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Howard Center for the Family, Religion, and Society Records (Rockford)


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General Administrative Records

Ingersoll Prize Records



Public Relations

Center on Religion and Society Records

John Howard Papers

Allan Carlson Papers

Michael Warder Papers

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Addendum 4

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Howard Center for the Family, Religion, and Society Records (Rockford), 1911+ | Northern Illinois University

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Collection Overview

Title: Howard Center for the Family, Religion, and Society Records (Rockford), 1911+

ID: RHC/RC/238

Extent: 143.25 Linear Feet

Arrangement: The collection is divided into nine series: General Administrative Records, Ingersoll Prize Records, Publications, Conferences, Public Relations Records, The Center on Religion and Society Records, John Howard Papers, Allan Carlson Papers, and Michael Warder Papers.

Date Acquired: 04/13/1999. More info below under Accruals.

Subjects: Carlson, Allan, Center on Religion and Family, Center on the Family in America, Education, Higher., Federal aid to higher education., Howard, John, Howard Center for the Family, Religion and Society, Ingersoll Prizes, National Commission on Children and Disasters (U.S.), Rockford (Ill.), Rockford College, Rockford College Institute, Rockford Institute, United States--Politics and government, Warder, Michael

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society records date from 1956 to present and are divided into nine series: General Administrative Records, Ingersoll Prize Records, Publications, Conferences, Public Relations Records, The Center on Religion and Society Records, John Howard Papers, Allan Carlson Papers, and Michael Warder Papers.  A majority of the records document the history of The Rockford Institute rather than The Howard Center.

The General Administrative Records series includes information on the creation of The Rockford Institute, Board and Executive Committee meeting minutes, annual reports, financial statements, and fifth and tenth anniversary files.

Series II, Ingersoll Prize Records, consists of objectives and purpose statements, press packets and newspaper clippings, correspondence, programs, biographies and publications, and other information pertaining to the prize winners.

The Publication series contains the publications of The Rockford Institute including:  The Chronicles of Culture, The Family in America, Main Street Memorandum, Persuasion at Work,  The Religion and Society Report, The Encounter Series, and This World.  Also included are general articles on The Rockford Institute and publications by The Rockford Institute staff members: Harold O.J. Brown, Christopher Check, Bryce Christensen, Thomas Fleming, Leopold Tyrmand, Richard John Neuhaus, and Theodore Pappas.

Series IV includes information on conferences sponsored by The Rockford Institute.  This information includes conference development, arrangements, participants lists, correspondence, and presenter’s papers.

The fifth series consists of files from the Public Relations Office.  The files, arranged alphabetically, include records kept by Katie Pauley, Matthew Kaufman, and Carole Lax with the majority from Pauley.  Included in this series are meeting and conference, correspondence, and publication files.

Series VI contains records generated by The Center on Religion and Society.  A majority of the files consist of conference and consultation information containing correspondence, presenter’s papers and lectures.  An addendum was added to this series at a later date and includes two subseries: Paul Stallsworth Files and This World Files.

The John Howard Papers series is divided into four subseries: Personal and Business Records, Publications and Speeches, Correspondence, and Radical Left Research Material.  The Personal and Business subseries consists of two Rockford College histories, correspondence and memorandums from Rockford College while the Institute was still located on the campus, folders on Howard’s 10th anniversary celebration and Horatio Alger Awards, and information on organizations involved with and conferences attended by Howard.  Subseries B and C include publications, speeches, and correspondence created by John Howard.  The last subseries, Radical Left Research Material, consists of information collected by Howard.  The material documents his interest in countering the counter culture which rose to prominence in America in the sixties.  The subseries contains The Berkeley Barb, The Guardian, and In These Times publications.  Additional material will be added at a later date.

The addendum transferred from the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming includes John Howard papers consisting of his publications, correspondence, and subject files.  Arranged alphabetically, the majority of the material pertains to his research into Federal Aid in Higher Education.  The subject files contain addresses, essays, lectures, correspondence, financial records, magazine articles, newspaper clippings, notes, pamphlets, periodicals, and photographs.  The pamphlets include booklets, brochures, fact sheets, and leaflets.

The Allan Carlson Papers series is divided into five subseries: Business Records, Fundraising, Publications and Speeches, Conferences and Meetings, and Correspondence.  The Business Records subseries includes annual report and publishing information.  Subseries B, Fundraising, includes files pertaining to Carlson’s involvement with donors.  The last three subseries contain publications, speeches, conferences,  meetings, and correspondence created by Allan Carlson.  Included in the Correspondence subseries are folders containing letters written from and to other staff members.  An addendum was added to this series at a later date and includes another subseries, National Commission on Children.

The Michael Warder Papers series is divided into four subseries: Business Records, Fundraising, Publications and Speeches, and Correspondence.  The Business Records subseries is arranged alphabetically and includes material that Warder used while working for The Rockford Institute.  This subseries includes correspondence, annual reports, and information on board meetings, management retreats, and lectures.  The fundraising subseries consists of files pertaining to Warder’s involvement with donors.  The last two subseries consist of publications, speeches, and correspondence created by Michael Warder.  Contained in the Correspondence subseries are letters, memorandums, and faxes written by and to Warder.  Also included in the correspondence subseries are folders containing letters written from and to other staff members

Collection Historical Note

The Rockford Institute, a conservative think tank located in Rockford, Illinois, was founded in June 1976 by John A. Howard then President of Rockford College.  It was established to promote the cultural values and beliefs which encourage responsible citizenship and freedom.  The Institute was located on Rockford College’s campus under the name of The Rockford College Institute with Howard becoming full time Director in July 1977. 

In August 1976, Leopold Tyrmand was hired as the Associate Director and the first full time employee.  Together with Howard, Tyrmand published the Chronicles of Culture, The Rockford Papers, and Persuasion at Work and hosted several conferences.  The first conference, held in September 1977 and entitled “Capitalism and Culture,” attempted to bring positive changes in American society and provide an educational forum in which key issues could be debated through scholarly discourse.  In June 1978, a second conference, “Corporate Responsibility,” considered various militant demands which most companies did not know how to handle.  In June 1979, the Institute hosted a third conference entitled “The Family: America’s Hope.”  This conference  focused upon the concerns of the American family. 

In February 1980, The Rockford College Institute received its charter from the State of Illinois.  Now independent of Rockford College, the name was changed to The Rockford Institute and moved off campus to 928 North Main Street.  The first Board of Directors was established in September 1980 and included Robert Krieble, Ed Meyer, Clyde Sluhan, Fred Wacker, John Howard with Clayton Gaylord as chair.  Allan Carlson joined the staff in July 1981 as Executive Vice President.

The Rockford Institute became internationally known with its conference in Frankfurt, Germany entitled, “For Your Freedom and Ours” held on November 18-20, 1982.  In 1983, The Ingersoll Milling Machine Company of Rockford, arranged, under a management contract, to have The Rockford Institute conduct the work of its corporate foundation.  John Howard became President of the Ingersoll Foundation.  The Foundation Directors approved Leopold Tyrmand’s proposal to present annual prizes to scholars and authors whose works reflect “... the creative articulation of permanent values–truth, faith, integrity, reason, conscience, tradition–rendered with merit in works of art or intellect.”  Tyrmand was named Executive Secretary of The Ingersoll Awards.  Two awards, The T.S. Eliot Award for creative writing and the Richard M. Weaver Award for scholarly letters were presented annually beginning in 1983.

The Rockford Institute created The Center on Religion and Society under the directorship of  Reverend John Richard Neuhaus in January 1984.  The Center on Religion and Society was established to encourage the reestablishment of religiously grounded values as the basis for private and public decision making.  Headquartered in New York, the Center hosted “The Erasmus Lectures,” and published The Religion and Society Report.  The Center also mounted a series of conferences, the speeches presented at them being published by Eerdmans, in a number of books entitled “The Encounter Series.”

In 1984 Thomas Fleming joined the staff.  He became the editor of  the Chronicles of Culture in 1985 after the death of Leopold Tyramand, and soon changed the periodical’s name to Chronicles.  Michael Warder joined the staff in 1985 as Director of Public Affairs later becoming Executive Vice President.  Howard retired as president August 1, 1986, and became counselor to The Rockford Institute and continued as President of the Ingersoll Foundation.  Allan Carlson became President of The Rockford Institute while Norman McClelland succeeded Clayton Gaylord as chairman of the Board Directors of The Rockford Institute. 

The Center on the Family in America was established under the temporary directorship of Allan Carlson.  The Center on the Family in America sought to continue the scholarly work of The Rockford Institute in providing research supporting the family unit within American society.  A conflict between Neuhaus and The Rockford Institute resulted in the releasing of Neuhaus as the director of The Center on Religion and Society in 1989.  The office moved to  Deerfield, Illinois, under the directorship of Harold O.J. Brown. 

The Rockford Institute split for philosophical and practical reasons in 1997.  In October of that year, the Board of Directors of The Rockford Institute unanimously voted to divide The Institute into two separate corporate entities, creating a new one, The Howard Center on Family, Religion and Society.  Thomas Fleming became President of The Rockford Institute and continued to publish the Chronicles and administer the Ingersoll Prizes.  Carlson, former president of the Rockford Institute, became the President of The Howard Center on Family, Religion, and Society.  The Center, named for the founder of The Rockford Institute John Howard, “endeavors to reinforce the family as the first and irreplaceable social unit, to renew the religious foundations of virtue and liberty and to restore the education of the young in the duties and responsibilities incumbent on free men and women.” The Howard Center incorporated The Center on Religion and Society directed by Harold O.J. Brown and took over the publication of both The Religion and Society Report and The Family in America.  The World Congress of Families, inaugurated in 1997, also became a Center project.  Int 1998, Dr. Robert Preston, President of Belmont Abey College in North Carolina, was named the successor to Tom Fleming as Executive Secretary of the Ingersoll Prizes and in 1999, a decision was made to increase the Prize Honorarium to $25,000 and discontinue the T.S. Eliot Prize for scholarly letters.  John Howard continues as President of The Ingersoll Foundation.  Norman McClelland served as president of both Boards of Directors for one year to ease the transition.

The Rockford    Institute continues to be housed at 928 N. Main Street and The Howard Center on Family, Religion and Society is next door at 934 N. Main Street.

Subject/Index Terms

Carlson, Allan
Center on Religion and Family
Center on the Family in America
Education, Higher.
Federal aid to higher education.
Howard, John
Howard Center for the Family, Religion and Society
Ingersoll Prizes
National Commission on Children and Disasters (U.S.)
Rockford (Ill.)
Rockford College
Rockford College Institute
Rockford Institute
United States--Politics and government
Warder, Michael

Administrative Information

Repository: Northern Illinois University

Accruals: Additional records were added at later dates.  An addendum to the collection of Howard Papers was transferred from the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming in January 2001.

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on access to the collection.

Use Restrictions: Property rights in the collection belong to the Regional History Center; literary rights are dedicated to the public.

Acquisition Source: John Howard and Allan Carlson

Acquisition Method: John Howard and Allan Carlson, acting as agents for the Board of Directors of The Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society, donated The Howard Center’s records to the Northern Illinois Regional History Center on April 13, 1999. Additional records were added at later dates.  An addendum to the collection of Howard Papers was transferred from the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming in January 2001.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series I.: General Administrative Records],
[Series II.: Ingersoll Prize Records],
[Series III.: Publications],
[Series IV.: Conferences],
[Series V.: Public Relations],
[Series VI.: Center on Religion and Society Records],
[Series VII.: John Howard Papers],
[Series VIII.: Allan Carlson Papers],
[Series IX.: Michael Warder Papers],
[Addendum 1],
[Addendum 2],
[Addendum 3],
[Addendum 4],
[Addendum 5],
[Addendum 6],
[Addendum 7],

Series IX.: Michael Warder Papers
Sub-Series A.: Business Records
Box 97
Folder 2: Amcore Trust, May 1988-June 1992
Folder 3: "America First" Committee, Spring 1990-October 1991
Folder 4: The American Cause, August-September 1993
Folder 5: American Serbian Heritage Foundation, Fall 1987-April 1989
Folder 6: AMY Foundation, Writing Awards, 1989-1995
Folder 7: Andrews, William, June 1984-August 1991
Folder 8: Annual Report, 1992
Folder 9: Blunt Ellis and Loewi, Incorporated, September 1986-May 1991
Folder 10: Board Financial Committee, June 1987
Folder 11: Board Meeting, May 3, 1990
Folder 12: Board Meetings, 1985-1992
Folder 13: Board Members Correspondence, June 1985-October 1989
Folder 14: Brown, Harold O.J., June 1989-August 1991
Folder 15: Buchanan, Pat, The American Cause, November 1993-February 1997
Folder 16: Buchanan, Patrick, February-August 1992
Folder 17: Buchta, Franklin, November 1991-June 1993
Folder 18: Buckeye Center, May 1994-May 1995
Folder 19: Business Research Company, Catalano, John, June 1986-September 1987
Folder 20: California, March-May 1989
Folder 21: California Trip, January 25-29, 1994
Folder 22: The Caritas Foundation, April 1995
Folder 23: Center for Defense Journalism, April-November 1991
Folder 24: Chicago Events, August 1985-March 1987
Folder 25: Chronicles Proposal, December 1984-March 1991
Folder 26: Citizenship Conference, November 1992
Folder 27: City of Rockford, May 1986
Folder 28: Civic Institute, October 1994
Folder 29: Conservative Citizens for America, May 1993-December 1994
Folder 30: Contracts, April 1984-December 1985
Box 98
Folder 1: Critical Objectives, no date
Folder 2: Dallas, May 1987-February 1988
Folder 3: Davis, Shelby Cullom, January 1986-October 1990
Folder 4: Deferred Giving, July 1987
Folder 5: Donohue, William, August 1986
Folder 6: Duquesne Family Institute, April-June 1997
Folder 7: Eaton, William, May-September 1993
Folder 8: Education Center, June 1987-March 1989
Folder 9: Encyclicals, December 1996
Folder 10: Endowment, March-May 1985
Folder 11: Erasmus Lecture, September 1985-March 1989
Folder 12: Erasmus Lecture, January 1986-January 1987
Folder 13: European Proposal, January 1987-July 1988
Folder 14: Family Businesses of America, July 1990
Folder 15: "The Family Freehold and Liberty", April 5-8, 1990
Folder 16: The Family in America, February 1986-February 1990
Folder 17: Family/Media Project, December 1992
Folder 18: Feulner, Edwin J., September 1986-July 1987
Folder 19: Freedom of Information, August 1987
Folder 20: French Culture, February 1987
Folder 21: From Cottage to Work Station, December 1991-October 1992
Folder 22: Francis, Samuel, no date
Folder 23: Gaylord, Clayton, April 1986-October 1992
Folder 24: Gaylord, Edison, September 1984
Folder 25: Gaylord, Robert, August 1986
Folder 26: Gaylord Unitrust, October 1988-July 1991
Folder 27: Geddes, F. Michael, February 1985-April 1986
Folder 28: Genovese, Eugene, D., January-November 1993
Folder 29: Gidwitz, Gerald, April-November 1988
Folder 30: GOPAC, August 1991
Folder 31: Guyer and Enichen, May 1987-August 1993
Folder 32: Hall, Jane Dalton, January-November 1986
Folder 33: Harrison Conference Center, October 1987
Folder 34: Haywood, Bruce, October 1987
Folder 35: Hill, Ellen, July 1992
Folder 36: Hoover Conference, February-March 1990
Folder 37: Income/Expense Charts, April 1987
Folder 38: Ingersoll Prizes, 1992-1993
Folder 39: Institute for Systems Studies, August 1992
Folder 40: Jamestown Foundation, November 1983-November 1985
Box 99
Folder 1: Jamestown Foundation, December 1985-June 1993
Folder 2: Kiddie-O Video, January 1997
Folder 3: Kirk, Russell, Spring 1985-December 1991
Folder 4: Kohler, Mary, October 1988-April 1992
Folder 5-6: Leslie, John (Will), August 1987-September 1988
Folder 7: Let My People Go, February 1997
Folder 8: "Liberty, The Family and Home Production", June 6-9, 1991
Folder 9: Luce, Clare Boothe Estate, January-April 1988
Folder 10: Luce Press Clippings, December 1996
Folder 11: MacNeil/Lehrer Productions, September-October 1986
Folder 12-15: Main Street Committee, October 1990-December 1994
Folder 16: Main Street Committee: Advisors, September 1989-December 1994
Folder 17: Main Street Committee: Directory of Experts, August 1993
Box 100
Folder 1: Main Street Committee: Speeches, March-May 1992
Folder 2-5: Management Retreat, 1986, 1987, 1989, 1990
Folder 6: Mark Beesley Advisors, December 1985-July 1989
Folder 7: "Marxism", October 1985
Folder 8: Merger, April-October 1990
Folder 9: Miliary, Women, May-July 1996
Folder 10: Milwaukee, January 1986-May 1990
Folder 11: Moore, Pat, June 1993-August 1994
Folder 12: Movie, "Toward an American Consensus", no date
Folder 13: National Association of Radio Talk Show Hosts (NARTSH), January-February 1995
Folder 14: National Center for Policy Analysis, March 1991
Folder 15: Nelson, William, October 1986-October 1989
Folder 16: Oaks, Dallin, December 1986-September 1991
Folder 17: Oklahoma, August 1985
Folder 18: O'Neill, George D., May 1980-June 1993
Folder 19: Pappas, Theodore, no date
Folder 20: Philadelphia Society, October 1985-April 1994
Box 101
Folder 1: Philanthropy Roundtable, February 1992-October 1993
Folder 2: Pennsylvania, September 1987
Folder 3: Phoenix, December 1985-May 1988
Folder 4: "Pillars of Liberty", February 1989
Folder 5: Potential Members, no date
Folder 6: PR News Service/News Releases, September 1987-August 1991
Folder 7: Present Tense, December 1989-January 1990
Folder 8: Publisher File, December 1985-August 1989
Folder 9: "Quotes", December 1984-January 1995
Folder 10: Regnery, Henry, June 1988-January 1992
Folder 11: Religion and Public Affairs, November 1985-April 1988
Folder 12: Reno, Janet, March 1993
Folder 13: Robert Russell and Associates, no date
Folder 14: Rockford Civic Forum, November 1989-September 1992
Folder 15: Rockford Project, September 1986-March 1987
Folder 16: Rothbard, Murray, April 1990
Folder 17: Rumsfeld, Donald, April 1985-April 1989
Folder 18: Russian Visitors, January 1991
Folder 19: Sandblom, Robert, April 1989-January 1992
Folder 20: Salt Lake City, December 1989
Folder 21: Savings and Loan Crisis, April-July 1990
Folder 22: Scheurich, G. Michael, October 1988
Folder 23: Seattle, July-August 1993
Folder 24: Sluhan, Clyde, December 1985-December 1988
Box 102
Folder 1-2: Sluhan, Clyde, January 1989-November 1992
Folder 3: South Carolina, January-March 1991
Folder 4: St. Louis, January-March 1987
Folder 5-7: Stateline Newsmakers, August 1990-March 1991, June 1991-December 1991, February 1992-January 1993
Folder 8: Stelter Company, July 1992-April 1995
Folder 9: Stockdale, James, November 1989-March 1992
Folder 10: Strategic Planning, January 13, 1986
Folder 11: Strategic Review, October 1997
Folder 12: Taiwan, August 1986
Folder 13: Tenth Anniversary Publicity Campaign, May-December 1992
Folder 14-16: This World, October 1986-September 1990
Folder 17: Thomas and Hinshaw, Culbertson, October 1987-April 1992
Box 103
Folder 1: Thomas B. Hayward and Associates, January 1987-February 1991
Folder 2: Transaction Books, October 1986-March 1993
Folder 3: Ukraine, April 1992
Folder 4: University Press of America, March 1989-May 1993
Folder 5: Van Cleave, Peter, April 1984-June 1989
Folder 6: Wacker, Frederick, March 1986-October 1990
Folder 7: Washington, DC, September 1986-December 1991
Folder 8: Washington Post, April 1990
Folder 9: Williamson, Junior, Chilton, June 1989
Folder 10: The Wisconsin Forum, January 1986-August 1994
Folder 11: Women in the Military, March 1990-Winter 1991
Sub-Series B.: Fundraising
Box 103
Folder 12: Donor Mailings, May 1987-January 1990
Folder 13: Fundraising, April 1992-August 1994
Folder 14: Potential Donor Attempts, August 1986-January 1990
Folder 15: Potential Donor Mailings, July 1980-May 1987
Folder 16: A.O. Smith Foundation, January 1986-February 1990
Folder 17: APA Transport Corporation, February 1986-September 1992
Folder 18: Abbott Laboratories Fund, December 1985-January 1991
Folder 19: Aequus Institute, January-April 1990
Folder 20: Alcoa Foundation, June 1985-March 1992
Folder 21: Allstate Insurance Company, December 1986-December 1990, 1991
Folder 22: American Express Company, September 1986-November 1991
Folder 23: American Petrofina Foundation, May 1987-April 1990
Folder 24: Andersen Industries Foundation, June-October 1990
Folder 25: Anderson, Alex, March 1992
Folder 26: Anderson Industries, Incorporated, March 1986-June 1990
Folder 27: Anheuser-Busch Companies, February 1987-March 1990
Folder 28: Annenberg, Walter, February 1989-October 1991
Folder 29: Arbury, Kriss, March 1991
Folder 30: Arthur Vining Davis Foundations, January 1991
Box 104
Folder 1: Atwood, Barbara, December 1990-May 1991
Folder 2: Ball Brothers Foundation, November 1989-January 1993
Folder 3: Bartlett, Charles, December 1991
Folder 4: Baugher, Peter, December 1986-October 1994
Folder 5: Baxter Travenol Laboratories, June 1981-October 1991
Folder 6: Beloit Foundation, July-August 1991
Folder 7: Bixby, Walter, January 1991
Folder 8: Blackwell Corporation, October 1990
Folder 9: Bob Evans Farms, January-June 1990
Folder 10: Bodman and Achelis Foundations, September 1986-February 1992
Folder 11: Boeing Company, April 1987-August 1993
Folder 12: Borg-Warner Foundation, July 1984-April 1990
Folder 13: Bott, Richard, March 1991
Folder 14: Bouma Foundation, March 1991
Folder 15: Brach Foundation, August 1990-April 1993
Folder 16: Brame, Robert, March 1997
Folder 17: Bristol-Meyers Fund, June 1985-December 1991
Folder 18: Brunswick Foundation, December 1985-January 1992
Folder 19: Caritas Foundation, June 1996
Folder 20: Carlson, Kurt, March 1990
Folder 21: Carret, Philip, September 1993-November 1994
Folder 22: Charles, Mrs. Andrew, December 1986-January 1991
Folder 23: Clock Tower Resort, December 1996
Folder 24: Clorox Company Foundation, June 1985-January 1990
Folder 25: Collins, James, April 1990
Folder 26: Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, December 1990
Folder 27: Cook, Peter, March 1991
Folder 28: Copley, Helen K., October 1991
Folder 29: Coulter, A.C., August 1991
Folder 30: Cudahy Fund, July-December 1991
Folder 31: David and Lucile Packard Foundation, November 1986-March 1992
Folder 32: De Rance Foundation, May 1986-August 1991
Folder 33: Dillon, Peter, June 1996
Folder 34: Doane Agricultural Services, February 1990-January 1991
Folder 35: Domino's Foundation, February 1995
Folder 36: Dr. Scholl Foundation, May 1981-November 1991
Folder 37: Duchossois, Richard, June 1986-February 1992
Folder 38: E and M Charities, January 1991
Folder 39: Eaton, William, November 1991
Folder 40: Economic Education for Clergy, July-August 1990
Folder 41: Edith C. Blum Foundation, November 1988-November 1991
Folder 42: Edward Lowe Foundation, August-September 1992
Folder 43: Eli Lilly Company, January 1987-January 1993
Folder 44: F.M. Kirby Foundation, September 1986-January 1994
Folder 45: Farwell, F. Evans, October 1991-May 1992
Folder 46: Fellowship for Christian Culture, February-March 1994
Folder 47: Fieber, Louie, April-May 1990
Folder 48: Flinn Foundation, February 1987-April 1992
Folder 49: Fluor Foundation, January 1982-January 1992
Folder 50: Ford Motor Company Fund, June 1985-March 1992
Folder 51: Fort Howard Paper Foundation, January 1990
Folder 52: Foster, Ernest Guy, July-August 1991
Folder 53: Frasier, Howard, October 1990
Folder 54: Freedom Forum, November 1991
Folder 55: Funderburg Foundation, April 1990
Folder 56: Furst Group, May 1990
Folder 57: Garvey, Mary, October 1987-October 1991
Folder 58: General Dynamics Corporation, March 1987-October 1991
Folder 59: General Instrument, October 1990-August 1993
Folder 60: General Motors Foundation, June 1985
Folder 61: Grace Foundation, September 1987-October 1993
Folder 62: Great Lakes Financial Resources, November 1991
Folder 63: H.C. Johnson Press, September 1986-September 1990
Folder 64: H. E. Butt Foundation, May 1992
Box 105
Folder 1: H.J. Heinz Company Foundation, September 1987-November 1991
Folder 2: H.S.R. Charitable Trust, July 1991
Folder 3: Hackney, Brenda, September 1997
Folder 4: Haggerty Enterprises, April 1991
Folder 5: Hallmark Cards, Incorporated, April 1987-October 1991
Folder 6: Hanes Foundation, March 1987-August 1993
Folder 7: Harris, Junior, Henry, September 1992
Folder 8: Hayne, C. Peck, October 1990
Folder 9: Hearst Foundation, May 1985-April 1992
Folder 10: Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, July 1986-December 1991
Folder 11: Heritage Mark Foundation, June 1992
Folder 12: Heston, Charlton, February 1984-October 1991
Folder 13: Hill, W.W. (Dub), March 1993
Folder 14: Hill, Walter, July 1996
Folder 15: Huntsman, Jon, May 1991-October 1993
Folder 16: Illinois Bell, June 1985-December 1990
Folder 17: Illinois Tool Works, October 1985-October 1991
Folder 18: International Minerals and Chemical Corporation, January 1990
Folder 19: Jaquelin Hume Foundation, no date
Folder 20: John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, October 1985-September 1991
Folder 21: John Deere Foundation, January 1986-November 1992
Folder 22: Johnson, Lloyd, April 1997
Folder 23: Johnson Foundation, April 1992
Folder 24: Joseph Behr and Sons, November 1981-May 1990
Folder 25: Kettering Foundation, November 1994
Folder 26: Kimberly-Clark Foundation, November 1988-July 1990
Folder 27: King, Florence, September-December 1990
Folder 28: Koch Charitable Trust, December 1987-March 1990
Folder 29: Kraft, Incorporated, November 1988-February 1991
Folder 30: Kresge Foundation, January 1992
Folder 31: Kroch, Carl, October 1987-March 1991
Folder 32: Lambe Foundation, June 1991
Folder 33: Leland Fikes Foundation, November 1988-December 1991
Folder 34: Leslie Fund, May 1991
Folder 35: Lifschultz, David, November 1988-August 1993
Folder 36: Lightner Sams Foundation, October 1987-December 1991
Folder 37: Limited, Incorporated, May 1991
Folder 38: Lubrizol, April 1990-August 1992
Folder 39: Lunde, Annabel, December 1991
Folder 40: Lyndhurst Foundation, February-May 1991
Folder 41: M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, May 1986-June 1996
Folder 42: MacArthur Foundation, February 1992
Folder 43: Maclellan Charitable Trust, February-April 1991
Folder 44: Mahoney, J.J., December 1986-March 1991
Folder 45: Marriott Foundation, January 1986-January 1990
Folder 46: Mars, Sr., Forrest, April 1990-November 1994
Folder 47: Martin Marietta Corporation, April 1987-November 1991
Folder 48: Marvin, Matthew, no date
Folder 49: Mary Kay Foundation, October 1987-October 1991
Folder 50: Material Service Foundation, December 1986-October 1991
Folder 51: McCormick Foundation, December 1984-February 1993
Folder 52: McDonnell Douglass Corporation, February 1986-February 1993
Folder 53: McLendon, Bart, December 1989-April 1990
Folder 54: McMaster, Harold, March 1990-April 1991
Folder 55: McPherson, Angus, October 1996
Folder 56: Meadows Foundation, January 1991
Box 106
Folder 1: Metropolitan Life Foundation, June 1986-November 1991
Folder 2: Miller, Stanley, February 1991
Folder 3: Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, December 1986-March 1992
Folder 4: Monaghan, Tom, February 1988-January 1992
Folder 5: Monsanto Fund, June 1985-October 1991
Folder 6: Morgenthaler, David, April 1990
Folder 7: Moss, Cruse, April 1990
Folder 8: Mylod, Robert, March 1991
Folder 9: Nalco Foundation, December 1985-December 1991
Folder 10: Noble Foundation, January 1981-April 1991
Folder 11: North American Tool Corporation, May 1991
Folder 12: Northern Trust Company, May 1990
Folder 13: Northrop Corporation, December 1986-November 1991
Folder 14: O'Donnell Foundation, June 1987-January 1991
Folder 15: O'Shaughnessy, Gerald, March 1986
Folder 16: Oster, John, April 1991
Folder 17: Owens-Illinois, December 1986-October 1991
Folder 18: Parlato, Charles, June 1992-May 1997
Folder 19: Patterson, Edward, September 1990-November 1994
Folder 20: Perot Group, April 1990-February 1991
Folder 21: Peterson, Donald, December 1996
Folder 22: Phillips Petroleum Foundation, September 1981-March 1992
Folder 23: Pittway Corporation Charitable Foundation, January 1990
Folder 24: Powell Family Foundation, May 1987-November 1991
Folder 25: Prendergast, Michael, April 1990-February 1991
Folder 26: Presbyterians for Democracy and Religious Freedom, Aug-90
Folder 27: Prince Charitable Trusts, July 1990
Folder 28: Prince Corporation, February 1990-May 1991
Folder 29: Procter and Gamble Fund, June 1985
Folder 30: R.R. Donnelley and Sons, June 1985-December 1991
Folder 31: Racine Industries, December 1986-March 1991
Folder 32: Rae, C.A., December 1986-April 1990
Folder 33: Richard, William, October 1990
Folder 34: Richard Ransom Consulting, February 1988-January 1990
Folder 35: Riordan Foundation, October-November 1990
Folder 36: Ritchie, Mark, April 1990-November 1994
Folder 37: Rittmaster Foundation, April 1991
Folder 38: RJR Nabisco, December 1985-December 1992
Folder 39: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, May 1986-March 1991
Folder 40: Rockwell International Corporation Trust, June 1994
Folder 41: Rooney, J. Patrick, December 1996
Folder 42: Rosewood Corporation, September 1991-March 1992
Folder 43: Sanders, John, January-February 1992
Folder 44: Sauder's Museum, December 1989-February 1991
Folder 45: Sax, Sam, June-August 1993
Folder 46: Schlossberg, Herbert, October 1990-March 1993
Folder 47: Schultz Foundation, May 1985-January 1991
Folder 48: Servaas, Incorporated, February 1992-November 1994
Folder 49: Service Master Industries, July 1986-October 1987
Folder 50: Siebens, Harold W., March 1986-January 1991
Folder 51: Seibens, Stewart, December 1986-April 1990
Folder 52: Seibens, William, April 1990
Folder 53: Smith, Marc, August 1991
Folder 54: Smith Trust, January 1992
Folder 55: Solheim, Karsten, March-May 1995
Folder 56: Solo Cup Foundation, Januar 1990
Folder 57: Soros Foundation, March 1991-February 1992
Folder 58: St. Gerard Foundation, September 1986-January 1995
Folder 59: Stahl Engineering, April 1991
Box 107
Folder 1: Strake Foundation, October 1986-October 1991
Folder 2: Szuch, John, May 1992
Folder 3: Tool Service Corporation, May 1986-July 1991
Folder 4: Upjohn Company, June 1985-October 1991
Folder 5: United Conveyer Foundation, January 1990-December 1996
Folder 6: Utley, Jon, October 1990
Folder 7: Van Kempen, Robert, April 1990-November 1994
Folder 8: Venture Catalysts, August-November 1991
Folder 9: Vlasic, Robert, April 1990
Folder 10: Walton Foundation, January 1988-February 1993
Folder 11: Webster, Scott, March 1986-May 1990
Folder 12: Westinghouse Foundation, November 1988-October 1991
Folder 13: Westlund, Robert C., October 1987
Folder 14: Whittaker Corporation, December 1986-November 1991
Folder 15: Whittlesey, Faith, April 1990
Folder 16: William Miller Charitable Trust, March 1991
Folder 17: Wordperfect Corporation, October 1989-November 1991
Folder 18: Yoder, Lowell, March-April 1990
Sub-Series C.: Publications and Speeches
Box 107
Folder 19: Publications, Michael Warder, May 12, 1985-March 1993
Folder 20: Publications, Michael Warder, June 1985-July 1995
Folder 21: Publications, Michael Warder, Rockford Register Star Newspaper Articles, November 21, 1991-October 22, 1992
Folder 22: Warder Speeches and Presentations, 1988-1993
Sub-Series D.: Correspondence
Box 107
Folder 23-26: Correspondence, Michael Warder, April 1985-January 1986, February 1989
Box 108
Folder 1-13: Correspondence, Michael Warder, March 1989-March 1990
Box 109
Folder 1-10: Correspondence, Michael Warder, April-October 1990, December 1990, July-August 1992
Box 110
Folder 1-7: Correspondence, Michael Warder, September 1992-March 1993, June-July 1994
Box 111
Folder 1-8: Correspondence, Michael Warder, August 1994-February 1995
Box 112
Folder 1-6: Correspondence, Michael Warder, March-July 1995
Folder 7-10: Correspondence, Incoming, Michael Warder, January 1992, January-September 1993
Box 113
Folder 1-3: Correspondence, Incoming, Michael Warder, October 1993-December 1994
Folder 4: Fax, Michael Warder, May-December 1994
Folder 5-9: Memorandums, Michael Warder, 1985, 1986, 1988-1993
Box 114
Folder 1: Memorandums, Michael Warder, January-December 1994
Folder 2: Memorandums, Incoming, Michael Warder, September 1985-August 1989
Folder 3: Correspondence: Thomas Fleming, November 1988-July 1994
Folder 4: Correspondence: Norman McClelland, January 1987-April 1992
Folder 5: Correspondence: Neuhaus, Richard John, May 1985-February 1989
Folder 6: Correspondence: Pocket Calendars, September 1995
Folder 7: Correspondence: Richard Vaughan, August 1985-February 1989

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