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Jim C. Hines Papers

Collection Overview

Title: Jim C. Hines Papers


Creator: Hines, Jim C.

Extent: 1.5 Linear Feet

Date Acquired: 12/18/2008

Administrative Information

Accruals: Additions by J.C. Hines on 11/16/2009, 11/14/2010, 11/12/2011, 11/9/2013, 08/06/2014, 01/24/2016

Access Restrictions:

Photographs and photocopies of collection are prohibited.

Donor restriction: personnal address removed from publically accessible records

Use Restrictions: Property Rights are transferred to the University Libraries per the signed Deed of Gift Document. Literary Rights are retained by the content creator.  Any copyrights so stated in the materials remain in force.

Acquisition Source: Jim C. Hines

Related Materials: For more information please see http://www.jimchines.com/.

Other Note: Email: jchines@sff.net

Box and Folder Listing

Series I: Novels
Box 1
Folder 1: Goblin Hero, 14-Dec-06
Folder 2: Goblin's War, 15-Oct-07
Folder 3: Goblin's War [Edited], 15-Oct-07
Folder 4: The StepSister Scheme [Edited], 18-Sep-08
Folder 5: The Mermaid's Madness, 16-Jun-09
Folder 6: Red Hood's Revenge [Edited], 1-Feb-10
Folder 7: The Snow Queen's Shadow, 9-Mar-11
Folder 8: The Libriomancer [Part 1], 9-Apr-12
Folder 9: The Libriomancer [Part 2], 9-Apr-12
Folder 10: Codex Born, 24-Jan-14
Folder 11: Unbound [Part 1], 10-Oct-14
Folder 12: Unbound [Part 2], 10-Oct-14
Folder 13: Fable: Blood of Heroes [Part 1], 18-Mar-15
Folder 14: Fable: Blood of Heroes [Part 2], 18-Mar-15
Folder 15: Part III: Rise of the Yog, 18-Mar-15
Folder 16: Unbound [Part 1], 4-Aug-15
Folder 17: Unbound [Part 2], 4-Aug-15
Folder 18: Revisionary, 27-Oct-15
Folder 19: Revisionary, 27-Oct-15
Box 2
Folder 1: Untitled [Edited], ND
Folder 2: Fable, ND
Folder 3: Goblin Mage [Edited], ND
Folder 4: Goblin Queen [Edited], ND
Folder 5: Goblin Queen of the Grand River [Edited], ND
Folder 6: Goldfish Dreams II [Edited], ND
Folder 7: The Libriomancer [Edited], ND
Folder 8: The Libriomancer [Edited], ND
Folder 9: The Mermaid's Madness [Edited], ND
Folder 10: Original Gangster Edited], ND
Folder 11: Princesses [Edited], ND
Folder 12: Red Hood's Revenge [Edited w/prologue], ND
Folder 13: Red Hood's Revenge [Edited], ND
Folder 14: The Snow Queen's Shadow [Edited], ND
Folder 15: Unbound [Edited], ND
Series II: Short Stories
Box 2
Folder 16: Hospitality [Edited], Jul-96
Folder 17: Girls from the Hood [Edited], 2015
Folder 18: Bloodlines [Edited], ND
Folder 19: The Cost of Living [Edited], ND
Folder 20: Corrupted [Edited], ND
Folder 21: Death's Deliverance [Edited], ND
Folder 22: Death in Ink and Crayon [Edited], ND
Folder 23: Death's Pen [Edited], ND
Folder 24: Death's Promise [Edited], ND
Folder 25: The Eyes of Ra [Edited], ND
Folder 26: Fierce Story [Edited], ND
Folder 27: The Haunting of Jig's Ear [Edited], ND
Folder 28: Hunter, Healer [Edited], ND
Folder 29: Impurity, ND
Folder 30: It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad Realm [Edited], ND
Folder 31: No Worries Partner [Edited], ND
Folder 32: The Red Path [Edited], ND
Folder 33: Return of the Dark Spider Goddess, Battle for the Blood Stone [Edited], ND
Folder 34: Stranger vs. The Malevolent Maliquancy [Edited], ND
Folder 35: Til Birth Do Us Part [Edited], ND
Folder 36: "Title" [Edited], ND
Folder 37: Who is the Creature in Your Neighborhood [Edited], ND
Folder 38: Z-Men [Edited], ND
Series III: Correspondence
Box 2
Folder 39: 1995
Folder 40: 1996
Folder 41: 1996-2008
Folder 42: 1997
Folder 43: 1998
Folder 44: 1999
Folder 45: 2000
Folder 46: 2001
Folder 47: 2002
Folder 48: 2003
Folder 49: 2004
Folder 50: 2005
Folder 51: 2006
Folder 52: 2007
Folder 53: 2008-2012
Folder 54: ND
Folder 55: ND
Series IV: Miscellaneous
Box 3
Folder 1: Untitled, 2014-2015
Folder 2: Untitled, ND
Folder 3: Untitled, ND
Folder 4: Untitled, ND
Series V: Notes
Box 3
Folder 5: [Edited], ND
Folder 6: Untitled, ND
Folder 7: Untitled, ND
Folder 8: w/Folder, ND