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Calvin L. Skinner, Jr. Papers (Crystal Lake)


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Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)

Income Tax


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Calvin L. Skinner, Jr. Papers (Crystal Lake), 1963-2000 | Northern Illinois University

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Collection Overview

Title: Calvin L. Skinner, Jr. Papers (Crystal Lake), 1963-2000

ID: RHC/RC/196

Extent: 41.75 Linear Feet


The papers of Calvin L. Skinner, Jr.  are separated into seven series: Regional Transportation Authority, Income Tax, Politicians, Subject Files, Legislative Bills, Title X, and Correspondence.

The seventh series, Correspondence, is arranged chronologically from 1993-2000 and then alphabetically by subject or author.

Date Acquired: 01/16/1990. More info below under Accruals.

Subjects: AIDS, Chicago Transit Authority, Crystal Lake (Ill.), Education., Illinois. General Assembly, Legislators, McHenry County (Ill), Ogilvie, Richard B. - Governor, Regional Transportation Authority, Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ), Skinner Jr., Calvin L., Taxation., Title X Family Planning Program (U.S.), Transportation, United States--Politics and government

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The papers of Calvin L. Skinner, Jr. cover the years 1963 to 2000 and are separated into seven series:  Regional Transportation Authority, Income Tax, Politicians, Subject Files, Legislative Bills, Title X, and Correspondence.

The first series, the Regional Transportation Authority, is located in boxes 1-27 and contains the bulk of the collection.  This series includes House and Senate bills and analyses, correspondence, and notes.  It is concerned with the formation of and the opposition to the RTA.  While there are a few files supporting the RTA, most of the series is dedicated to the disap- proval of the RTA as Skinner was at the head of the opposition.  Of special interest are the photographs and a cassette tape of a report by S.H. Skolnick in box 27.

Series II, Income tax, is housed in boxes 28 and 29, and is comprised of reports dealing mainly with the proposed temporary tax hike of 1983.

The third series, Politicians, contains newspaper clippings, correspondence, and campaign material of public figures.  The series begins in box 29 and continues through box 40.  There are a few files on citizens that are not politicians, but the majority is devoted to legislators and would-be legislators.

Series IV, Subject Files, includes correspondence, House and Senate bills, newspaper articles, and reports.

The fifth series, Legislative Bills, contains House and Senate bills, House Joint Resolutions, information about HIV/AIDS as well as Appropriations on Education and Public Safety.

Series VI, Title X, contains various information and articles surrounding the debate over Title X in McHenry County. The seventh series, Correspondence, is arranged chronologically from 1993-2000 and then alphabetically by subject or author.

Collection Historical Note

Calvin L. Skinner, Jr. was born in Maryland in 1942. He received an A.B. in economics from Oberlin College in Ohio and an M.A. in public administration from the University of Michigan. Skinner and his family settled in Crystal Lake when he was a teenager, and although leaving to complete his education, he eventually returned to Crystal Lake and got into politics. He served as a budget examiner for the Small Business Administration for the U.S. Bureau of the Budget in Washington. In 1966, he became treasurer of McHenry County and then served as a Certified Illinois Assessing Officer before successfully running for the Illinois General Assembly as a representative of the 33rd District. He held this position until 1981, when an unsuccessful bid against a U.S. representative made him give up his seat. Among the committees he served on while a member of the Assembly were: Appropriations, Transportation (of which he was the Republican Spokesman), Human Resources, Legislative Audit Commission, Illinois Economic and Fiscal Commission, Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) Legislative Advisory Committee, and Chain-of-Lakes-Fox River Commission. Skinner served as a transportation consultant to House Speaker George Ryan after leaving office.

The RTA was established by the Illinois General Assembly in 1973 and was ratified by Cook, DuPage, Kane, Lake, McHenry, and Will Counties in 1974. RTA's major function was to extend, update, and standardize the suburban bus, the commuter rail, and the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) networks. RTA was to increase the productivity and the practicality of transportation services while regulating costs. Cal Skinner contested RTA on the grounds that it aided the CTA at the expense of the collar counties.

He ran again in 1992 and was elected as the Representative of the 64th District. He served as the Republican Spokesman for the Appropriations Committee that handles the Department of Transportation and Corrections budgets. His legislative goals included improving traffic flow at the intersection of Rountes 62 & 31, stopping rape and the spread of AIDS in our prison system and halting state income tax hikes.

Skinner served until 2001 when he was defeated by Rosemary Kurtz.

Subject/Index Terms

Chicago Transit Authority
Crystal Lake (Ill.)
Illinois. General Assembly
McHenry County (Ill)
Ogilvie, Richard B. - Governor
Regional Transportation Authority
Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )
Skinner Jr., Calvin L.
Title X Family Planning Program (U.S.)
United States--Politics and government

Administrative Information

Repository: Northern Illinois University

Accruals: Addenda were added at later dates.

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on access to the collection.

Use Restrictions: Property rights in the collection belong to the Regional History Center; literary rights are dedicated to the public.

Acquisition Source: Calvin L. Skinner Jr

Acquisition Method: Calvin L. Skinner Jr., former McHenry County representative to the Illinois General Assembly, donated his personal and legislative papers to the Northern Illinois Regional History Center on November 10, 1989 and January 16, 1990.

Related Materials: Other related collections include The Star Reporter Collection (RC 131), with Skinner's father's as the publisher of the newspaper and the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission Records (RC 159). Governmental collections include the papers of Dennis J. Collins, Joseph Ebbesen, and David Shapiro (RC 5, RC 168, RC 174) and Jack Schaffer (VFM 19.31).

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series I.: Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)],
[Series II.: Income Tax],
[Series III.: Politicians],
[Addendum 1],
[Addendum 2],

Series III.: Politicians
Box 29
Folder 7: Aavang, Steve
Folder 8: Adams, Harold
Folder 9: Agnew, Spiro
Folder 10: Alstat, Wayne
Folder 11: Anderson, C. Richard
Folder 12: Anderson, Don
Folder 13: Anderson, Joan
Folder 14: Anderson, John
Folder 15: Anderson, Steve
Folder 16: Aniballi, Ken
Folder 17: Antonovych, Boris
Folder 18: Arends, Leslie
Box 30
Folder 1: Armentrout, Eugene
Folder 2: Aspin, Les
Folder 3: Aurand, Douglas
Folder 4: Bailey, Doug
Folder 5: Baker, Tom
Folder 6: Barnes, Jane
Folder 7: Bartulis, A.C.
Folder 8: Bauman, Bob
Folder 9: Beetham, Stanley
Folder 10: Bell, Tim
Folder 11: Bennett, Allen
Folder 12: Bennett, Perry D.
Folder 13: Berning, Karl
Folder 14: Bielski, Bert
Folder 15: Birchler, Vincent
Folder 16: Bishop, James
Folder 17: Blair, W. Robert
Folder 18: Bloom, Prescott
Folder 19: Bluthardt, Edward
Folder 20: Bolles, Don
Folder 21: Bond, Julian
Folder 22: Bond, Langhorne
Folder 23: Borchers, Webber
Folder 24: Boyle, Kenneth
Folder 25: Bradley, Gerald
Folder 26: Brady, Michael
Folder 27: Breen, Harry
Folder 28: Breslin, Peg
Folder 29: Brinkmeier, Bob
Folder 30: Brody, Leonard
Folder 31: Brooks, William
Folder 32: Brown, Jerry
Folder 33: Brown, Thomas
Folder 34: Bruce, Terry
Folder 35: Brunner, J. Terrence
Folder 36: Bryan, Iris
Folder 37: Bryant, Susan
Folder 38: Burditt, George
Folder 39: Burnidge, Richard
Folder 40: Byers, Harold
Box 31
Folder 1: Caldwell, Lewis
Folder 2: Campbell, Charles
Folder 3: Capparelli, Ralph
Folder 4: Carey, Bernard
Folder 5: Carey, David
Folder 6: Catania, Susan
Folder 7: Chandrathil, Kurian
Folder 8: Choate, Clyde
Folder 9: Christian, Alfred
Folder 10: Clabaugh, Charles
Folder 11: Clute, Don
Folder 12: Coffey, Max
Folder 13: Coleman, Joseph
Folder 14: Collins, Dennis
Folder 15: Collins, Phil
Folder 16: Connolly, John
Folder 17: Corcoran, Tom
Folder 18: Course, Kenneth
Folder 19: Cox, William
Folder 20: Craig, Robert
Folder 21: Crane, Dan
Folder 22: Crane, Phil
Folder 23: Cullerton, John
Folder 24: Cunningham, Roscoe
Folder 25: Daley, Richard J.
Folder 26: Daley, Richard M.
Folder 27: Daly, Lar
Folder 28: Daniels, Lee
Folder 29: Darrow, Clarence
Box 32
Folder 1: Davidson, John
Folder 2: Davis, Jack
Folder 3: Derwinski, Ed
Folder 4: Dodd, Marion
Folder 5: Domico, Marco
Folder 6: Dondanville, Gerry
Folder 7: Donnewald, James
Folder 8: Donovan, B.T.
Folder 9: Douglas, Paul
Folder 10: Downs, Robert
Folder 11: Duff, Brian
Folder 12: Dunn, Ralph
Folder 13: Durbin, Richard
Folder 14: Dyer, Giddy
Folder 15: Ebbesen, Joseph
Folder 16: Edgar, Jim
Folder 17: Ellis, Mike
Folder 18: Epton, Bernard
Folder 19: Ewing, Thomas
Folder 20: Fary, John
Folder 21: Fawell, Harris
Folder 22: Fetzer, Arlene
Folder 23: Fiester, Virginia
Folder 24: Findley, Paul
Folder 25: Flinn, Monroe
Folder 26: Fonte, Richard
Folder 27: Franks, Herbert
Folder 28: Freese, Harold
Folder 29: Friedland, John
Folder 30: Friedrich, Dwight
Folder 31: Fryzel, Michael
Folder 32: Frost, Tom
Folder 33: Fuhler, John
Folder 34: Gaines, Harris
Folder 35: Galt, Art
Folder 36: Garrison, Gary
Folder 37: Ghini, Fidel
Folder 38: Gibbs, Ida
Folder 39: Giglio, Frank
Folder 40: Gitz, James
Folder 41: Glaeser, Edward
Folder 42: Glass, Brad
Folder 43: Graham, John
Folder 44: Griesheimer, Ron
Folder 45: Hall, Ed
Folder 46: Hall, Harber
Folder 47: Hall, Kenneth
Box 33
Folder 1: Hallock, John
Folder 2: Hallstrom, Mary Jeanne
Folder 3: Hanahan, Tom
Folder 4: Hanning, Gary
Folder 5: Harrington, Jim
Folder 6: Harris, William C.
Folder 7: Harris, William L.
Folder 8: Hart, Richard
Folder 9: Hartel Junior, Harry
Folder 10: Hauser, Tom
Folder 11: Hayenga, Mike
Folder 12: Hecht, Wilbert
Folder 13: Helios, Pete
Folder 14: Hendricks, Carter
Folder 15: Henry, Fabian
Folder 16: Hickey, Vivian
Folder 17: Hirschfield, John
Folder 18: Hoff, John
Folder 19: Hoffman, Ronald
Folder 20: Holewinski, Michael
Folder 21: Houlihan, Dan
Folder 22: Houlihan, James
Folder 23: Hoxsey, Betty
Folder 24: Hubbard, Bill
Folder 25: Hudson, Dan
Folder 26: Hudson, George
Folder 27: Hunsicker, Carl
Folder 28: Huskey, Herb
Folder 29: Hyde, Henry
Folder 30: Hynes, Thomas
Folder 31: Ihrig, Alice
Folder 32: Jackson, Bernice
Folder 33: Jackson, Jesse
Folder 34: Jacobs, Oral
Folder 35: Jacobs, Robert
Folder 36: Jacobson, Walter
Folder 37: Jaffe, Aaron
Folder 38: Johnson, Roy
Folder 39: Johnson, Timothy
Folder 40: Jones, David
Folder 41: Joyce, Jerry
Folder 42: Jungels, Eleanor
Folder 43: Kane, Doug
Folder 44: Karpiel, Doris
Folder 45: Katz, Harold
Folder 46: Keane, Thomas
Folder 47: Keats, Roger
Folder 48: Kelly, Richard
Box 34
Folder 1: Kempiners, Bill
Folder 2: Kent, Mary Lou
Folder 3: Kerner, Otto
Folder 4: Kingston, Pat
Folder 5: Kirane, Dominic
Folder 6: Kirk, Frank
Folder 7: Kissel, Richard
Folder 8: Kleker, Jerome
Folder 9: Kleine, John
Folder 10: Klemm, Richard
Folder 11: Klusak, Bill
Folder 12: Knuppel, John
Folder 13: Korshak, Marshall
Folder 14: Korshak, Sidney
Folder 15: Kosinski, Roman
Folder 16: Kucharski, Ed
Folder 17: Kunz, Robert
Folder 18: LaFleur, Leo
Folder 19: Landon, Alf
Folder 20: Lauer, Jack
Folder 21: Lawton, Sam (photo)
Folder 22: Laxton, Donald
Folder 23: Layer, Robert
Folder 24: Leonard, Larry
Folder 25: Levin, Ellis
Folder 26: Lindberg, George
Folder 27: Lipman, Clarence
Folder 28: Londrigan, James
Folder 29: Loomis, Nancy
Folder 30: Lowe, Watson
Folder 31: Lucco, Joe
Box 35
Folder 1: Luft, Richard
Folder 2: Lundy, Joseph
Folder 3: Lyon, Don
Folder 4: Mabley, Jack
Folder 5: MacArthur, Alex
Folder 6: McAuliffe, Roger
Folder 7: McAvoy, Walter
Folder 8: McCarthy, Eugene
Folder 9: McClain, Michael
Folder 10: McCloskey Junior, Paul
Folder 11: McConkey, William
Folder 12: McCormick, C.L.
Folder 13: McCourt, Jim
Folder 14: Macdonald, Virginia
Folder 15: McFarland, Rolland
Folder 16: McGovern, George
Folder 17: McGrew, Sam
Folder 18: McIntosh, Arthur
Folder 19: McMaster, A.T.
Folder 20: McPike, Jim
Folder 21: Madigan, Mike
Folder 22: Maher, Gerald
Folder 23: Maitland Junior, John
Folder 24: Majewski, Lou Anne
Folder 25: Malecki, Albert
Folder 26: Malone, Dan
Folder 27: Malone, Gene
Folder 28: Mann, Robert
Folder 29: Marabella, Kenneth
Folder 30: Maragos, Samuel
Folder 31: Markert, Louis
Folder 32: Marlowe, Dean
Folder 33: Marovitz, William
Folder 34: Marshall, George C.
Folder 35: Martin Jimmy H.
Folder 36: Martin, Lynn
Folder 37: Martin, Peggy Smith
Folder 38: Martin-Trigona, Anthony
Folder 39: Matijevich, John
Folder 40: Maville, John
Folder 41: May, Arnold
Box 36
Folder 1: Metcalfe, Ralph
Folder 2: Meyers, Richard
Folder 3: Michael, Kevin
Folder 4: Michel, Robert
Folder 5: Mikva, Abner
Folder 6: Miller, Tom
Folder 7: Mills, William
Folder 8: Milton, Robert
Folder 9: Mitchler, Robert
Folder 10: Mondale, Walter
Folder 11: Moran, Thomas
Folder 12: Moravec, Robert
Folder 13: Morris, Bill
Folder 14: Mosher, Charles
Folder 15: Mugalian, Richard
Folder 16: Mulack, Don
Folder 17: Mullen, Jeanette
Folder 18: Murphy, Raymond
Folder 19: Murphy, W.J.
Folder 20: Muse, Brad
Folder 21: Nader, Ralph
Folder 22: Narusis, Bernard
Folder 23: Nathan, Walter
Folder 24: Nation, Carrie
Folder 25: Nell, Henry
Folder 26: Netsch, Dawn
Folder 27: Newsome, Tani
Folder 28: Nimrod, John
Folder 29: Nowlan, James
Folder 30: O'Brien, Daniel
Folder 31: Ogilvie, Richard
Folder 32: O'Grady, Patrick
Folder 33: O'Hagan, John
Folder 34: O'Heir, Jim
Folder 35: O'Laughlin, Jim
Folder 36: O'Neal, Dave
Folder 37: Origer, Thomas
Folder 38: Page, Harry
Folder 39: Pape, Carl
Box 37
Folder 1: Partee, Cecil
Folder 2: Patrick, Stan
Folder 3: Paulson, Alice
Folder 4: Pechous, Robert
Folder 5: Percy, Charles
Folder 6: Perrecone, Peter
Folder 7: Peters, Pete
Folder 8: Peters, Tom
Folder 9: Philip, James
Folder 10: Piel, Robert
Folder 11: Pierce, Daniel
Folder 12: Polk, Ben
Folder 13: Porter, John
Folder 14: Powell, Paul
Folder 15: Pullen, Penny
Folder 16: Randle, Norman
Folder 17: Randolph, Paul
Folder 18: Rauschenberger, John
Folder 19: Rauschenberger, William
Folder 20: Reagan, Ronald
Folder 21: Redmond, Bill
Folder 22: Reilley, Jim
Folder 23: Reitan, Carol
Folder 24: Rentschler, William
Folder 25: Reynolds, Ray
Folder 26: Rice, John
Folder 27: Richmond, Bruce
Folder 28: Rigney, Harlan
Folder 29: Robbins, Clyde
Folder 30: Robinson, David
Folder 31: Rock, Philip
Folder 32: Roe, John
Folder 33: Rom, George
Folder 34: Rothman, Marshall
Folder 35: Rumsfeld, Donald
Folder 36: Russel, Wilbert
Folder 37: Ryan, George
Folder 38: Ryan, Tim
Folder 39: Sabonijan, Robert
Folder 40: Saperstein, Esther
Folder 41: Sass, Herb
Folder 42: Satterthwaite, Helen
Folder 43: Schaffer, Jack
Folder 44: Schieb, Don
Folder 45: Schlickman, Eugene
Box 38
Folder 1: Schnell, Harry
Folder 2: Schoeberlein, Allen
Folder 3: Schuneman, Calvin
Folder 4: Schuppert, Lee
Folder 5: Schweiker, Senator
Folder 6: Scott, William
Folder 7: Seggerman, Duane
Folder 8: Seith, Alex
Folder 9: Shakman, Michael
Folder 10: Shapiro, David
Folder 11: Sharp, John
Folder 12: Shea, Gerald
Folder 13: Shumpert, Walter
Folder 14: Skolnick, Sherman
Folder 15: Smith Jr, Harold Byron
Folder 16: Smith, Dr. Lyman
Folder 17: Smith, Ralph
Folder 18: Sommer, Mary Lou
Folder 19: Stanley, Roger
Folder 20: Starr, George
Folder 21: Steczo, Terry
Folder 22: Steele, Everett
Folder 23: Steffen, Fred
Folder 24: Stern, Grace Mary
Folder 25: Stevenson, Adlai
Folder 26: Stiehl, Celeste
Box 39
Folder 1: Stone, Paul
Folder 2: Stripp, Bill
Folder 3: Stuffle, Larry
Folder 4: Sullivan, Tom
Folder 5: Tammeus, William
Folder 6: Taylor, James
Folder 7: Thacker, Tom
Folder 8: Thompson, James
Folder 9: Thompson, William
Folder 10: Toman, Rick
Folder 11: Totten, Donald
Folder 12: Van Deusen, Lloyd
Folder 13: Vass, Ed
Folder 14: Vaughan, Henry Lee
Folder 15: Verbic, Richard
Folder 16: Wade, Nancy
Folder 17: Walberg, Herb
Folder 18: Wallace, George
Folder 19: Wallace, Robert Ash
Folder 20: Walsh, Richard
Folder 21: Walsh, William
Folder 22: Walters, Phyllis
Folder 23: Walters, Bob
Folder 24: Washburn, James
Folder 25: Washington, Harold
Folder 26: Watson, Frank
Folder 27: Wauchope, Don
Folder 28: Weddington, Sarah
Folder 29: Whalen, Francis "Dutch"
Folder 30: Wickham, Fred
Folder 31: Wikoff, Virgil
Folder 32: Wildman, Max
Box 40
Folder 1: Williams, Jack
Folder 2: Wolf, Jake
Folder 3: Wujcik, Tony
Folder 4: Younge, Wyvetter
Folder 5: Crazy 8
Folder 6: Legislators-Miscellaneous
Folder 7: Kilrain, James
Folder 8: Shadley Apartments
Folder 9: Summit School
Folder 10: Woodward Governor Company

Browse by Series:

[Series I.: Regional Transportation Authority (RTA)],
[Series II.: Income Tax],
[Series III.: Politicians],
[Addendum 1],
[Addendum 2],

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