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Vanderhoof Family Papers (Campton Township, Kane County), 1853-1962

Collection Overview

Title: Vanderhoof Family Papers (Campton Township, Kane County), 1853-1962

ID: RHC/RC/228

Extent: 7.75 Linear Feet

Arrangement: The papers are divided into four series: Diaries and Correspondence, School Papers, Farm and Business Records, and Photographs. The correspondence is arranged by the recipient of the letter and the envelopes are filed after the letter. The photographs contained in series four are arranged alphabetically by families.

Date Acquired: 06/20/1997

Languages: English [eng]

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Vanderhoof Family papers document the activities of several generations of the Vanderhoof Family from Campton Township, Kane County, Illinois.  The papers are divided into four series: Diaries and Correspondence, School Papers, Farm and Business Records, and Photographs.  The first series includes diaries written by Aurelia Hawley (1898), Robert Alexander (1902), Frank Vanderhoof (1872-1904), and Kate Vanderhoof (1899-1962).  Diaries for Kate Vanderhoof are complete from 1899 to 1955 with Franks diaries scattered.  Researchers should note that the 1905 diary of Kate Vanderhoof includes entries by Frank Vanderhoof from January 16-February 2.  The diaries and correspondence include information on the family, weather events, day-to-day activities on the farm and in the household, and the families' dealings with national events such as the Great Depression, World War I and World War II.  The correspondence is arranged by the recipient of the letter and the envelopes are filed after the letter.  Also included in this series are assorted greeting cards and invitations, programs, membership certificates, newspaper articles, and an autograph book belonging to Kate Hawley.

Series two, School Papers, include Margaret Christiansen’s papers while attending Northern Illinois State Teachers College (NISTC), papers from Dorothy Bartelt and George Vanderhoof, and a drawing by Grace Vanderhoof done while attending NISTC.  The series also contains general information on NISTC, Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa, University of Illinois, and James Shields School in Chicago, Illinois.

Farm and Business records encompass the third series.  These records include bills, receipts, income tax returns, bank statements, chattel mortgages, and account books for the Vanderhoof family farm and the Little House Tea Restaurant.  Also included in this series are family and farm records for Art Ahrens, the J.W. Bartelt family, and Gust and John Swanson.  General farm information such as agricultural pamphlets and Prairie Farmer/WLS Family Album also are included in this series.

The photographs contained in series four are arranged alphabetically by families.  Unfortunately there are a large number of unidentified individual and group shots.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on access to the collection.

Use Restrictions: Property rights in the collection belong to the Regional History Center; literary rights are dedicated to the public.

Acquisition Source: Jeri Skelton

Acquisition Method: Jeri Skelton of St. Charles, Illinois donated the Vanderhoof Family Papers to the Northern Illinois Regional History Center on June 20, 1997.

Box and Folder Listing

Series I.: Diaries and Correspondence
Box 1
Folder 1: Diaries: Aurelia Hawley (1), 1898
Folder 2: Diaries: Robert Alexander (1), 1902
Folder 3-9: Diaries: Frank Vanderhoof (14), 1872-1878, 1880, 1882-1883, 1885-1888
Box 2
Folder 1-5: Diaries: Frank Vanderhoof (10), 1889-1893, 1897-1901, 1904
Folder 6-9: Diaries: Kate Vanderhoof (8), 1899-1906
Box 3
Folder 1-6: Diaries: Kate Vanderhoof (12), 1907-1918
Box 4
Folder 1-7: Diaries: Kate Vanderhoof (14), 1919-1932
Box 5
Folder 1-6: Diaries: Kate Vanderhoof (12), 1933-1944
Box 6
Folder 1-5: Diaries: Kate Vanderhoof (15), 1945-1955, 1962
Box 7
Folder 1: Correspondence: Mrs. Aurelia Hawley, 1875
Folder 2: Correspondence: Charles C. Hawley, 1896, 1936
Folder 3: Correspondence: George C. Hawley, 1853-1905
Folder 4: Correspondence: Mrs. George C. Hawley, 1863-1906
Folder 5: Correspondence: Esther Vanderhoof, 1862-1887
Folder 6: Correspondence: Miss Fannie Vanderhoof, circa 1870s
Folder 7-9: Correspondence: Frank Vanderhoof, 1876-1924, no date
Folder 10: Correspondence: Mrs. Frank (Kate) Vanderhoof, 1896-1918
Box 8
Folder 1: Correspondence: Mrs. Frank (Kate) Vanderhoof, 1919-1956
Folder 2: Correspondence: George L. Vanderhoof, 1905, circa 1917, 1921, no date
Folder 3: Correspondence: L. Vanderhoof, April 8, 1870
Folder 4: Correspondence: Miscellaneous Unidentified, 1865-1929
Folder 5-6: Cards and Invitations: Birthday Cards (54), 1945-1960, no date
Folder 7: Cards and Invitations: Christmas Cards (23), 1925, no date
Folder 8: Cards and Invitations: Anniversary Cards (5); Graduation Announcements (6); Graduation Name Cards (2); Marriage Announcements (10); Reunion Invitation (1), 1905, 1907, 1912; 1897-1942, 1946; no date; 1884-1935; 1891
Folder 9: Cards and Invitations: Valentine Cards (2); Mother's Day Cards (3); Sympathy Cards (6); Shower Cards (2); Birth Announcement (1); Thank You Cards (3); Gift Card (1); Best Wishes (1); Bazaar Card, no date, no date, 1921-1940, no date, 1927, 1948, 1949, no date, no date, 1
Folder 10: Cards and Invitations: Flower Cards from Frank Vanderhoof Funeral  (24), November 1925
Folder 11: Cards and Invitations: Advertisement Cards (5); Vote Cards (1); Student Reward Cards (2); Dance Cards and Invitations (4); Orchestra Ticket (1); Race Ticket (1); Freshman Ticket (1), no date; no date; no date; 1883; 1881; 1911
Folder 12: Autograph Book, Kate Hawley, 1878-1892
Folder 13: Club Memberships, 1910-1929
Folder 14: Newspaper Articles/Obituaries, 1943, 1954, no date
Folder 15: Programs, 1891-1924
Series II.: School Papers
Box 9
Folder 1-5: School Papers and Lesson Plans, Margaret Christiansen, 1924-1925, no date
Folder 6: School Papers, Dorothy Bartelt, 1919, no date
Folder 7: School Papers, George Vanderhoof, no date
Folder 8: School Drawing, Grace Vanderhoof (Christmas present to George Vanderhoof), 1914
Box 10
Folder 1: Cornell College, Mt. Vernon, Iowa, 1888-1889; 1895-1896
Folder 2: Northern Illinois State Teachers College, DeKalb, Illinois, 1921-1925
Folder 3: The Shield Reporter, Chicago, Illinois, February 1928
Folder 4: University of Illinois, Champaign/Urbana, Illinois, 1913
Series III.: Farm and Business Records
Box 10
Folder 5: Chattel Mortgages, 1856, 1946-1950
Folder 6: Property Tax Receipts, 1880, 1899, 1908
Folder 7: Bills and Receipts, Frank Vanderhoof, 1875-1924
Folder 8: Bills, 1946
Box 11
Folder 1-8: Bills, Receipts, Income Tax Returns, George and Margaret Vanderhoof, 1939-1951
Folder 9: Bills, Receipts, and Income Tax Returns, Little House Tea Restaurant/George and Margaret Vanderhoof, 1958
Box 12
Folder 1-6: Bills, Receipts, and Income Tax Returns, Little House Tea Restaurant/George and Margaret Vanderhoof, 1959-1961
Folder 7-9: Farm Accounting Records, Vanderhoof Farm, 1900-1948
Box 13
Folder 1: Bills, Art Ahrens, 1920, no date
Folder 2: Legal Documents, Bills, Receipts, J.W. Bartelt, 1912-1957
Folder 3: Chattel Mortgage and Receipts, Gust and John Swanson, 1901-1904
Folder 4: Agricultural Pamphlets, 1884, no date
Folder 5: Map of Kane County, Illinois, no date
Folder 6-7: Prairie Farmer/WLS Family Album, 1937-1957
Folder 8: Standby, 1949
Series IV.: Photographs
Box 13
Folder 9: Bartelt Family (2), 1927, no date
Folder 10: Carlson Family (2), circa 1897-1899, no date
Folder 11: Cowles Family (3), no date
Folder 12: Diamond Family (6), no date
Folder 13: Eberhart Family (4), 1883, no date
Folder 14: Elliott Family (3), no date
Folder 15: Floyd Family (2), April 1958
Folder 16: Ada Goss and Home, 1935, no date
Folder 17: Hawley Family (30), 1886-1897, no date
Folder 18: Kenyon Family (5), no date
Folder 19: McGlashen Family (2), 1883, no date
Folder 20: Reid, Ada (2), 1891, no date
Box 14
Folder 1: Stewart Family  (2), 1907, no date
Folder 2: Stump Family (2), no date
Folder 3: Individuals: Elvera Anderson; Dan & Leslie (?) Millen; Carl W. Nelson; May Peterson; Grant & Rachel Phelps; Libbie Rosenkrane; Hiram Sowle; D.W. Stevens; Annie Stonholm; The Waylands (10), 1929, no date, no date, 1902, no date, no date, no date, July 1938, 1896, n
Folder 4-5: Group Shots, Identified (43), 1913-1960, no date
Folder 6: Scenic Views, Unidentified (24), no date
Folder 7-8: Portraits, Children, Unidentified (23), 1896, 1940, no date
Folder 9-11: Portraits, Men, Unidentified (49), 1918, 1936, no date
Folder 12: Portraits, Women, Unidentified (54), 1916, 1937, 1957, no date
Folder 13-15: Group Shots, Unidentified (132,1), 1937-1959, no date
Folder 16: Negatives, Unidentified (10), no date
Box 15
Folder 1: Hawley Family (7), 1932, no date
Folder 2: Vanderhoof Family (9), no date
Folder 3: Individuals: Axel Oslund; L.L. Alexander? Ancutt, Joe and Bessie Bagg; John and Jewel Brown; Carty Family.; Mildred Hawkins; Thure Johnson; Minnie Love, 1904, no date, no date, 1919, no date, no date, no date, 1907
Folder 4: Scenic Views: Vanderhoof House; Cyclone Destruction in Elgin; G.R. Johnson Company, Elburn; Diamond Home, Morgan Park; M.E. Church, Mother's Funeral, Lamont, Iowa  (Aurelia Hawley), Apartment Building by Schrader [Bellevue Building built by C.C. Hawley], Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Spring 1896; March 28, 1920; no date; February   24, 1906
Folder 5: Portraits, Women, Unidentified (7), 1909, no date
Folder 6: Scenic View, Unidentified House (1), no date
Folder 7: Certificate of Award, School District Number 97, Kane County, Margaret Bartelt, January 1907
Folder 8: Old Bachelor Poster, sent to Frank Vanderhoof, 1885
Item 1: Glasses in cases, 2 pair