Folder 7: NIU Gay Community Organization: Newspaper Clippings, 1976-1980
Folder 8: NIU Gay Community Organization: Correspondence; Flyer, 1980; 1975
Folder 9: NIU Gay Community Organization: Budget Requests and Information, (1976-1980)
Folder 10: Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Northern Illinois University, 1992, no date
Folder 11: Gay Lesbian Union: Flyers, Clippings, Calendars, etc., (1980-1991)
Folder 12: Gay Lesbian Union: Minutes, (1980-1992)
Folder 13: Gay Lesbian Union: Speaking Out Newsletters, 1980-1981
Folder 14-16: Gay Lesbian Union: Prideletter, (1982-1992)
Box 31
Folder 1: Gay Lesbian Union: Correspondence, (1980-1992)
Folder 2: Gay Lesbian Union: Newspaper Clippings & Letters to the Editor, 1980-1993
Folder 3: Gay Lesbian Union: Press Releases, (1980-1991)
Folder 4: Gay Lesbian Union: Advertizing and Flyers, 1984-1992
Folder 5a-b: Gay Lesbian Union: Gay Awareness Week, (1983-1991)
Folder 6: Gay Lesbian Union: Corn County Picnic, 1985-1991
Folder 7: Gay Lesbian Union: Coors Boycott, 1985
Folder 8: Gay Lesbian Union: Public Relations, 1986-1988
Folder 9: Gay Lesbian Union: National March on Washington, 1987
Folder 10: Gay Lesbian Union: Report, "Give a Little Respect..., "by Adrienne Arnold, May 4, 1989
Folder 11: Gay Lesbian Union: ROTC, 1989-1993
Folder 12: Gay Lesbian Union: Activism, 1992
Folder 13: Gay Lesbian Union: National Condom Week, 1992
Folder 14: Gay Lesbian Union: Photographs, (8 prints), 1991, no date
Folder 15: Gay Lesbian Union: Budget/Funding Information, 1980-1987
Box 32A
Folder 1-6: Gay Lesbian Union: Office Log Books, February 26, 1980-August 24, 1987
Box 32B
Folder 1-3: Gay Lesbian Union: Office Log Books, August 24, 1987-December 7, 1993
Folder 4-7: LGBC and PRISM, Office Log Books, 1994-2002
Box 33A
Folder 1: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): Constitution and By-laws, 1991
Folder 2: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): Newspaper Clippings, 1993-1998
Folder 3: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): "A Gift From the Past: A Transition Manual for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition", 1997
Folder 4: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): Correspondence, 1994-1998
Folder 5: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): LGBC Surveys, 1996, no date
Folder 6: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): Accomplishments, Spring 1997-Spring 1999
Folder 7: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): Letters to President LaTourette, 1997
Folder 8: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): AIDS Quilt, April 1997, 1998
Folder 9: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): Love Makes a Family: Living in Lesbian and Gay Families, Exhibit Comment Book, October 4-18, 1997
Folder 10: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): Meeting Minutes; PRISM/LGBC Minutes, (1995-1998), 1998-1999
Folder 11: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): Posters and Flyers, (1993-1998)
Folder 12: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): Gay Jam, Photographs, 1997-1999
Folder 13: Lesbian Gay Bisexual Coalition (LGBC): Photographs, 1997-1998
Box 33B
Folder 1-3: Prideletter, (1993-2009)
Box 33C: "Project Alliance, DeKalb, IL", banner; "Homosexual Acts", white t-shirt, circa  1997; circa late 1990's
Box 34
Folder 1: PRISM: Prism/Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender & Allies Coalition, Constitution, April 2001
Folder 2: PRISM: Position Descriptions, Responsibilities, 2003-2004
Folder 3: PRISM: Transition Manual, 2004
Folder 4: PRISM: Planning Sessions, Agendas and Minutes, (1999-2004)
Folder 5: PRISM: Spring Retreats, 1999, 2001
Folder 6: PRISM: Correspondence, (1999-2004)
Folder 7: PRISM: Newspaper Clippings, 1998-2010
Folder 8: PRISM: Tearing down flyers is a hate crime, circa  2003
Folder 9-10: PRISM: Advertizing/Flyers, (1998-2010)
Folder 11: PRISM: Gay Jam, Flyers, 1999-2010
Folder 12: PRISM: Miscellaneous Materials, (1998-2004)
Folder 13: PRISM: Photographs, 1998-
Box 35: EMPTY - holding for PRISM additions
Box 36
Folder 1a: Native Americans Together Insuring Our National Sovereignty (NATIONS) Constitution, circa  2004
Folder 1b-4: Native Americans Together Insuring Our National Sovereignty (NATIONS), PowWow Records, 1994-1997, 2004
Folder 5: Native Americans Together Insuring Our National Sovereignty (NATIONS), Financial Records, 2004-2005
Folder 6: Native Americans Together Insuring Our National Sovereignty (NATIONS), Correspondence and Meetings, 2004-2005
Folder 7: Native Americans Together Insuring Our National Sovereignty (NATIONS), Native American Conference, 2003
Cassette Tape 1: PowWow, 1996, 1997
Box 37
Folder 1: Fine Arts Club of Northern Illinois State Teachers College (N.I.S.T.C.), Constitution and Minutes, 1930-1937
Folder 2: Fine Arts Guild of N.I.U., Constitution and Member Photos, 1968
Folder 3: NIU Chess Club, Photographs, 1985-1986, 1999
Folder 4: Believing In Culture (BIC), 2007, 2010
Folder 5: NIU Vets Club: Applicants, no date
Folder 6: NIU Vets Club: Membership Applications, 2002-2006
Folder 7: NIU Vets Club: Officer Forms, 1994-2005
Folder 8: NIU Vets Club: Contact Lists, 2002-2006
Folder 9: NIU Vets Club: Attendance Sheets, 1994
Folder 10: NIU Vets Club: Students Who Are Non-traditional (S.W.A.N.), 1997
Folder 11: NIU Vets Club: Student Data Request, 2004
Folder 12: NIU Vets Club: Perspective Member, 2002
Folder 13: NIU Vets Club: Correspondence, 1994-1999
Folder 14: NIU Vets Club: "Vet's Night Out" Northern Star Ads, 2004
Folder 15: NIU Vet's Club: Office Space Access, 1994-2000
Folder 16: NIU Vet's Club: Flyers, 1998-2011
Folder 17: NIU Vet's Club: Professor Albert S. King, Detailed Vita, no date
Folder 18: NIU Vets Club: Programs Evaluation Form, 2002-2005
Folder 19: NIU Vets Club: Space Request Forms, 2003-2005
Folder 20: NIU Vets Club: Schedules, NIU Veterans Club Events, 2005-2007
Folder 21: NIU Vets Club: "Stand Down", 2002-2003
Folder 22: NIU Vets Club: Support Our Troops, 2003-2004
Folder 23: NIU Vets Club: Valentine's Day Bake Sale, 2003
Folder 24: NIU Vets Club: Veteran's Appreciation Football Game, 2003
Folder 25: NIU Vets Club: Veterans' Day Ceremonies, 1998-1999
Folder 26: NIU Vets Club: Blood Drivers, 2004
Folder 27: NIU Vets Club: Outdoor Facilities Requests, 2003
Folder 28: NIU Vets Club: Friday Fest NIU Veterans Club Participation, 2003-2004
Folder 29: NIU Vets Club: NIU Veterans Club Brochure, 2002
Folder 30: NIU Vets Club: Job Instructions, no date
Folder 31: NIU Vets Club: Newspaper Articles, 1994-2007
Folder 32: NIU Vets Club: The Veterans Voice Newsletter, 1994-1999
Folder 33: NIU Vets Club: Photographs: Veterans Day Ceremony, 2002 (11)
Folder 34: NIU Vets Club: Photographs: Homecoming, 2002 (3)
Folder 35: NIU Vets Club: Photographs: Toilet Bowl, 2006 (24)
Folder 36: NIU Vets Club: Photographs: Events, 2006-2007, no date (13)
Box 38
Volume 1: Scrapbooks, 1983-1984, 1992-1999, 2002-2004, 2005-
Volume 2: Scrapbooks, 1983-1984, 1992-1999, 2002-2004, 2005-
Volume 3: Scrapbooks, 1983-1984, 1992-1999, 2002-2004, 2005-
Volume 4: Scrapbooks, 1983-1984, 1992-1999, 2002-2004, 2005-
Folder 1: Oversize Photographs, no date (3)

Browse by Series:

[Series I: Student Affairs Committee Records],
[Series II: Organizations and Annual Activities],
[Series III: Homecoming],
[Series IV: Religious Life],
[Series V: Student Protests and Demonstrations],
[Series VI: Commencement and Class Programs; Photographs [See also UA 34]],
[Addendum 1],

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