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Lucinda O. Wanner Collection (Glen Ellyn)


Scope and Contents

Administrative Information

Detailed Description

Audio-Visual, 1964

Certificates, 1914-1975 (folders 1-4)

Correspondence, 1931-1976 (folders 5-127)

Miscellany, 1951-1976 (folders 128-140)

Personal File, circa 1900-1976 (folders 141-328)

Photographs, 1917-1975 (folders 329-373)

Reference, 1938-1976 (folders 374-1923)

Memorabilia, 1966-1975

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Lucinda O. Wanner Collection (Glen Ellyn), 1900-1976 | Northern Illinois University

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Collection Overview

Title: Lucinda O. Wanner Collection (Glen Ellyn), 1900-1976

ID: RHC/RC/163

Extent: 37.0 Linear Feet


The Lucinda O. Wanner Collection arrived at The Dirksen Center in no apparent order. After repeated sorting, the processing staff concluded that the best arrangement system would be based on the following series of documents and artifacts: Audiovisual, Certificates, Correspondence, Memorabilia, Miscellany, Personal, Photographs, and Reference. All the series except Memorabilia and Reference are arranged chronologically. The Memorabilia series consists of two boxes of loose artifacts and elephant figurines, and the Reference file comprises numerous alphabetically-arranged subseries. Each series is more completely described in a series description.

The Personal file comprises three subseries: Church, Financial, and Miscellany.

The Reference file is the largest and most complex series in the Wanner Collection. The processing staff based the arrangement of the series on Lucinda Wanner’s subject files. The staff organized the bulk of the subject files into six chronologically arranged sub-series: Campaigns, Clippings, Newsletters, Notes, Politics, and Public Statements. Files that did not fit into any of the subseries were arranged alphabetically by subject along with the six larger subseries. The staff left related papers together under the subject files instead of transferring them to appropriate files like Correspondence, Notes, or Clippings. Exceptions were Photographs and Certificates. Item disposition sheets mark places in the files where photos or certificates were removed.

The Politics subseries contains the largest group of papers in the Reference series and is further divided into files on Cook County, DuPage County, Illinois, Kane County, Kendall County, Lake County, National, Putnam County, Will County, and Winnebago County. The files for DuPage County, Illinois, and National politics are further subdivided into files on various political organizations.

Date Acquired: 00/00/1983

Subjects: Aurora (Ill.), Congregational Church (Glen Ellyn), Cook County (Ill.), DuPage County (Ill), Elections--United States, Erlenborn, John, Glen Ellyn (Ill.), Illinois. General Assembly, McCarthy, Joseph, Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- ), United States--Politics and government, Wanner, Lucinda O.

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The Lucinda O. Wanner Collection arrived at The Dirksen Center in no apparent order.  After repeated sorting, the processing staff concluded that the best arrangement system would be based on the following series of documents and artifacts: Audiovisual, Certificates, Correspondence, Memorabilia, Miscellany, Personal, Photographs, and Reference.  All the series except Memorabilia and Reference are arranged chronologically.  The Memorabilia series consists of two boxes of loose artifacts and elephant figurines, and the Reference file comprises numerous alphabetically-arranged subseries.  Each series is more completely described in a series description.

The Wanner Collection contains several significant series.  The Correspondence series includes letters to and from Lucinda Wanner and others concerning personal, business and political interests.  Some form letters were left in the series, but many boxes of unsolicited form letters were discarded.  The Correspondence series most directly reflects Mrs. Wanner’s interests and beliefs.

The Personal file comprises three subseries:  Church, Financial, and Miscellany.  The Church file contains mostly printed material on two Congregational churches to which Mrs. Wanner belonged; Financial contains bills, receipts, cancelled checks, and other material, arranged by year.  The Miscellany subseries includes various items of a personal nature, like Christmas card and gift lists, family history, and vacation records.

The Reference file is the largest and most complex series in the Wanner Collection.  The processing staff based the arrangement of the series on Lucinda Wanner’s subject files.  Mrs. Wanner collected printed material, form letters, clippings, correspondence, notes, and other documents on topics, issues, people, and organizations that interested her.  The staff organized the bulk of the subject files into six chronologically arranged sub-series: Campaigns, Clippings, Newsletters, Notes, Politics, and Public Statements.  Files that did not fit into any of the subseries were arranged alphabetically by subject along with the six larger subseries.  The staff left related papers together under the subject files instead of transferring them to appropriate files like Correspondence, Notes, or Clippings.  Exceptions were Photographs and Certificates.  Item disposition sheets mark places in the files where photos or certificates were removed.

The Politics subseries contains the largest group of papers in the Reference series and is further divided into files on Cook County, DuPage County, Illinois, Kane County, Kendall County, Lake County, National, Putnam County, Will County, and Winnebago County.  The files for DuPage County, Illinois, and National politics are further subdivided into files on various political organizations.  The Politics subseries reflects Lucinda Wanner’s wide span of interests in the Republican party.

Collection Historical Note

Lucinda Obermeyer was born June 19, 1899 in Chicago. After attending public schools, she graduated from Chicago’s Senn High School in 1916 and Lasell Seminary, now a junior college, in Auburndale, Massachusetts in 1918. She later attended the University of Chicago where she studied institutional management and nutrition in the home economics department.

On April 23, 1921, Lucinda Obermeyer married Arthur Lewis Wanner. Mr. Wanner joined Belden Manufacturing Company in 1916 and held the positions of vice-president and treasurer. He became executive vice-resident after retiring. The Wanners were the parents of two children–Richard Lewis, born in 1924, and Mary Lucinda, Mrs. Richard Kasperson, born in 1928. The family resided at 278 Merton Avenue, Glen Ellyn, Illinois, from 1925 until Lucinda Wanner’s death on April 9, 1976. She was preceded in death by her husband, who died on December 8, 1964.

Mrs. Wanner became an active volunteer in 1926 when she and others founded an infant welfare society in Glen Ellyn. Her activities were numerous. She served as a Girl Scouts leader and the first president of the local Council of Girl Scouts. Mrs. Wanner was active in the Congregational Church; she taught Sunday school and served on the board of trustees and the board of religious education. Work with the local Parent-Teacher Association led to several elective offices in the Association and membership on the board of the Illinois Congress of Parents and Teachers.

In 1946, Lucinda 0. Wanner was appointed precinct #14 committeewoman for Milton Township, DuPage County, Illinois, and embarked on a 30-year career as a "professional volunteer" in the Republican party. Mrs. Wanner remained a committeewoman until 1954 when she was elected committeeman, a post she would hold for 22 years. Two years prior to her election, in 1952, the DuPage County Republican Central Committee appointed Mrs. Wanner county chairwoman. The Central Committee sought Lucinda Wanner’s service on the finance committee, with fund-raising activities, and on numerous other committees. In 1952, DuPage County formed a jury commission and Lucinda Wanner was the first woman appointed to the commission. She served as its chairman and continued working on the jury commission until 1976.

State politics attracted Lucinda Wanner, also. From 1958 until 1962, Mrs. Wanner served as Illinois State Republican Central Committeewoman from the 14th district, then comprising DuPage, Kane, and McHenry counties. In 1962, the district lines were redrawn, making DuPage and Will counties the district boundaries. Mrs. Wanner continued as committeewoman and in September, 1963, the State Central Committee named her assistant vice-chairman. During those years, Lucinda Wanner also acted as vice-chairman of the United Republican Fund. Beginning in 1954, she was active in Republican state conventions and often served on platform and resolution committees.

Lucinda Wanner served as an elected delegate to the Republican National Conventions of 1952, 1964, 1968, and 1972. She worked for many presidential elections, including organizing Illinois Bob Taft Clubs from January to July, 1952, and serving as downstate chairman for the Republican presidential campaigns of 1956, 1960, and 1968. Although Mrs. Wanner held no position within the Republican National Committee, she worked closely with its committeemen and attended conferences sponsored by the RNC.

In addition to her involvement in the regular Republican organization, Lucinda Obermeyer Wanner also worked in women’s Republican clubs at all levels: the Glen Ellyn Women’s Republican Club; the DuPage County Federation of Republican Women’s Clubs; the Illinois Federation of Republican Women; the National Federation of Republican Women. In all of the organizations, Mrs. Wanner took on numerous responsibilities, from board positions to committee chairs.

Mrs. Wanner’s service in the Republican party was recognized when she was named "Woman of the Year" by the DuPage County Young Republicans and "Senior Citizen of the Year" in Glen Ellyn.

Subject/Index Terms

Aurora (Ill.)
Congregational Church (Glen Ellyn)
Cook County (Ill.)
DuPage County (Ill)
Elections--United States
Erlenborn, John
Glen Ellyn (Ill.)
Illinois. General Assembly
McCarthy, Joseph
Republican Party (U.S. : 1854- )
United States--Politics and government
Wanner, Lucinda O.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series I.: Audio-Visual, 1964],
[Series II.: Certificates, 1914-1975 (folders 1-4)],
[Series III.: Correspondence, 1931-1976 (folders 5-127)],
[Series IV.: Miscellany, 1951-1976 (folders 128-140)],
[Series V.: Personal File, circa 1900-1976 (folders 141-328)],
[Series VI.: Photographs, 1917-1975 (folders 329-373)],
[Series VII.: Reference, 1938-1976 (folders 374-1923)],
[Series VIII.: Memorabilia, 1966-1975],

Series I.: Audio-Visual, 1964
Box 1
Folder 1-8: Audio Visual
Series consists of five records and record albums, two sound recording tapes, and one film.  The film is on Republican political training; the records and tapes are from campaigns.
Series II.: Certificates, 1914-1975 (folders 1-4)
Box 1
Folder 1-4: Certificates
Certificates awarded to Lucinda Obermeyer Wanner; her husband, Arthur Lewis Wanner; and others; Mrs. Wanner’s diplomas, Mr. Wanner’s certificate of discharge from the army, certificates of merit or appreciation, and numerous poll-watchers’ certificates.
Series III.: Correspondence, 1931-1976 (folders 5-127)
Box 2-4
Folder 5-127: Correspondence
Arranged chronologically, this series consists of letters written to or by Lucinda O. Wanner and some correspondence between other parties.  Mrs. Wanner corresponded with her son Richard Wanner’s family in Connecticut, her brothers Peter and Chick Obermeyer in California, and many friends, including Phyllis Schlafly.  The series includes a letter from the late Senator Everett M. Dirksen, dated October 10, 1962, in which the Senator enclosed an autographed cover of Time magazine carrying his picture.   The Wanner collection contained many unsolicited letters, some unopened, that were discarded.  Most of the correspondence found in Mrs. Wanner’s subject files was left in the file.  However, the processing staff arranged misfiled and loose correspondence in the Correspondence series rather than attempt to place letters in the most appropriate subject file.  The Correspondence series, therefore, contains letters of a personal nature and letters relating to politics and business.
Series IV.: Miscellany, 1951-1976 (folders 128-140)
Box 4
Folder 128-140: Miscellany
Miscellaneous printed material, pamphlets, poems, programs and various items such as sheet music, a sketch, a slide-rule for rules of order, and a bumper sticker.  The material reflects Lucinda Wanner’s patriotism and her interests in politics and conservatism.
Series V.: Personal File, circa 1900-1976 (folders 141-328)
Sub-Series A.: Church file, 1950-1971 (folders 141-183)
Box 4-5
Folder 141-183: Church File
Contains printed material, form letters, booklets and pamphlets, annual reports, constitutions and by-laws, budgets, correspondence, and notes relating to the First Congregational Church of Glen Ellyn and the Pilgrim Congregational Church in Glen Ellyn.  There are several files containing material relating to the merger of the United Church of Christ and the Congregational Church.
Sub-Series B.: Financial files, 1922-1976 (folders 184-310)
Box 5-7
Folder 184-310: Financial files
The Financial file is arranged by year.  Files for each year may contain some or all of the following: bank statements, audits, memoranda, correspondence, form letters, cancelled checks, receipts, deposit slips, check stubs, notes, bills, stock certificates, insurance policies, and documents relating to Mr. and Mrs. Wanner’s wills.  Early files contain documents relating to the Wanner Manufacturing Company and Belden Manufacturing Company.
Sub-Series C.: Miscellany, circa 1900-1976 (folders 311-328)
Box 7
Folder 311-328: Miscellany
Contains miscellaneous items of a personal nature relating to Lucinda O. Wanner and her family.  Undated items include Christmas card and gift lists, postcards, dance programs, a handwriting analysis, and other documents.  Dated items include a ca. 1900 supplement to the Winchester Times that contains photographs and information on Lucinda Wanner’s father and his family; datebooks and calendars; papers pertaining to a trip to Delavan, Wisconsin; Christmas card and gift lists; papers relating to a 1967 and a 1971 trip to Europe, including birth certificates; a copy of a lawsuit against Abbott Laboratories, Inc. and Richard Kasperson, Lucinda Wanner’s son-in-law; and other items.
Series VI.: Photographs, 1917-1975 (folders 329-373)
Box 7-8
Folder 329-373: Photographs
Series is arranged chronologically.  Negatives are filed first. Undated photographs, divided into subject files: family photos, photographs of politicians and political events, and miscellaneous photos.  Dated photographs occasionally contain identification of people.  Photographic subjects include family and friends, political meetings and events, politicians, places visited on Lucinda Wanner’s 1967 and 1971 trips to Europe, and miscellany.
Series VII.: Reference, 1938-1976 (folders 374-1923)
Box 8
Folder 374: "ABC of Medicare's Foundation", 1962
Contains correspondence, notes, and three revised copies of an article by M.J. Boyleston on medicare.
Folder 375: Aircade for Citizenship Action, 1964
Contains material from a February 1964 conference sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of the United States.
Folder 376: American Association of Retired People, 1971-1972
Contains three pamphlets, a newsletter, and a booklet on the American Association for Retired People.
Folder 377: American Conservative Society, 1962
Contains one letter and a voting index published by the Society.
Folder 378: Americans Concerned Today in Our Nation, no date
Contains one undated brochure.
Folder 379-380: Americans for Constitutional Action, 1961-1964
Contains two newsletters, a pamphlet, and four booklets of voting analysis records.
Folder 381: American Institute for Economic Research, 1959
Contains one pamphlet.
Folder 382: Atomic Energy, no date
Contains three pamphlets on uranium, the Argonne National Laboratory, and "Atoms to Kilowatts."
Folder 383-385: Blue Ballot Amendments, 1950-1962
Contains brochures, pamphlets, clippings, notes, and form letters concerning various amendments to the Illinois State constitution.
Folder 386-393: Bricker Amendment, 1951-1956
Contains newsletters, pamphlets, articles, clippings, form letters, and correspondence concerning the Bricker amendment.
Folder 394: Broyles Bills, 1953
Contains printed material on two "anti-subversive'' bills that were considered in the Illinois state legislature in 1953.
Box 8-10
Folder 395-541: Campaigns, 1950-1976
The Campaigns file contains papers pertaining to campaigns and elections on the local, state, and national level.  The file includes some correspondence, telegrams, and notes concerning campaigns.  The bulk of the file consists of such campaign items as flyers, cards, pamphlets and brochures, leaflets and petitions, sample ballots, party platforms and canvassing kits, campaign speech kits and handbooks, buttons and campaign memorabilia.  The 1952 file includes material relating to Lucinda Wanner’s chairmanship in DuPage County for the Bob Taft Clubs of Illinois.  A great deal of material exists that pertains to Arb Shorey’s 1954 campaign for Republican state central committeeman and Joe Meek’s 1954 campaign for Senator in Illinois.  There are many documents pertaining to presidential elections.
Box 10
Folder 542: Center for Research in Urban Government, 1965
Contains one pamphlet.
Folder 543-545: Civil Defense, 1957-1962
Contains government publications, clippings, and notes concerning civil defense.
Box 11
Volume 1: Campaign Factbook (1 volume), 1972
Box 12-13
Folder 546-600: Clippings, 1934-1976
Contains newspaper and magazine clippings and photocopies of clippings arranged by year.
Box 13
Folder 601: Committee for Economic Development, 1952
Contains one booklet, "The Threat to Our National Security."
Folder 602-609: Communism, 1948-1953, 1963-1966
Contains correspondence, notes, form letters, government publications, and pamphlets concerning communism.
Folder 610-612: Communism in the Church, 1952-1954
Contains correspondence, clippings, newsletters, pamphlets, and articles concerning communism in the church, especially via the Methodists Federation for Social Action and, the Congregational Churches’ Council for Social Action.
Folder 613: Community Hospital, 1965-1971
Contains two annual reports and a program for a fundraising art show for Community Hospital in Geneva, IL.
Folder 614-615: Congress, 1953-1955, 1961-1962
Contains a pamphlet on how laws are made, printed material on legislation in the 84th Congress, a list of Senators, and Republican leadership press releases and reports.
Folder 616: Cumulative Voting, 1955
Contains three reports from the Women Investors Research Institute, Inc. on the effects of cumulative voting in corporation stockholders meetings.
Folder 617: Dixon-Yates, 1955
Contains clippings, notes, a letter, a pamphlet, and newsletters about a power contract dispute.
Folder 618-619: East, John L., 1966-1969
Contains clippings and newsletters sent by John East to Lucinda Wanner.
Folder 620-623: Education, 1950-1961
Contains correspondence, notes, printed material, and pamphlets concerning federal aid to education, the teaching of social studies, the National Parent-Teacher Association, and other education-related issues.
Folder 624: The Educational Reviewer, 1953
Contains correspondence, notes, and articles concerning education and the demise of The Educational Reviewer.
Folder 625: Electoral College, 1960-1961
Contains clippings and newsletters with references to a proposed revision of the electoral college.
Folder 626-627: Erlenborn, John, 1965-1966
Contains form letters, correspondence, printed material, notes and bills.  All the material relates to U.S. Representative John Erlenborn.
Folder 628: Errington, Sir Eric, 1967
Contains notes, name tags, and correspondence concerning a luncheon held for Sir Eric Errington on July 6, 1967.
Folder 629-631: Federal Budget, 1951-1956
Contains printed material, pamphlets, letters, and a newsletter concerning the federal budget and the federal debt.
Folder 632-634: Flick-Reedy Education Association, 1961-1966
Contains printed material from the Flick-Reedy program of education on freedom and communism and a “Leadership Techniques” Training Program conducted at Flick-Reedy in 1966.
Folder 635-637: Foreign Policy, 1953-1968
Contains printed material and pamphlets concerning diverse aspects of U.S. foreign policy.
Folder 638-642: Foundation for Economic Education, Incorporated, 1949-1953, 1970-1971
Contains early pamphlets, printed material and correspondence relating to 1971 seminars on freedom sponsored by the Foundation and its member organization, the Foundation to Franchise Freedom.
Folder 643: Free Trade, 1953
Contains printed material, pamphlets, newsletters, correspondence, and clippings related to free trade.
Folder 644: Freedom Foundation Awards, circa 1953
Contains a pamphlet of award-winning articles on freedom.
Folder 645: Government Publications, 1954-1955
Contains pamphlets and lists of government publications.
Box 14
Folder 646: Great Books, 1947-1956
Contains discussion questions, a discussion guide, an explanatory booklet, and a note concerning the Great Books' Foundation's reading program.  An abridged copy of Plutarch's Lives is included in the file.
Folder 647-649: Harper, Philip S., 1938-1954
Contains correspondence and clippings sent by Philip Harper to Lucinda Wanner concerning communism in the church.
Folder 650: Hoover Commission, no date
Contains six undated pamphlets about the Hoover Commission.
Folder 651: Housing, no date
Contains an open letter and a pamphlet opposing open housing.
Folder 652: Illinois History, 1957, 1961-1968
Contains two copies of a script Lucinda Wanner Wrote for programs on
Folder 653: Illinois Intelligencer, 1966-1967
Contains four issues of the Illinois Intelligencer, a publication of Illinois history prepared for Illinois' sesquicentennial in 1967.
Folder 654-655: Illinois Publications, 1955-1957
Contains undated lists and three booklets of Illinois newspapers and other publications.
Folder 656-659: Illinois State Chamber of Commerce, 1954-1962
Contains pamphlets on politics and business issued by the Illinois State Chamber of Commerce.
Folder 660: Infant Welfare Society, 1971
Contains Lucinda Wanner's two rough drafts for a letter or speech on the 45th anniversary of the founding of an infant welfare society in Glen Ellyn, IL.
Folder 661-663: League of Women Voters, 1952-1960
Contains correspondence, printed material, clippings, notes, and a pamphlet on the League of Women Voters.
Folder 664-670: Liberty Amendment, 1962-1966
Contains reference material on the Liberty Amendment:  the publications Freedom Magazine and Fact Sheets, newsletters, National Waterway Conference pamphlets, the Illinois Federation of Women’s Republican Clubs resolution on the amendment, correspondence, clippings, form letters, and notes.
Folder 671-676: Maps, 1952-1971
Contains maps of Illinois roads; congressional and Senate district maps; precinct, county, and city maps; and miscellaneous maps.
Folder 677: Mass Transit, 1960
Contains clippings, notes, and a flyer concerning mass transit in DuPage County.
Folder 678-680: McCarthy, Joseph, 1947-1954
Contains printed material, pamphlets, booklets, and notes on Senator McCarthy and communism, and a booklet entitled "McCarthyism: The Fight for America," by Joe McCarthy.
Folder 681: Medicare, 1952-1965
Contains pamphlets, a petition, form letters, a letter, and a pamphlet concerning legislation for socialized medicine.
Folder 682-683: Mental Health, 1955-1961
Contains clippings, unsigned notes, newsletters, and articles concerning mental health in DuPage County and Illinois.
Folder 684-687: Money Markets, 1952-1956
Contains pamphlets, books, a student newspaper, and a final exam for a course in money markets taken by Mary Lucinda Wanner at Northwestern University in 1956.
Folder 688: Moore, Jean, 1973-1975
Contains two letters and three copies of newspaper clippings written by or relating to Jean Moore, then president of the DuPage County Press Association.
Folder 689-691: Mount Holyoke College, 1962
Contains fundraising material from the 125th anniversary of the founding of Mount Holyoke.
Folder 692: National Accelerator Laboratory, 1968-1971
Includes printed maps, newspaper clippings, and articles about the National Accelerator Laboratory.
Box 14-18
Folder 693-871: Newsletters, 1950-1976
Contains newsletters (some that come in the form of press releases), reports, letters, and memos from state and national elected officials; Republican organizations, religious, educational, conservative publications; and others.  The subseries is arranged chronologically.
Box 18-19
Folder 872-901: Notes, 1952-1975
The bulk of the Notes subseries consists of undated notes written by Lucinda O. Wanner and others.  Some notes were written on bound stenographic pads, but most of the subseries consists of loose pieces of paper containing brief messages, figures, lists, comments, and notes from meetings, programs, articles and books, and television programs. The processing staff filed any clearly labeled notes in the appropriate series.  The Notes subseries consists of notes that were not included in Mrs. Wanner’s subject files and notes that do not readily relate to a separate series or subseries.
Box 19
Folder 902: Notes on Speeches, 1955
Contains handwritten and typed notes on speechs made by General Wilber on March 14, 1955, and by Thomas W. McNiece, General Wilber, Everett M. Dirksen, Kit Clardy, Captain Bundy, and Joseph McCarthy on February 12, 1955.
Folder 903: Obscenity, 1959-1960
Contains a clipping, press releases, and a brochure put out by the U.S. Post Office on obscenity, especially obscene material delivered in the mail.
Folder 904-906: Peace, 1959-1963
Contains pamphlets and printed materials on many aspects of peace, including internationalism, peaceful use of nuclear power, disarmament, organizations promoting peace, and other aspects of peace.  Most or all of the material came from a Peace Booth at the 1963 DuPage County Fair.
Folder 907-912: Cook County, 1952-1971
Contains material relating to several organizations in Cook County, including the Cook County Republican Central Committee, the Cook County Young Republicans, and the Women’s National Republican Club of Cook County.  The file contains correspondence, form letters, notes, pamphlets, programs, and printed material.
Folder 913-921: DuPage County, 1955-1972
Contains pamphlets, lists, notes, form letters, and miscellany concerning the history and government of DuPage County.
Folder 922-928: DuPage County. DuPage County Clerk. Elections, 1954-1974
Contains printed materials produced by the county clerk's office for use in elections and copies of lawsuits filed by or against the county clerk on matters dealing with elections.
Folder 929-941: DuPage County. DuPage County Clerk. Lists, 1960-1974
Contains voter registration and election results list prepared by the county clerk's office.  Many of the lists have hand-written notes on them.
Box 19-37
Folder 907-1842: Reference. Politics file, 1944-1976
The politics subseries consists of subject files on political organizations and government at the county, state and national level.  The Politics file encompasses the following divisions:  Cook County, DuPage County, Illinois, Kane County, Kendall County, Lake County, National, Putnam County, Will County, and Winnebago County.  The sections on DuPage County, Illinois, and National are further divided. The Politics file is arranged alphabetically by subject and chronologically within each file.  The quality and quantity of the information varies.
Box 19-20
Folder 942-980: DuPage County. DuPage County Federation of Republica Women's Clubs, 1954-1975
File contains material relating to the Federation, its member clubs, and the programs and activities of those clubs and the Federation.  Material in the file includes lists of member organizations; constitutions, by-laws, and directories; correspondence, form letters, and postcards; clippings and press releases; printed material and miscellany.
Box 20
Folder 981-983: DuPage County. DuPage County Jury Commission, 1945-1976
Contains printed material prepared by or for the Jury Commission.
Folder 984: DuPage County. DuPage County Jury Commission. Clippings, 1952-1953
Contains newspaper clippings referring to the Jury Commission.
Folder 985-987: DuPage County. DuPage County Jury Commission. Correspondence, 1953-1975
Contains correspondence regarding the Jury Commission.
Folder 988-992: DuPage County. DuPage County Jury Commission. Juror Selection, 1952-1974
Contains carbon copies of tabulated results from interviews for jury duty.
Folder 993-994: DuPage County. DuPage County Jury Commission. Notes, 1953-1957
Contains hand-written notes which were scattered throughout Mrs. Wanner's file on the Jury Commission.
Box 20-22
Folder 995-1091: DuPage County. DuPage County Republican Central Committee, 1944-1975
Series contains a wide variety of materials concerning the Republican Central Committee and its members; related organizations and activities; and activities sponsored or co-sponsored by the Committee, such as booths at county fairs, fundraising events, and campaign and election activities.  The file includes correspondence and form letters, clippings, printed material, pamphlets, lists, miscellany, and a large amount of notes, especially on executive committee meetings.
Box 22-26
Folder 1092-1263: DuPage County. DuPage County Townships, 1946-1976
DuPage County is divided into the following nine townships:  Addison, Bloomingdale, Downers Grove, Lisle, Milton, Naperville, Wayne, Winfield, and York.  Each township is divided into numbered precincts that elect  committeemen to the Republican and Democratic parties.  The Republican committeemen serve on the DuPage County Republican Central Committee. Lucinda 0. Wanner served as Milton Township’s appointed committeewoman from 1946 to 1954 when she was elected committeeman.  Mrs. Wanner was re-elected every two years and served as committeeman jntil her death in 1976.  She held numerous positions within the Milton Township Republican organization. The Township file is separated into four smaller files:  undated papers, an undated card file, undated Precinct Workers Kit, and dated papers.  The files contain correspondence, form letters, pamphlets and booklets, clippings, printed material, lists of voters and polling places, notes, and miscellany.  Most of the material relates to canvassing, campaigns, and elections, and the file contains a large number of notes from canvassing activities.  A large part of the Township file relates to Mrs. Wanner’s precinct, number 14 in Milton Township.
Box 22-23
Folder 1092-1121: DuPage County. DuPage County Townships, no date
Contains notes, printed material, clippings, and miscellany taken from folders containing township reference material.  Many of the notes pertain to canvassing polls and election tallies.
Box 23-24
Folder 1122-1171: DuPage County. DuPage County Townships. Card file, no date
Contains index cards with information about voters in DuPage County, especially Milton Township, Precinct #14.  The processing staff did not correct the order of the cards, but left them in the original six separate groups.
Box 24
Folder 1172-1174: DuPage County. DuPage County Townships. Precinct Workers Kit, no date.
Lucinda 0. Wanner designed a kit containing materials for precinct workers in DuPage County.  Several kits were left in Mrs. Wanner’s papers but none contained identical material.  The sample kit included in the Wanner Collection contains examples of the pamphlets, brochures, flyers, survey index cards, and campaign materials taken from all the remaining kits.
Box 24-26
Folder 1175-1263: DuPage County. DuPage County Townships, 1946-1976
The file contains dated material as described earlier in the finding aid.  In addition, the files for 1951-1953 contain correspondence, notes, and drafts for two pamphlets written by Lucinda Wanner and A.J. Shorey, “Congratulations on Becoming a Voter” and “Precinct Worker’s Primer.” The two pamphlets were revised occasionally and used for many years
Box 26-27
Folder 1264-1275: DuPage County. DuPage County Young Republicans, 1952, 1960-1972
Contains newsletters, correspondence, directories, and printed material concerning the DuPage County Young Republicans and other Young Republican organizations in DuPage County.
Box 27
Folder 1276-1280: DuPage County. Glen Ellyn Women's Republican Club, 1954-1974
Contains correspondence, notes, minutes, printed material, and miscellany concerning the Glen Ellyn Women's Republican Club, its members and activities.
Folder 1281: DuPage County. John Ericsson Republican Club of DuPage County, 1959-1971
Contains form letters, programs, and pamphlets concerning a John Ericsson Club.
Folder 1282: DuPage County. Republican Workshops of DuPage County, 1963-1967
Contains printed letters, a program, and printed material relating to the Republican Workshops of DuPage County.
Folder 1283-1299: Illinois, 1953-1975
Contains pamphlets, lists, charts, booklets, and maps concerning many aspects of Illinois state government, including election laws.
Box 27-29
Folder 1300-1409: Illinois. Illinois Federation of Republican Women's Clubs, 1953-1974
The file contains papers relating to the Federation and Lucinda Wanner's activities in the organization.
Box 27-28
Folder 1300-1338: Illinois. Illinois Federation of Republican Women's Clubs, 1953-1955
Contains an undated index card file of media names; lists of recommended reading, program suggestions, and material distributed by the Federation’s program committee, some written by Phyllis Schlafly.  The file contains information on the speakers committee of the Federation, including requests for suggestions for speakers, correspondence, programs, and other information on federation meetings.
Box 28
Folder 1339-1359: Illinois. Illinois Federation of Republican Women's Clubs, 1956-1959
The file contains correspondence; information on meetings; material for a newsletter of the federation Women at Work press releases and public relations information; resolutions; by-laws; miscellany.
Box 28-29
Folder 1360-1409: Illinois. Illinois Federation of Republican Women's Clubs, 1960-1974
File contains material similar to that in previous Federation files.  In addition, the file contains material on a registration drive, “The Neighborly Twenties”; a series of meetings on Phyllis Schlafly’s book, A Choice Not an Echo material on revision of the Federation constitution and by-laws.
Box 29-30
Folder 1410-1470: Illinois. Illinois State Central Committee, 1950-1972
Contains reference material concerning the Republican state central committee including correspondence, notes, pamphlets, programs, clippings and printed material.  The file also contains information on a 1955 state central committee; drafts for a 1958 publication, "The Life of the Party"; a 1963 Leader List; material concerning a 1964 canvass for "Victory in Illinois"; the Republican booth at the 1965 State Fair; and a July to November 1966 Voter Registration Drive headed by Lucinda Wanner
Box 30
Folder 1471-1475: Illinois. Illinois State Treasurer's Reports, 1955-1966
Contains a pamphlet, a clipping, and monthly reports from Illinois State Treasurers.
Folder 1476: Illinois. John Ericsson Republican League of Illinois, 1971
Contains one program for a dinner sponsored by the League.
Folder 1477-1480: Illinois. Republican Citizens' Finance Committee of Illinois, 1950-1956
Contains correspondence, notes, printed material, programs, and material relating to a 1956 Salute to President Eisenhower.
Folder 1481: Illinois. Republican Citizens League of Illinois, 1961
Contains correspondence and notes concerning the Republican Citizens League of Illinois.
Folder 1482-1484: Illinois. Republican Legislative Policy Committee, 1966-1970
Contains correspondence, newsletters, and programs relating to the Illinois Republican Legislative Policy Committee.
Box 30-31
Folder 1485-1487: Illinois. Republican Workshops of Illinois, 1959-1966
File contains pamphlets, printed material, programs, minutes, and notes on workshops sponsored by the Republican Workshops of Illinois.
Box 31
Folder 1488-1502: Illinois. United Republican Fund of Illinois, 1956-1975
Majority of the file consists of form letters from the United Republican Fund requesting donations or inviting Lucinda Wanner to fundraising dinners.
Folder 1507: Kane County, 1965
Contains a pamphlet, a directory, and a dinner program.
Folder 1508: Kendall County, 1963-1967
Contains a program from a fundraising dinner for Senator Everett Dirksen, two newsletters, and notes on a meeting.
Folder 1509-1510: Lake County, 1965-1966
Contains materials from two Republican workers' kits prepared by the Lake County Republican Central Committee, a newsletter, a form letter, and printed material.
Folder 1511: National, 1953-1957
Contains a printed description of the Constitution; a pamphlet about past presidents; a United States Government Printing Office publication on the function of American government; a Senate committee report on election of the president; a copy of S.J. Res. 31, a proposed amendment to the Constitution; and brochures about regulations for use of the flag and history of the flag.
Folder 1512: National. Abraham Lincoln National Republican Club, 1955-1960
Contains a membership application, notes from two conferences sponsored by the Lincoln Republican Club, and a flyer.
Folder 1513: National. House Republican Conference, 1967
Consists of one brochure explaining the organizational structure, roles, and activities of the House Republican Conference.
Folder 1514: National. National Council of Republican Workshops, 1963
Consists of a pamphlet and a printed card explaining the work of the National Council of Republican Workshops and printed material from the Council's 1963 convention.
Folder 1515-1547: National. National Federation of Republican Women, 1953-1955
Contains undated material on "Why I am a Republican;" 1954 material relating to the 8th biennial NFRW convention; 1955-1956 program material honoring Albert Woolson, in 1956 the oldest living member of the Grand Army of the Republic; 1955 text for a pamphlet "The Family of the Federation"; information on the Public Relations committee chaired by Lucinda Wanner in 1955; a text for a pamphlet issued in September 1955, "Toot Your Own Horn"; and material on a regional conference held in fall 1955.
Box 31-32
Folder 1503-1560: Illinois. Young Republican Organization of Illinois, Incorporated, 1953-1969
Contains correspondence, notes, and a brochure concerning activities of the Young Republicans.
Folder 1548-1602: National. National Federation of Republican Women, 1956-1962
Contains clippings concerning Albert Woolson, the oldest member of the Grand Army of the Republic, who died in 1956; reports on government departments made by the Administration Liaison Committee of the NFRW in 1956; information relating to the 9th biennial convention of the NFRW held in September 1956; information on the Public Relations committee chaired by Lucinda Wanner; material on January 1957 inaugural events and an NFRW meeting in Washington, D.C.; a 1959 Plan of Action for Victory in ‘60; miscellany.
Box 31-33
Folder 1515-1643: National. National Federation of Republican Women, 1953-1973
Contains material relating to the National Federation of Republican Women, its members, and activities.  Typical files contain form letters; correspondence; response cards; lists of members, officers, and committees; minutes; financial reports; printed material; requests for pamphlets and brochures; press releases; constitutions and by-laws; treasurers’ reports.
Box 32-33
Folder 1603-1630: National. National Federation of Republican Women, 1963-1967
Contains 1963 pamphlets, “The History of the Founding and Development of the National Federation of Republican Women” and “The History of Women in the Republican National Committee”; information on the NFRW’s Silver Anniversary Gala and 13th biennial convention held in 1963; monthly newsletters, bulletins, and printed material for a 1965-1967 NFRW program, “Build”; material concerning the 15th biennial convention held in 1967 and the controversial election of officers; miscellany.
Box 33
Folder 1631-1643: National. National Federation of Republican Women, 1968-1973
Contains material for the 15th biennial NFRW conference in 1969, CONT CONT
Folder 1644-1654: National. National Republican Congressional Committee, 1954-1970
Consists of speech kits and form letters.
Folder 1655: National. National Republican Senatorial Committee, 1954-1971
Consists of two form letters and an invitation.
Folder 1656: National. Republican Centennial Committee, 1954
Consists of a publication, "The History of the Republican Party," notes on the publication, printed material on the Republican Party centennial, and a form letter.
Folder 1657-1661: National. Republican Education Foundation, 1954-1956
Consists of pamphlets explaining the organization and purposes of the Republican Education Foundation, post cards, a map, pamphlets on conservatism by Russell Kirk, notes, correspondence, form letters, and printed material relating to the Foundation.  Lucinda Wanner was asked to serve on the Foundation board in 1955.  In 1956 the Foundation changed its name to the Foundation for American Principles and Traditions.
Box 33-36
Folder 1662-1834: National. Republican National Committee, 1950-1975
The bulk of the Republican National Committee file consists of material from the RNC, including the following: correspondence and form letters, pamphlets and brochures, booklets and directories, press releases and campaign information, fundraising material, minutes, research reports, material for voter registration, and lists of Republican state chairmen, state central committees, executive committees and officers, and membership. In addition to regular RNC material, the file contains Lucinda Wanner’s notes and clippings and items such as programs, tickets, invitations, and printed material on special events, including the following: annual spring conferences, the first of which was held in 1953, inaugural material from 1953 to 1973; regional conferences held beginning in 1953; training and campaign conferences and seminars.
Box 36
Folder 1835: National. Republican National Finance Committee, 1960, 1969
Consists of one form letter and printed material from the Republican National Finance Committee's 1969 Midwestern regional briefing on political affairs.
Folder 1836: National. Republican Policy Study League, 1953
Consists of correspondence and form letters.
Folder 1837: National. Teen Age Republicans, 1966-1972
Consists of pamphlets and form letters, and printed materials from a June 1972 Teen Age Republicans Leadership conference.
Folder 1838: National. Young Republican National Federation, 1965
Contains two pamphlets, a registration card, and a handbook.
Folder 1839: National. Young Republican National Leadership Training Institute, Incorporated, 1962
Contains two pamphlets.
Folder 1840: Putnam County, circa 1954
Contained a scrapbook of clippings produced by Republican organizations in Putnam County.  Scrapbook now filed with oversize materials.
Folder 1841: Will County, 1963-1969
Contains printed material, correspondence, a press release, a sample ballot, and programs relating to Will County or produced by organizations in Will County.
Folder 1842: Winnebago County, no date
Contains printed material and pamphlets on voting and the Young Republicans of Winnebago County.
Box 37
Folder 1843: Politics and Business, 1956
Contains articles, clippings, pamphlets, and correspondence concerning the effect of capitalism and socialism on business, especially as the issues related to the 1956 presidential campaign.
Folder 1844-1878: Public Statements, 1949-1975
Contains a few rough drafts of speeches by Lucinda Wanner and printed copies of speeches, remarks, and press releases by elected officials, Republican organizations, and others.  The file is arranged chronologically.
Folder 1879-1880: Reading file, 1971
Contains newsletters, form letters, and a pamphlet.
Folder 1881-1883: Reapportionment, 1964-1966
Contains clippings, reports, a pamphlet, press releases, and public statements on reapportionment of state legislatures.
Folder 1884: Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, 1970
Contains a pamphlet and the Institute's newsletter.
Folder 1885: Rickard, Theodore, 1960
Contains correspondence, notes, and a script for a sound-slide production written by Rickard, entitled "Knock on Every Door." Rickard designed the production for training precinct workers.
Folder 1886: Right to Work, 1953-1966
Contains pamphlets, printed material, form letters, newsletters, and a clipping on the right to work, or compulsory unionism.
Folder 1887: Schlafly, Phyllis, 1956-1968
Contains two printed articles concerning the National Defense Committee on which Schlafly served as Illinois State Chairman, and clippings, form letters, and brochures concerning Schlafly’s 1967 bid for the presidency of the National Federation of Republican Women and 1968 election for delegate to the RNC.
Folder 1888: Small Business Administration, 1971-1972
Contains form letters and memos from the Small Business Administration.
Folder 1889: Social Security, 1952-1953
Contains printed material and pamphlets on social security.
Box 37-38
Folder 1890-1891: Taft-Hartley Act, 1953-1959
Contains pamphlets, newsletters, booklets, and printed material concerning the Taft-Hartley Act.
Box 38
Folder 1892-1895: Taxes, 1953-1967
Contains clippings, newsletters, form letters, booklets, brochures, and printed material on taxes and taxation at many levels.
Folder 1896-1898: Tourism Brochures, 1954-1973
Contains brochures and pamphlets on various sites in the United States.
Folder 1899: "Uncommon Men", 1955
Contains correspondence, brochures and a pamphlet concerning "My Creed" by Dean Alfange, which was posted in The Riverside Inn at Cambridge Springs, PA.  The creed expresses Alfange's desire to be an uncommon man.
Box 38-39
Folder 1900-1918: United Nations, 1948-1957
Bulk of file contains educational and informational pamphlets and brochures prepared by the U.N.  Included in the file are a study kit on the U.N. prepared by the Department of Public Information in New York, clippings, notes, articles and miscellany offering criticism and praise of the U.N.
Box 39
Folder 1919: Universal Military Training, 1951
Contains a pamphlet and a printed article on universal military training.
Folder 1920-1921: Women, 1956-1970
Contains clippings and correspondence concerning the role of women in the United States, including printed material put out in 1970 by the Citizens' Advisory Council on the Status of Women.
Folder 1922: World Politics Program, circa 1953
Contains pamphlets, brochures, and notes for use in the World Politics Program, an adult educational project sponsored by Chicago area schools.
Folder 1923: York Center Community Co-Op, 1961
Contains newsletters published by the co-op, a chart comparing the York Center system of property management with other systems, and a brochure on stopping communism.
Series VIII.: Memorabilia, 1966-1975
Separated Material: Now contained in Audio-Visual Collection, UA 11

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