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Embree Lumber Company Records (DeKalb), 1886-1953

Collection Overview

Title: Embree Lumber Company Records (DeKalb), 1886-1953

ID: RHC/RC/007

Extent: 7.0 Linear Feet

Date Acquired: 00/00/1967

Languages: English [eng]

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The records contained in the Embree Lumber Company collection document its history from 1902 to 1953.  The collection contains the E.E. Embree and Son’s general business agreement, correspondence, financial records, and advertisements, including promotional pamphlets, directories, and information bulletins, arranged in alphabetical order, issued by various building supply companies affiliated with the Embree Company. The collection also contains materials on governmental administrative activities during World War II as well as War Production Board materials, construction manuals, material guides, government publications and seven architectural blueprints in addition to 16 volumes of coal sales/tax records, payroll records, financial accounts, E.E. Embree correspondence, and daily

Unfortunately, most of the business correspondence and the financial records (from 1902-1933) have been lost. However, the collection does provide information on building materials, architectural design, and government regulation during the Great Depression and World War II.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on access to the collection.

Use Restrictions: Property rights in the collection belong to the Regional History Center; literary rights are dedicated to the public.

Acquisition Source: George and Mattie Embree

Acquisition Method: George and Mattie Embree donated the Embree Lumber Company Records to the Northern Illinois University Archives in 1967. University Archivist, J. Joseph Bauxer, transferred the collection to the Northern Illinois Regional History Center in May 1978.

Box and Folder Listing

Box 1
Folder 1: E.E. Embree - General Business Papers and Correspondence, 1937-1953
Folder 2: Certificate of Incorporation, 1948
Folder 3: Farley and Loetsher Manufaturing, Company, Correspondence, 1927
Folder 4: Goodyear Bakery-Business Papers & Correspondence, 1930-1938
Folder 5: Medusa Portland Cement Company Business Papers and Correspondence, 1940-1949
Folder 6: Mosher and Embree, Business Papers, 1896-1952
Folder 7: Mosher and Embree, Advertisements, 1911-1918
Folder 8: Government Papers Concerning Business, 1935-1947
Folder 9: Government Reports and Correspondence, 1933-1951
Folder 10: Advertising Contracts and Business Agreements, 1928-1946
Folder 11: Appraisal Service, 1930-1936
Folder 12: Federal Census, 1948
Folder 13: Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Title II (lumber), 1936
Folder 14: E. E. Embree and Son's Order Forms and Stationary
Folder 15: Embree Garage Building Papers, 1926
Folder 16: E. E. Embree and Sons Property-Mortgage Loan, Correspondence on Property Sale, 1935-1955
Folder 17: E. E. Embree Profit and Loss Statement, 1943
Folder 18: Fire Insurance Pamphlets and Correspondence, 1945-1953
Folder 19: Life Insurance Correspondence, 1932-1935
Folder 20: Income Tax Returns, 1933-1949
Folder 21: Income Tax Returns, 1933-1949
Folder 22: Income Tax Returns, 1950-1952
Folder 23: Priority Forms, 1942
Folder 24: E. E. Embree Sale Receipts, 1934-1957
Folder 25: Sales Tax Information, 1953
Folder 26: Withholding and Social Security Forms, 1952
Folder 27: Golden Anniversary, 1952
Folder 28: Airway Marking Committee, Department of Commerce, 1929
Folder 29: Allied Building Credits, Incorporated, Correspondence, 1941
Folder 30: Allied Building Credits, Information Pamphlet, 1939
Folder 31: American Lumberman
Folder 32: Bennet-Ireland Incorporated-Pamphlets, 1948
Folder 33: Building Codes, 1934
Folder 34: Building Information and Price Lists (E. E. Embree), 1929-1941
Folder 35: Building Materials Catalog (Master Goldseal Millwork), 1941
Folder 36: Building News Booklets, 1934-1947
Folder 37: The Celotex Company, 1932-1933
Folder 38: Civilian Production Administration, 1946-1947
Folder 39: Coal Correspondence, 1917-1952
Folder 40: Coal Price Listings, Receipts, 1931-1952
Folder 41: Retail Coal Dealer's Association (Illinois and Wisconsin), 1918
Folder 42: Information - Coal, 1941-1947
Folder 43: Hardware and Paint-Information Pamphlets and Price Lists, 1949-1952
Folder 44: Lincolnway Credit Bureau, Correspondence, 1941-1960
Folder 45: Lincolnway Credit Bureau Bulletins, 1946-1948
Folder 46: Bills of Sale, 1948
Box 2
Folder 1: Fuel Administration, U. S. Department of Interior, 1917-1918
Folder 2: Illinois Fuel Merchants Association, 1940-1953
Folder 3: Illinois Fuel Merchants Association, 1941-1945
Folder 4: Fuel Merchants Association Bulletin, 1933-1951
Folder 5: Illinois Fuel Merchants Association, Correspondence, 1945-1949
Folder 6: Illinois Fuel Merchants Association Directory, 1952
Folder 7: Illinois Lumber and Material Dealers Association Bulletins, 1938-1947
Folder 8: Illinois Lumber and Material Dealers, Association Bulletins, 1948-1953
Folder 9: Illinois Lumber and Material Dealers, Association Incorporated, Bulletins, 1950-1953
Folder 10: Illinois Lumber and Material Dealers, Correspondence, 1946-1953
Folder 11: Illinois Directory-Illinois Lumber and Material Dealers Association, Incorporated, 1949-1953
Folder 12: Lumber, Coal, Building Material Agreement, 1950
Folder 13: Lumber: Millwork Price Lists, no date
Folder 14: Lumber and Roofing Business, Price Lists, 1940-1953
Folder 15: Lumber and Roofing Business Price Lists, 1940-1953
Folder 16: Lumber, Roofing, Flooring and Tile Price Lists, and Correspondence, 1918-1952
Folder 17: Information - Lumber, 1934-1953
Folder 18: Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, 1943-1952
Folder 19: Marble Head Lime Company, 1951
Folder 20: National Production Authority, 1951-1952
Folder 21: National Recovery Administration (NRA), 1934
Folder 22: NRA-Synopses of Codes, 1933
Folder 23: National Retail Lumber Dealers Association (NRLDA) Information Pamphlets, 1946-1951
Folder 24: NRLDA-Dealer Operating Guides, 1953
Folder 25: Office of Price Administration (OPA), 1942-1946
Folder 26: Office of Price Administration, 1946
Folder 27: OPA and Works Progress Administration (WPA) Correspondence, 1943-1945
Folder 28: Stoker Manufacturer's Association, 1944
Folder 29: Stoker Ola., 1938
Folder 30: Texas Citrus Groves: Correspondence, 1948-1949
Folder 31: Texas Soil Lab Reports, 1939-1944
Folder 32: Veterans Emergency Housing Program
Folder 33: Government War Orders and Regulations, 1951
Folder 34: Government War Orders and Regulations, 1945-1952
Folder 35: War Production Board (WPB), 1943-1945
Folder 36: Central Fuse Corporation, 1951
Oversize Drawer 23
Folder 2
Item 1-5: National Recovery Administration Broadsides (oversize) (6), no date
Folder 3
Item 1-30: John Garner Residence Blueprints, E. E. Embree Property Blueprints Steel Framing Blueprints (31 blueprints)
Box 3
Folder 1: Standard Grading and Dressing Rules for West Coast Lumber, 1947
Folder 2: The Story of Western Pines, no date
Folder 3: U.S. Department of Agriculture- Bullets on trees, insects, and weeds, 1895-1931
Folder 4: Nature's Woodland Wonders, 1944
Folder 5: University of Illinois- College of Agriculture- Bulletins on Plants, circa 1957
Folder 6: "Growing More Trees"- A Big Job for America, no date
Folder 7: Hiatt's Expert Lumber Pricer, 1924
Folder 8: Lumber and Builder's Supplies- Price List, 1941
Folder 9: Alexander Warehouse and Sales Company, 1941
Folder 10: Mott Bros. Company- Dealer Price List, 1943
Folder 11: Rockford Wholesale Building Materials Company- Price List, 1943
Folder 12: Maximum Retail Lumber Prices, 1944
Folder 13: Curtis Woodwork- Price Supplement, 1945, 1948
Folder 14: Robert Sash and Door Company- Price Pilot, no date
Folder 15: Edwards Hines Lumber Company- Retail Catalog, no date
Folder 16: Builders' Service Manual, 1921
Folder 17: Lumbermen's Building Estimator, 1921
Folder 18: Holt's Rapid Estimator, 1929
Folder 19: Automatic Building Costs and instructions booklet, 1927
Folder 20: Holt's Automatic Cost-Book for "Better Homes" Plan Book, 1930
Folder 21: House Valuator, 1931
Folder 22: Manual of Carpentry and Catalog of American nails, wire, barbed wire, staples, tacks, banner fence, netting, et cetera, circa 1927
Folder 23: Insulation in Building Construction, 1929
Folder 24: Light Frame house construction, 1931
Folder 25: Care and Repair of the House, 1931
Folder 26: House Insulation- Its Economies and Application, 1931
Folder 27: How to Judge a House, 1931
Folder 28: The Insulation of New and Old Houses, 1933
Folder 29: National Handbook of Plan Reading and Material Listing, 1938
Folder 30: The High Cost of Cheap Construction- with engineering data for correct house building, 1940
Folder 31: Wood Handbook- Basic Information on Wood as a Material of Construction with Data for Its Use in Design and Specifications, 1940
Folder 32: The Lumber Calculator, 1949
Folder 33: Popular Home- Handyman- tool kit, 1950
Folder 34: Practical Builder's Estimating Handbook, 1952
Folder 35: Handbook for Lumber Offices, 1953
Folder 36: Adventures in Remodeling, no date
Folder 37: Taking the Mystery out of Builders' Hardware, no date
Folder 38: Armour's Anhydrous Ammonia- its properties, uses, and suggestions in regard to handling, no date
Folder 39: American Homes Beautiful- Mosher and Embree, 1921
Folder 40: Good Houses- typical historic achitecture styles for modern  wood-built homes, 1922
Folder 41: Practical Homes for DeKalb- E. E. Embree, circa 1923-1924
Folder 42: E. E. Embree Lumber and Coal- House plans, 1925
Folder 43: Keith's Small House booklets, E. M. Embree, 1926
Folder 44: A Home of Your Own- E. E. Embree, 1928
Folder 45: Correctly Designed- Modern American Houses and English Type Homes, 1930
Box 4
Folder 1: E. E. Embree house designs, 1931
Folder 2: Modern American Homes- E. E. Embree, 1931
Folder 3: Charming Small Homes, 1936
Folder 4: Co-ordinating Important Principles of Good Construction, 1937
Folder 5: Weyerhaeuser 4-square Book of Homes, 1939
Folder 6: Small Homes of Originality- E. E. Embree and Sons, 1946
Folder 7: Modern Living Homes- E. E. Embree and Sons, Incorporated, 1948
Folder 8: National Garages- E. E. Embree Sons, 1949
Folder 9: Homes for the Discriminating- E. E. Embree Sons, 1950
Folder 10: Smaller Ranch Homes Engineered for Maximum Economy-E. E. Embree Sons, 1950
Folder 11: Homes for the Individuality- E. E. Embree Sons, 1950
Folder 12: Sparkling Kitchens for Modern Homemakers- .E. E. Embree Sons
Folder 13: Modern Ranch Homes Designed for Town or Country Living E. E. Embree Sons, 1951
Folder 14: National Homes of Masonry- E. E. Embree Sons, 1952
Folder 15: The Celotex book of Home Plans, 1952
Folder 16: Expansible Homes Designed to Grow- E. E. Embree Sons, 1952
Folder 17: Modern Living Homes- E. E. Embree Sons, 1953
Folder 18: Low Cost Homes- E. E. Embree and Sons, no date
Folder 19: Weyerhaeuser 4-square Book of Homes, no date
Folder 20: Modest Homes- E. E. Embree, no date
Folder 21: We are Co-Operating with Better Housing Program- E. E. Embree, no date
Folder 22: Modernize- E. E. Embree, no date
Folder 23: Interiors that Speak of Charm and Comfort, no date
Folder 24: Petite Homes of Budget Appeal, no date
Folder 25: Southern Pine Garages and Garage- Apartments, no date
Folder 26: Examples of Small Home Architecture- E. E. Embree and Sons, no date
Folder 27: Homes of Economy- E. E. Embree Sons, no date
Folder 28: Practical Small Structures for the Farm- E. E. Embree and Sons, 1944
Folder 29: The Business of Farming- Building Almanac, 1946
Folder 30: Weyerhaeuser 4-square Farm Building Service, no date
Folder 31: Practical Farm Buildings, no date
Folder 32: Successful Farm Buildings- E. E. Embree and Sons, no date
Folder 33: Shelter, 1936
Folder 34: Embree records, 1920-1930s
Folder 35: Embree records, 1940-1950s
Folder 36: Journals- The National Builder and The Carpenter, 1905, 1952
Folder 37: University of Illinois Bulletin- Engineering Experiment Station circular series- fuel and coal, 1942
Folder 38: Keystone Coal Buyers Manual, 1945
Folder 39: Coal Mine Directory, 1953
Folder 40: Indiana Coal, no date
Folder 41: "The Fusion Point"- Christmas Issue- Southern Coal Company Inc, 1951
Folder 42: Journal, 1948-1953
Folder 43: Payroll Records, 1932-1935
Folder 44: Payroll Records, 1948
Folder 45: Payroll Records, 1953
Box 5
Volume 1: E.E. Embree Correspondence, 1901
Volume 2: Trail Balance, 1923-1947
Volume 3: Daily Sales Records, 1886-1887
Volume 4: Financial Ledger, 1892-1893
Volume 5-7: Coal Sales/Tax Records (3 volumes), 1933-1936
Oversize 1
Volume 1: Daily Sales Records, 1952
Box 6
Volume 1-6: Coal Sales/ Tax Records (6 volumes), 1937-1953
Oversize 2
Volume 1-12: Financial Ledgers (12 volumes), 1933-1953