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United Methodist Church of Batavia Records, 1844-2011

Collection Overview

Title: United Methodist Church of Batavia Records, 1844-2011

ID: RHC/RC/160

Extent: 3.5 Linear Feet

Date Acquired: 03/29/1983

Languages: English [eng]

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The records for the United Methodist Church of Batavia concern the operation of the church in Batavia.  Most of the documents in this collection date before 1950.  Coverage, in most series, is incomplete.  No other historical records are believed to exist.  The first two folders of the collection contain written histories of the church and researcher’s notes.

The Quarterly Conference and Minutes series is the largest and most complete series in the collection.  Quarterly Conference Reports span the years 1844-1972, with few or no reports for the 1870’s, 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940's.  The reports from before 1920 include minutes of the proceedings of the Rock River Conference.  Reports dated after 1949 consist of annual reviews of activities for committees and social groups in the Batavia congregation.  These annual reviews were presented in a report given at the conference.

The following materials from series I and all material from series II are on permanent loan to the United Methodist Church of Batavia.  Minutes of the Official Board of Trustees include correspondence about business handled by the trustees.  The minutes span the years 1857-1976, with incomplete coverage for the 1970’s.  Minutes for the Official Board of Trustees from 1972 until the present remain with church officials.  Series II contains the Real Estate and Furnishings series the building fund information contains deeds, as well as money-raising information.  The bills and receipts found in this part of the collection are for upkeep and furnishing of the church and parsonage.  Note that the real estate taxes are arranged according to lot description and purpose of tax.

Series III contains Membership Records are all contained in bound volumes.  The volumes overlap in the years covered.  They contain records of baptisms, marriages and deaths among members of the congregation.

Series IV contains most of the Financial Records pre-date 1950.  Payments made by individuals to the church are recorded in the first three volumes of this series.  Pew rentals can be found in the Slip Book.  Wills of deceased members who left money to the church are included in this series.

Series V consists of the Sunday School Board minutes are included in the Secretary’s Record.  The Church Library Lending Book is included in this series because the books were lent to Sunday School teachers and students.  In 1940, the Women’s Foreign Missionary Society merged with the Ladies’ Aid Society to form the Women’s Society for Christian Endeavor.  This series contains records of all three organizations.

Series VI is the Printed Material, Clippings and Photos, while Series VII contains the Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church records.  The Weekly Bulletins span the years 1938-1972 but do not include bulletins for the 1960’s.  Special Interest Bulletins cover such subjects as Mother’s Day and church history.  Other sources of church news are The Batavian Methodist and From the Tower publications.  Among the photos are pictures of the church and a photo of the French church the Batavian structure was modeled after.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on access to the collection.

Use Restrictions: Property rights in the collection are held by the United Methodist Church of Batavia; literary rights are dedicated to the public.

Acquisition Source: Mr. Don Freyer for the Board of Trustees

Acquisition Method: Mr. Don Freyer for the Board of Trustees deposited the United Methodist Church of Batavia records in the Northern Illinois Regional History Center on March 29, 1983. Additional materials were added at a later date.

Box and Folder Listing

Series I.: Quarterly Conference and Minutes
Box 1
Folder 1: History of Church
Folder 2: History of Church, notes
Folder 3-10: Quarterly Conference Reports, 1844-1860, 1881-1920
Folder 11: Quarterly Conference Reports, 1922
Folder 12-13: Quarterly Conference Reports, 1949-1954
Folder 14-26: Quarterly Conference Reports, 1957-1969
Folder 27: Quarterly Conference Reports, 1972
Item 1: Minutes of Official Board
Access Restriction: [on permanent loan to church]
Series II.: Real Estate and Furnishings [ on permanent loan to church]
Access Restriction: [on permanent loan to church]
Series III.: Membership Records
Box 1
Folder 28-30: Church Record, 1845-1871, 1867-1889, 1890-1910
Box 2
Folder 1: Church Record, 1910-1925
Folder 2: Historical Record of Permanent Data, 1924-1964
Folder 3: Membership Record, 1946-1950
Folder 4: Register of Church Membership, 1945-1961
Folder 5: Our Guests, 1957-1974
Series IV.: Financial Records
Box 2
Folder 6: Payment Book, 1910-1916
Folder 7: Duplex Individual Record Book, 1915-1918
Folder 8: Duplex Alphabetical Church Treasurer Record Number 2, 1931-1935
Folder 9: Ledgers (2 volumes), 1868-1881, 1888-1891
Folder 10: Journal (2 volumes), 1898-1908
Folder 11: Ledger, 1908-1916
Folder 12: Order Book, 1929-1930
Folder 13: Slip Book, 1858
Folder 14: Subscription Lists, 1874, 1879, 1881, 1882
Folder 15: Promissory Notes, 1824-1927, 1948, 1962, 1965
Folder 16: Correspondence, 1921, 1962, 1968
Folder 17: Wills, 1956-1957, 1968, 1976
Series V.: Sunday School and Social Groups
Box 2
Folder 18: Roll Books (3 volumes), 1874-1976, 1898-1899, 1912-1913
Folder 19: Sunday School Record, 1894
Folder 20-21: Secretary's Record, 1915-1922
Box 3
Folder 1-3: Secretary's Record, 1923-1929
Folder 4: Minutes and Annual Report, 1900, 1949
Folder 5: Treasurer's Cash Book, 1917-1924
Folder 6: Bank Statements and Cancelled Checks, 1924-1926
Folder 7: Permanent Register, 1947
Folder 8: Church Library Lending Book, 1855-1856
Folder 9: Minutes of the Methodist Young People's Society for Christian Endeavor, 1898-1890
Folder 10: Minutes of Batavia Junior League (2 volumes), 1893-1894, 1895-1904,
Folder 11: Minutes of the Epworth League, 1890-1897
Folder 12: Roll Book of the Epworth League, 1898-1902
Folder 13: Minutes of the Epworth League, 1904-1908
Folder 14: Minutes of Women's Foreign Missionary Society, 1912-1915
Folder 15: Minutes and Roll Book of Ladies' Aid Society, 1918-1923, 1923-1928, 1928-1933
Folder 16: Minutes of Women's Society for Christian Service (W.S.C.S.), 1953-1959
Folder 17: Women's Society for Christian Service (W.S.C.S.) History, Guide and Installation of Officers, 1966, 1942, 1944
Folder 18-21: Women's Society for Christian Service (W.S.C.S.) Yearbooks, 1938-1966
Folder 22: Bulletin of the Methodist Women's Association, 1931, 1940
Folder 33: Minutes for RFU (4 volumes), 1955-1963
Series VI.: Printed Material, Clippings and Photos
Box 3
Folder 24: Weekly Bulletins, 1938-1958
Folder 25: Weekly Bulletins, July, 1970-December, 1972
Folder 26: Bulletins on Committees and the Budget, 1937, 1941-1944
Folder 27: Special Interest Bulletins, Announcements and Activities, 1902, 1916, 1917, 1925, 1929, 1950, 1976
Folder 28: Postcard Bulletins, October 1952-August 1953
Folder 29-30: The Batavian Methodist, April 1948-June 1961
Folder 31: From the Tower, July 1940- June 1971
Box 4
Folder 1: From the Tower, July 1971 - July 1971
Folder 2: Anniversary Publications, 1926, 1936, 1938, 1961, 1971
Folder 3: Church Directories, 1917-1974
Folder 4: Catechism and Directory, 1929, 1931
Folder 5: Clippings, 1943-1982
Folder 6: Photos, circa 1890s-1976
Series VII.: Swedish Methodist Episcopal Church
Box 4
Folder 7: Legal Documents, 1879-1950
Folder 8: Quarterly Conference Reports, 1957-1961
Folder 9: Church Treasurer's Record, 1961-1964
Folder 10: Minutes of the Ladies' Aid Society, 1933-1940
Folder 11: Minutes of the Martha Society, 1936-1941
Oversize Drawer 17
Folder 5
Item 1: Plat of survey, 1911
Item 2: Classroom drawing, 1961
Item 3: Furnas Educational Building drawing, 1963
Addendum 1
Box 4
Folder 12: The Past is Prologue: History of the United Methodist Church of Batavia, Illinois at its 175th Anniversary, 1836-2011, 2011