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Richard J. Nelson Collection

Collection Overview

Title: Richard J. Nelson Collection

ID: RHC/RC/019

Extent: 10.0 Linear Feet

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Richard Nelson, former president of Northern Illinois University, collected published books and pamphlets, cartographic records, and nineteenth-century broadsides depicting the history of the Old Northwest Terribory.  The printed volumes concentrate on three areas: Illinois history, Lincolniana, and Chicago history.  Most of this collection is housed in Founders Memorial Library but several hundred volumes may be found in the Center's reference and map collections.  The reference works include many rate local and institutional histories.  A shelflist iof the reference works is available along with a calendar of the maps.

Box and Folder Listing

Box 1: Pamphlets
Pamphlet 1: Belting, Natalia Maree. The French Villages of the Illinois Country. Canada, n.d., 1943
Pamphlet 2: Baker, George A.  The St. Joseph-Kankakee Portage. South Bend, IN: Northern Indiana Historical Society, 1899
Pamphlet 3: The Expedition Against the Sauk and Fox Indians 1832.  New York, 1914
Pamphlet 4: Radebaugh, William. The Boundary Dispute Between Illinois and Wisconsin.  Chicago, 1904
Pamphlet 5: Poggi, Edith Muriel. The Prairie Province of Illinois: A Study of Human Adjustment to the Natural Environment. Urbana, IL: University of Illinois, 1934
Pamphlet 6: Edwards, Illinois Governor Ninian. Message from the Governor of Illinois to the General Assembly at the December Session, 1828.Vandalia, IL: Robert Blackwell, 1828
Pamphlet 7: Oglesby, Illinois Governor Richard J.. Illinois Governor's Message, Jan. 4, 1869. Springfield, IL: State of Illinois, 1869., 1869
Pamphlet 8: Small, Illinois Governor Len. Biennial Message of Governor Len Small of Illinois delivered to the 55th General Assembly. Springfield, IL: Allied Printing, 1927
Pamphlet 9: Small, Illinois Governor Len. Biennial Message of Governor Len Small of Illinois delivered to the 56th General Assembly. Springfield, IL: Allied Printing, 1929
Pamphlet 10: Emmerson, Illinois Governor Louis L. Biennial Message and Quadrennial Report to the General Assembly. Springfield, IL:  Journal Printing Co., 1933
Pamphlet 11: Substance of the Remarks of Mr. Edwards, of Illinois, in the Senate of the United States. City of Washington: Edward de Krafft, 1822
Pamphlet 12: Birkbeck, Morris. An Appeal to the People of Illinois on the Question of a Convention.  Shawneetown, IL:  C. Jones, 1823
Pamphlet 13: Douglas, Stephen A. Remarks of Mr. Douglas, of Illinois, on the Compromise Measures and His Speech on the “Measures of Adjustment”. Washington: Jonathan T. Towers, 1852
Pamphlet 14: Brown, William H. An Historical Sketch of the Early Movement in Illinois for the Legalization of Slavery. Chicago: Fergus Printing Company, 1876
Pamphlet 15: Hodges, Carl G. and Levene, Helene H. Illinois Negro History Makers. Chicago: Illinois Emancipation Centennial Commission, 1964
Pamphlet 16: Norton, W.T. Edward Coles: Second Governor of Illinois, 1786-1868. Philadelphia:  J.B. Lippincott Company, 1911
Pamphlet 17: Review of the Life and Public Services of Shelby M. Cullom. Chicago: P. F. Pettibone & Co., n.d., n.d.
Pamphlet 18: Wallace, Joseph. Memorial Address on the Life and Professional Character of Hon. Benjamin S. Edwards. Springfield, IL: Old Settlers’ Telephone Print, 1887
Pamphlet 19: Adams, Frederick Upham. The Story of Edward Hines, 1912
Box 2: Pamphlets
Pamphlet 1: Adams, Frederick Upham. The Plot That Failed, 1912
Pamphlet 2: Currey, J. Seymour.  Chicago: Its History and Its Builders, a Century of Marvelous Growth. Chicago: S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1910
Pamphlet 3: Winslow, Charles S. Historical Events of Chicago. Chicago: Soderlund Printing Service, 1937
Pamphlet 4: Harper, William Hudson, ed. Chicago: A History and Forecast. Chicago: Chicago Association of Commerce, 1921
Pamphlet 5: McIlvaine, Mabel. Chicago: Her History and Her Adornment. Chicago: C.D. Peacock, 1927
Pamphlet 6: Strong, William Duncan.  The Indian Tribes of the Chicago Region: With Special Reference to the Illinois and the Potawatomi. Chicago: Field Museum of Natural History, Anthropology Leaflet 24, 1926
Pamphlet 7: Kirkland, Joseph. The Chicago Massacre of 1812. Chicago: Dibble Publishing Co., 1893
Pamphlet 8: Quaife, Milo Milton. Some Notes on the Fort Dearborn Massacre, n.d.
Pamphlet 9: James, James Alton. The Story of Old Fort Dearborn and its connection with A Century of Progress International Exposition, Chicago 1933. n.p., n.d.
Folder 10: Goodwin, Daniel, Jr.  The Dearborns. Chicago: Fergus Printing Company, 1884
Pamphlet 11: Gordon, Eleanor Lytle Kinzie. John Kinzie: The “Father of Chicago,” a Sketch, n.d.
Pamphlet 12: Hamilton, Henry E. Biographical Sketch of Gurdon Saltonstall Hubbard. Chicago: Chicago Historical Society, 1908
Pamphlet 13: Scammon, J. Young and Arnold, Isaac N. Addresses Delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Chicago Historical Society, 1868. Chicago: Fergus Printing Company, 1877
Box 3: Pamphlets
Pamphlet 1: Grover, Frank R. Some Indian Land Marks of the North Shore, n.d.
Pamphlet 2: Merchants and Manufacturers Illustrated Chicago Guide for 1880. Chicago: Fox, Cole & Co., Publishers, 1880
Pamphlet 3: Pictorial Map and Guide to Chicago, n.d.
Pamphlet 4: Goode, Paul J.  The Geographic Background of Chicago. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1926
Pamphlet 5: Mack, Edwin F. Old Monroe Street. Chicago: Central Trust Company of Illinois, 1914
Pamphlet 6: Ellis, Lewis Ethan. A History of the Chicago Delegation in Congress, 1843-1925. Springfield, IL: Journal Printing Company, 1931
Pamphlet 7: Wooddy, Carroll Hill. The Chicago Primary of 1926: A Study in Election Methods. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1926
Pamphlet 8: A Protest Against the Granting of  Municipal Suffrage to Women in the city of Chicago, 1906
Pamphlet 9: Twenty-fifth Anniversary Eleventh of November Memorial Edition. Chicago:  Lucy E. Parsons, 1912
Pamphlet 10: Report on the Chicago Strike of of June-July 1894. Washington: Government Printing Office, 1894
Pamphlet 11: Carwardine, Reverend William H. The Pullman Strike. Chicago: Charles H. Kerr & Company, 1894
Box 4: Pamphelts
Pamphlet 1: Kennan, George. The Chicago & Alton Case: A Misunderstood Transaction. Garden City, NY: Country Life Press, 1916
Pamphlet 2: Report of the Board of Police, in the Police Department, to the Common Council of the City of Chicago. Chicago: Hazlit & Reed, Printers, 1872
Pamphlet 3: The Greatest Conspiracy Ever Conceived: Chicago Lake Front Lands, 1908
Pamphlet 4: Charter of the Graceland Cemetery (approved Feb. 22, 1861,) with the Rules and Regulations of the Company. Chicago: James Barnet, Book and Job Printer, 1861
Pamphlet 5: Historical Sketch of Graceland Cemetery Chicago, n.d.
Pamphlet 6: Blair, Edward. The Chicago Club. Chicago: Daughaday & Company, 1919
Pamphlet 7: Blair, Edward. A History of the Chicago Club. Chicago: Herbert S. Stone & Company, 1898
Pamphlet 8: Bennett, F.O. History of the Press Club of Chicago, from January, 1880, to September, 1888. Chicago: H.O. Shepard & Co., Printers, 1888
Pamphlet 9: Middleton, R. Hunter. Chicago Letter Founding. Chicago: Black Cat Press, 1937
Pamphlet 10: Hull-House. Chicago: Hull-House Creative Printing Club, n.d.
Pamphlet 11: Whitehead, Helen, comp. The Chicago Plan Commission: A Historical Sketch, 1909-1960
Pamphlet 12: The Great Fires in Chicago and the West:  History and Incidents, Losses and Sufferings, Benevolence of the Nations. New York:  H.S. Goodspeed & Co., 1871
Pamphlet 13: The Ruined City or The Horrors of Chicago. New York: Ornum & Company, Publishers, 1871
Pamphlet 14: Tinkham, Julian Rumsey. The Great Chicago Fire of October 8th and 9th, 1871, 1933
Box 5: Pamphelts
Pamphlet 1: Blatchford, M.E. and Blatchford, E.W.  Memories of the Chicago Fire. Chicago: Mr. & Mrs. Paul Blatchford, 1921
Pamphlet 2: Sewell, Alfred L.  “The Great Calamity!”:  Scenes, Incidents and Lessons of the Great Chicago Fire. Chicago: Alfred L. Sewell, Publisher, 1871
Pamphlet 3: The Relic House 1871-1906, n.d.
Pamphlet 4: Handbook of the World's Columbian Exposition. Chicago: Rand, McNally & Co.’s, 1893
Pamphlet 5: Chicago Tribune Glimpses of the World's Fair. Chicago: Laird & Lee, Publishers, 1893
Pamphlet 6: Official Book of the Fair: An Introduction to a Century of Progress International Exposition, Chicago June 1 - November 1, 1933. Chicago: A Century of Progress, Inc., 1933
Pamphlet 7: Northwestern University and Garrett Biblical Institute Catalogue, for the Academic Year 1873-1874. Chicago: R. R. McCabe & Co., Printers, 1874
Pamphlet 8: A Guide to the City of Chicago. Chicago: Robert C. Law Co., Printers and Binders, 1909
Pamphlet 9: Manual of the Owl Club Chicago. Chicago: Knight & Leonard, Printers, 1878
Pamphlet 10: Monolithic Concrete Continuous Hollow Wall Construction: New Enterprise Concrete Machinery Company.Chicago: Eugene Murdock, Printer, n.d.
Pamphlet 11: Concrete Reinforcing. Chicago, n.d.
Box 6: Pamphelts
Pamphlet 1: Mercer County Breeders’ Association. Catalogue. First Public Sale of Short-horns. Keithsburg, IL: Times Steam Print, n.d.
Pamphlet 2: Strachan, John. Blazing the Mullan Trail., 1952
Pamphlet 3: Minutes of the Thirty-Third Anniversary of the Salem Baptist Association. Oquawka, IL:  J.B. & E.H.N. Patterson, Spectator Office, 1866
Pamphlet 4: Minutes of the Thirty-Sixth Anniversary of the Salem Baptist Association. Monmouth, IL: Atlas Steam Printing House, 1869
Pamphlet 5: Konstitution fur Swenfka Ev. Lutherfka Forfamfingen i Andover, Henry Co., Illinois. Chicago:  Star Printing Co., 1882
Pamphlet 6: Birkbeck, Morris. Letters from Illinois. Philadelphia: M. Carey and Son, 1818
Pamphlet 7: Owen, David Dale. Report of a Geological Exploration of Part of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Illinois, 1844
Pamphlet 8: Laws of the State of Illinois, Passed by the Twenty-Second General Assembly at its Extraordinary Session. Springfield: Bailhache & Baker, Printers, 1861
Pamphlet 9: Condit, Carlton. The Fossils of Illinois. Springfield, IL: Allied Printing, 1957
Pamphlet 10: Illinois Writers’ Project. Cavalcade of the American Negro, 1940
Pamphlet 11: Leonard, L.W. The North American Spelling Book, Conformed to Worcester’s Dictionary with a Progressive Series of Easy Reading Lessons.  Keene, NH:  G. & G.H. Tilden, 1846
Pamphlet 12: Eifert, Virginia. The Story of Illinois: Indian and Pioneer. Springfield, IL: Allied Printing, 1954