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The Griffith Letters Collection (Sandwich), 1861-2004

Collection Overview

Title: The Griffith Letters Collection (Sandwich), 1861-2004

ID: RHC/RC/270

Extent: 2.0 Linear Feet

Date Acquired: 01/25/2005

Languages: English [eng]

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Griffith Letters collection consists of research files created by the author, Joan Metzger, while writing her book entitled, The Griffith Letters: The Story of Frank Griffith and the 116th New York Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War.  The records consist of nine series created by the author:  Book and Drafts,  Griffith Family Research, 116th NYSV Research, New York Research, Louisiana Research, Washington D.C. Research, Correspondence, Miscellaneous Research, and Questions.  Metzgerā€™s research files complement the original Griffith Family letters held by the Regional History Center.  The original letters are located in the F.E. Griffith Family Correspondence (RC 89).

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on access to the collection

Use Restrictions: Property rights in the collection belong to the Regional History Center; literary rights are dedicated to the public.

Acquisition Source: Joan Metzger

Acquisition Method: Joan Metzger, author of The Griffith Letters: The Story of Frank Griffith and the 116th New York Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War, donated her book research files to the Regional History Center on January 28, 2005.

Related Materials: The original letters are located in the F.E. Griffith Family Correspondence (RC 89).

Box and Folder Listing

Series I.: Book and Drafts
Box 1
Folder 1: The Griffith Letters: The Story of Frank Griffith and the 116th New York Volunteer Infantry in the Civil War , Joan Metzger, 2004
Folder 2-4: First Draft of Book
Folder 5-6: Second Draft of Book
Series II.: Griffith Family Research
Box 2
Folder 1: Research Pertaining to the Book and Genealogy of Griffith Family
Folder 2: Frank Griffith Military Records, 1862-1921
Folder 3: Harriet M. "Hattie" Griffith Bernard Information, 1914
Folder 4: Sandwich, Illinois
Folder 5: Albert Myers, Frank Griffith's Brother-in-law, 1886-1922
Folder 6: Griffith-Myers, Legal Documents, (Regional Collection 89/1/12)
Folder 7: Griffith Family Descendants
Folder 8: Griffith Family Collection Research, Glen Gildemeister
Series III.: 116th NYSV Research
Box 2
Folder 9: 116th Regiment of New York State Volunteers , Orton S. Clark, 1868
Folder 10: Adjutant General Reports , Civil War Rosters, New York, 1903
Folder 11: Adjutant General's Annual Report , New York (aka Register of Officers), 1869
Folder 12: 116th Chronology, [u]Memorial Service, Ira Ayer, 1889
Folder 13: 116th, Souvenir ; ]Roster , 1887; 1895
Folder 14: A Record of ... the Regiments Which Were Organized in Ne York , 1868
Folder 15: Acil (Ashael) E. Ames, 1862-1916
Folder 16: Letters of James F. Ryther, 116th, Company H., 1862-1865)
Folder 17: Miscellaneous, 116th
Folder 18: A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion , Frederick Dyer (116th, 78th and 112nd - Albert Myers), 1959
Folder 19: War of the Rebellion (info on Pleasant Hill), 1891
Folder 20: 114th Regiment NYSV , Dr. Harris H. Beecher, 1866
Series IV.: New York Research
Box 2
Folder 21: Census, New York,, 1790-1920
Folder 22: New York, Miscellaneous
Folder 23: Centennial History of Erie County , Crisfield Johnson, 1876
Folder 24: Buffalo and Erie County Historical Society Materials and Photo
Folder 25: Buffalo and Erie County Public Library
Folder 26: Erie County and Civil War , Richard C. Brown, 1973
Box 3
Folder 1: Gazetteer of New York , J.H. French, 1861 and Other NY Place Materials
Folder 2: History of the City of Buffalo and Erie County , H. Percy Smith, 1884
Folder 3: History of Concord, NY and Map from 1866 Atlas, 1882, 1992
Folder 4: Honors of the Empire State , Thomas Townsend, 1889
Folder 5: New York in the War of the Rebellion , Frederick Phisterer, 1912
Folder 6: Our County and Its People... Erie County, New York , Truman C. White, 1898
Series V.: Louisiana Research
Box 3
Folder 7: Louisiana, Miscellaneous
Folder 8: Marine Hospital (drawing)
Folder 9: Disaster in Damp Sand , Curt Anders, 1997
Folder 10: Historical Atlas of Louisiana , Charles Robert Goins and John Michael Caldwell, 1995
Folder 11: Occupied City: New Orleans , Gerald M. Capers, 1965
Folder 12: Portraits of Conflict , Carl Moneyhon and Bobby Roberts, 1990
Folder 13: Pretense of Glory (Bio. of Banks - Red River Camp), 1998
Folder 14: Red River Campaign , Ludwell Johnson, 1993
Folder 15: Touched by Fire (Mostly LA, except Belle Island and Washington D.C.), 1985
Folder 16: Twelve Years a Slave , Solomon Northrup "Root, The Experience of a Federal Soldier in Louisiana", 1968; 1936
Folder 17: A Volunteer's Adventures , John William De Forest (has some comments on places such as Ship Island, Port Hudson), 1946
Folder 18: War Along the Bayous , William Riley Brooksher, 1998
Folder 19: War on the Frontier , Alvin M. Josephy, Junior (Red River), 1986
Folder 20: The Civil War in Louisiana , John D. Winters, 1963
Series VI.: Washington D.C. Research
Box 3
Folder 21: Washington D.C., Miscellaneous
Folder 22: Reveille in Washington, Margaret Leech, 1941
Folder 23: Arthur L. Wilkinson
Series VII.: Correspondence
Box 4
Folder 1: My Correspondence Regarding Griffith, 1997-2003
Folder 2: Use Letters, 1999-2004
Folder 3: Joan Hardekopf, Sandwich Historical Society, 1999-2003
Folder 4: Medical, Jane Kenamore, 1999-2000
Folder 5: Maps, Andy Serak, 2000-2004
Folder 6: Esther Williams, 1999-2003
Series VIII.: Miscellaneous Research
Box 4
Folder 7: Miscellaneous Research
Folder 8: Encyclopedia of the American Civil War (Bell Isle), 2000
Folder 9: John C. Heenan, 2003
Folder 10: Maps, Washington D.C. South
Folder 11: Medical and Other Terms
Folder 12: Photo Sources
Folder 13: Buffalo Express , Heacock's Sermon, Regarding Letter December 19, 1863, 1863
Folder 14: The Civil War Day By Day: An Almanac , E.B. Long, 1971
Folder 15: The Civil War Dictionary , Mary Mayo Boatner III, 1973
Folder 16: Encyclopedia of Historic Forts , Robert B. Roberts, 1988
Folder 17: Everyday Life During the Civil War , Michael J. Varhola, 1999
Folder 18: "Mitigating the Sins of Humanity", Gregory M. Benshoof (H491 Paper), 1996
Folder 19: Patriotic Toil , Jeanie Attie, 1998
Folder 20: The Photographic History of the Civil War (Prisons- Hospitals), 1987
Folder 21: Southern Sons, Northern Soldiers , Julie Holcomb, 2004
Folder 22: We Need Men: The Union Draft in the Civil War ,  James W. Geary, 1991
Folder 23: While God is Marching On , Steven E. Woodworth, 2001
Folder 24: Writing Hints, Documentary Editing
Folder 25: Possible Sources
Folder 26: Sources of More Information
Series IX.: Questions
Box 4
Folder 27: Questions