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People for Public Access Incorporated Records (DeKalb)


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People for Public Access Incorporated Records (DeKalb), 1973-1988 | Northern Illinois University

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Collection Overview

Title: People for Public Access Incorporated Records (DeKalb), 1973-1988

ID: RHC/RC/147

Extent: 8.75 Linear Feet

Date Acquired: 05/00/1984

Subjects: Cable Television, DeKalb (Ill.), People for Public Access, Incorporated, Price, Granville, Public television - Public access TV, Television, Warner Amex Cable

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

The records in this collection provide extensive documentation of the origins and development of People for Public Access, Incorporated, from 1973 to 1988.  Included in the collection are articles of incorporation, minutes of meetings, annual reports, membership and budget records, correspondence, programming information and newsclippings.  Financial records document the group’s fundraising drives and grant funds.  Material related to local programming can be found in the grant files.  A large part of the collection is made up of tapes (both on film and videocassettes) produced by the DeKalb group.

Collection Historical Note

The Granville Price Public Access Center was founded in 1973 by a group of citizens from the DeKalb-Sycamore area in response to two major developments in the television industry.  The expansion of cable television in the 1960’s and early 1970’s opened up the possibilities of additional channels available to home viewers.  The second major development was a Federal Communications Commission ruling early in 1972 regarding cable companies.  The FCC ruling required large cable companies to ‘‘maintain at least one specifically designated, non-commercial public basis ... maintained and having for public use at least the minimal equipment and facilities necessary for the production of programming such a channel.” Largely through the efforts of Granville Price, Clifford Spaine, and Nancy Brod, the Warner Cable Company was approached and agreed to the original funding of the Center as a pilot study to test the idea of public access in a typical midwest community.  

The group operated through a workshop format and during the first year membership grew to include 300 individuals and over 40 community organizations.  The group incorporated as People for Public Access in December, 1973.  The original cablecasting studio was located in the 500 block of East Lincoln Highway in DeKalb until 1980 when the current studio at 327 E. Locust Street was occupied.  Due to recurrent funding problems, equipment difficulties, and irregular programming, Community Cable Eight was dissolved at the board’s meeting on October 22, 1985

Subject/Index Terms

Cable Television
DeKalb (Ill.)
People for Public Access, Incorporated
Price, Granville
Public television - Public access TV
Warner Amex Cable

Administrative Information

Repository: Northern Illinois University

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on access to the collection

Use Restrictions: Property rights in the collection are held by the Regional History Center; literary rights are dedicated to the public.

Acquisition Source: Martin D. Dubin

Acquisition Method: Martin D. Dubin, President, donated the records of People for Public Access, Incorporated, to the Northern Illinois Regional History Center in May 1984.

Box and Folder Listing

Browse by Series:

[Series I.: Administrative and Financial Records],
[Series II.: Production Records],
[Series III.: Correspondence and Subject Files],
[Series IV.: Tapes],

Series I.: Administrative and Financial Records
Box 1
Folder 1: Histories, Philosophy of Public Access, and General Information, 1974-1982
Folder 2: Articles of Incorporation and Constitution, 1973, 1974, 1978, 1983
Folder 3: Policies and Guidelines, 1973, 1978, 1983
Folder 4: Legislation and Regulations, 1974-1983
Folder 5-6: Board and Annual Meeting Minutes, 1974-1985
Folder 7: Executive Director's Report, 1978-1984
Folder 8: Executive Committee Minutes, 1979-1984
Folder 9: Executive Board Meetings Minutes, 1983
Folder 10: Various Committees' Minutes, 1974-1984
Folder 11-12: Budgets, Financial Statements, and Treasurer's Reports, 1974-1984
Folder 13: Equipment Inventories, 1978-1983
Folder 14: Annual Reports and Correspondence to State of Illinois, 1974-1986
Folder 15: Membership Lists, 1974-1984
Folder 16: Fundraising: Membership Drives, 1974-1984
Box 2
Folder 1: Fundraising: Dinners, 1980-1981, 1983
Folder 2: Fundraising: Brunch and Raffle, 1981-1983
Folder 3: Grants: Grants Received, 1974-1979
Folder 4: Grants: Bersted Foundation, 1981-1983
Folder 5-6: Grants: Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA), 1977-1980
Folder 7: Grants: Chicago Community Trust, 1975-1982
Folder 8: Grants: Illinois Humanities Council (IHC): "Beyond Nostalgia", 1974-1975
Folder 9: Grants: Illinois Humanities Council (IHC): "Something For Tomorrow", 1978-1979
Folder 10: Grants: Illinois Humanities Council (IHC): "CHOICES: Moral Dimensions in Community Affairs", March-August 1980
Folder 11: Grants: Illinois Humanities Council (IHC): Preliminary Proposal, 1982
Folder 12: Grants: Roberts Foundation, 1974-1981, 1983
Folder 13: Grants: Various Foundations, 1979-1983
Series II.: Production Records
Box 2
Folder 14: Nonlocal Programming: Outside Programs, 1982-1983
Folder 15: Nonlocal Programming: Modern Video Programs, 1983
Box 3
Folder 1: Nonlocal Programming: NASA Programs, 1982-1983
Folder 2: Nonlocal Programming: "TNT True Adventure Trails" by Ernie Culp, February-September 1983
Folder 3: Local Programming: Program Proposals, 1981-1982, 1984
Folder 4: Local Programming: Regular Program Series, 1980, 1983
Folder 5: Local Programming: Local Color, 1982-1983
Folder 6: Local Programming: Sports and Weatherline, 1983
Folder 7: Local Programming: Election Preview, 1983
Folder 8: Local Programming: "Care of the Family Dog" by Dog Obedience Group of DeKalb, 1983
Folder 9: Local Programming: "A Different Drummer" by DeKalb Arts Commission, no date
Folder 10: Local Programming: "Our Towns" by Martha Hollingworth, 1983-1984
Folder 11: Local Programming: "Realities of Life and Death" by Carol Troescher, 1983
Folder 12: Local Programming: "The World of Martial Arts" by Brian Eble, 1983
Folder 13: Local Programming: "Worldly Goods" and "This Week's Science", no date
Box 4
Folder 1: Program Checklists and Production Planning Sheets, 1981-1983
Folder 2-3: Weekly Program Schedules, 1977-1978, 1981-1984
Folder 4-5: Daily Cablecasting Logs, 1981-1984
Folder 6: Tape Log, no date
Series III.: Correspondence and Subject Files
Box 4
Folder 7: Agreements and Application, 1974, 1976, 1980, 1982-1984
Folder 8-11: Correspondence and Memos, 1973-1988, no date
Box 5
Folder 1: City of DeKalb, 1973-1984
Folder 2: Insurance, 1978-1985, no date
Folder 3: Leases, 1974-1980
Folder 4-5: National Federation of Local Cable Programmers (NFLCP), 1971-1985
Folder 6: Newsletter, 1974, 1977, 1981-1983
Folder 7: Personnel: Job Descriptions, 1981-1983
Folder 8: Personnel: Sue Bowen-Roger Legal Controversy, 1982-1984
Folder 9: Personnel: Executive Director Search, May-August 19835
Folder 10: Personnel: Interns and Volunteers, 1981-1983
Folder 11: Press Releases and Newsclippings, 1974-1985
Folder 12: Sponsorship Sales: Policies, Rates, and Contracts, 1983-1984
Folder 13: Sponsorship Sales: Morel Media, 1983
Folder 14: Warner Cable Correspondence, 1973-1984
Folder 15: Workshops, 1973-1974, 1981
Envelope 1: Public Access Week Proclamation, DeKalb, 1-Oct-74
Access Restriction: Located in Tapes Box 4
Envelope 2: Community Cable Eight Film Title Board
Access Restriction: Located in Tapes Box 4
Series IV.: Tapes
Sub-Series I.: Grant-Funded Programs
Box 1
Reel 1: "Beyond Nostalgia" (5 reels): 103a Miss Gurler Remembers-VHS Tape, December 9, 1974
Reel 2: 67 Town of Our Dreams
Reel 3: 80 Corn vs. Concrete, January 17, 1975
Reel 4: December 13, 1974
Item 1: "Something for Tomorrow" (1 reel, 1 cassettes): 80 Panel Discussion, Show #6, September 21, 1978
Reel 5: (no number) Landmark Preservation in DeKalb and Sycamore
Sub-Series II.: Local Programs
Box 1
Cassette Tape 1-5: L-002-00l to 005 -Dog Obedience Group of Dekalb (5 cassettes)
Cassette Tape 6-7: L-3-l to 2 -The World of Martial Arts (2 cassettes)
Box 2: Our Town Series (11 cassettes)
Cassette Tape 1: L-4-l, 3-30 -Gurler-VHS Tape
Cassette Tape 2: L-4-2, 8-30 -Sycamore Historic District
Cassette Tape 3: L-4-3, 25-30- Preserve the Egyptian Theatre
Cassette Tape 4: L-4-4, 18-30 -Stage Coach Players
Cassette Tape 5: L-4-5, 37-30 -Volunteer Action Center
Cassette Tape 6: L-4-6, 17-30- Ellwood House
Cassette Tape 7: L-4-7, 26-30 -Opportunity House
Cassette Tape 8: L-4-8, 3-60- Ben Gordon Mental Health Center
Cassette Tape 9: L-4-9, 35-30 -Family Service Agency
Cassette Tape 10: T52, 24-30 -Gurler House - Bad Sound
Cassette Tape 11: T36, 29-30 -Our Towns
Box 3
Cassette Tape 1: Realities of Life and Death by NIU professor Carol Troescher: 1, Dub to VHS 1 -Introduction and Where is Dead?
Cassette Tape 2: Realities of Life and Death by NIU professor Carol Troescher: 2, Dub to VHS 1- Death of a Child
Cassette Tape 3: Realities of Life and Death by NIU professor Carol Troescher: 3-Realities of Life and Death - Don Mayer with David Kell
Cassette Tape 4: Realities of Life and Death by NIU professor Carol Troescher: 4, Dub to VHS 2- Realities of Life and Death - Don Mayer with David Kell
Cassette Tape 5: Realities of Life and Death by NIU professor Carol Troescher: 5, Dub to VHS 2- Legal Aspects of Dying
Cassette Tape 6: Realities of Life and Death by NIU professor Carol Troescher : 6, Dub to VHS 2- Dick Anderson Funeral Home
Reel 1: Bowen Tapes: 34 -Mr. Malone Remembers, VHS Tape, November 8, 1973
Reel 2: Bowen Tapes: 28-Interview with Marian Alilunis and and Family Photo Album
Reel 3: Bowen Tapes: 102- 4 R's: Retirees, Readin', Ritin', #2
Reel 4: Bowen Tapes: (no number) 4 R's" Seniors, #1
Reel 5: Bowen Tapes: 101b- 4 R's: #4, May 14, 1980
Reel 6: Bowen Tapes: Hist 12- A Talk with J.T. Masterson
Box 4
Reel 1: DeKalb Book Review Series: (no number) George McDonald
Reel 2: DeKalb Book Review Series: 14-Unions Make Us Strong
Reel 3: DeKalb Book Review Series: 20a- Unions Make Us Strong, Part 2
Reel 4: DeKalb Book Review Series: 5 -Dating Habits
Reel 5: DeKalb Book Review Series: 5-21 -Gorman and Steve
Reel 6: DeKalb Book Review Series: 48 (or 38?) -Journals
Reel 7: DeKalb Book Review Series: 35 -Eleanore Marx and the Politics of War
Reel 8: DeKalb Book Review Series: 24 -Children's Books
Reel 9: DeKalb Book Review Series: (no number) Women at Work
Reel 10: DeKalb Book Review Series: (no number) Nuclear Power and the People
Reel 11-12: DeKalb Book Review Series: (no number) Books on Film (2 reels)
Reel 13: DeKalb Book Review Series: (no number) Cooking Rabbit
Reel 14: Community Mental Health (CMH) Series: 2- CMH Agencies Dealing with Older Americans
Reel 15: Community Mental Health (CMH) Series: 3- CMH Agencies Dealing with Youth
Reel 16: Community Mental Health (CMH) Series: 1 -CMH Board - Introduction
Reel 17: Community Mental Health (CMH) Series: 4 -CMH Rap Time
Reel 18: Community Mental Health (CMH) Series: 5 -CMH Rap Time - School Age Children
Reel 19: Community Mental Health (CMH) Series: 87c -CMH Rap Time
Sub-Series III.: 5 Inch Reels
Box 4
Reel 20: 9 -DeKalb Landfill - How the Dump Operates
Reel 21: 15 -Police Service Promo Tape
Reel 22: 28 -Billie the Brownie Christmas Puppet Show
Reel 23: 30 -Christmas Show - Diana, Denny, Kathy, Julie the Kishwaukee Barbership Singers
Box 5
Reel 1-3: 40 a,b,c -Is My Image Me? (3 reels)
Reel 4-6: 41 a,b -Bicentennial Crafts Fairby Scott Spaine, (3 reels), July 13
Reel 7: 45 -Santa Claus, 1-5:30 p.m., December 15
Reel 8: 54 -Roger's Historic Homes
Reel 9-10: 93 a,d -Spotlight Entertainment (2 reels)
Reel 11: (no  number) Sign on Tape
Reel 12: 107 -Computer Graphics Good
Reel 13-16: 95 a,b,c,d -City Council Education Meeting Re: Cable (4 reels), August 13
Reel 17: 95 c -City Council Meeting, Monday, July 28
Reel 18-21: 105 a,b,c,d -Cable Public Hearing (4 reels)
Reel 22-24: 46 a,b,c -Turkey Sandwich by Don Kathrein (3 reels)
Reel 25-26: 29 -Cable Feedback producer Dan Rocha (2 reels)
Reel 27: 82 -Life is Like That: Martha's Loss, Senior Center, Part I
Reel 28: 72 -Life is Like That: There's No Place Like Home, Wherever That May Be, Part II
Reel 29: 5 -Granville Price Community Access Center Dedication, October 1974
Reel 30: (no number) Northern Lights, Camera, Action, producer Roger Legel
Reel 31: 62 -G-K Tape
Box 6
Reel 1: (no number) Dauntless Women in Childhood Education by Carol Switzer, March 22, 1980
Reel 2: (no number) Unidentified Tapes (1 reel)
Reel 3: (no number) DeKalb Landmarks
Cassette Tape 1: 48 -Original Gurler House Tape-VHS Tape
Sub-Series IV.: 7 Inch Reels
Box 6
Reel 4: (no number) Slide Presentation of Campus,  by Dick Scott (case  labeled "Self-Help Books, 9/5/79), 1975
Reel 5: (no number) Madison Review of Books-Interview with Joseph Collins, January 8, 15
Reel 6: 33 -Unidentified
Reel 7: (no number) A Visit with Oscar Anderson
Reel 8: 65 -Oscar Anderson
Reel 9: 55 -Unidentified
Reel 10: (no number) Madison Interviews
Reel 11: 119 -Change
Reel 12-14: (no number) Unidentified (3 reels)
Reel 15-16: (no number) DeKalb High School Football (2 reels), October 23, 1981
Reel 17: (no number) Eckankar-Nelson, April 9
Reel 18: (no number) Model-netics
Cassette Tape 2: (no number) People for Public Access (NIU/Rockford Project) VHS, 1978
Sub-Series V.: Videocassettes 7 1/4 inches x 4 3/4 inches
Box 7
Cassette Tape 1: C-001 -Spot Reel #1 (American Federation of Labor- Congress of Industrial Unions commercial)
Cassette Tape 2: Civic Arena Introduction (and DHS football)
Cassette Tape 3: S-002 -Cable 8 ID (30 second graphics, "Tonight on CC8")
Cassette Tape 4: Career Advice for Highschool Students: 4, 26-20-Unidentified (Intro, outside Dekalb High School)
Cassette Tape 5: Career Advice for Highschool Students: 5, 22-20 -Unidentified (talk on career choice)
Cassette Tape 6: Career Advice for Highschool Students: 8, 11-20 -Promo (resume and job advice from GE counselor)
Cassette Tape 7: Career Advice for Highschool Students: 14, 36-20 -Unidentified (resume and job application examples)
Cassette Tape 8: Career Advice for Highschool Students: 1, 46-20 -Unidentified (employees interview, likes and dislikes)
Cassette Tape 9: Career Advice for Highschool Students: 3, 20-20 -Unidentified (resume and job advice)
Cassette Tape 10: Career Advice for Highschool Students: 6, 21-20 -Work Tape-High school Interior (student questions), July 25, 1983
Cassette Tape 11: Career Advice for Highschool Students: 7, 29-20 -Editing Area (conclusion), December 4
Box 8
Cassette Tape 1: S-15, 30-20 -Do Not Air ("Cable Scenes;" how to register to vote)
Cassette Tape 2: T-34, 5-20 -Northern Comfort and Ad Hoc or Haunted House Bus
Cassette Tape 3: (no number) Weatherline, 11/17/83 or Handel’s Messiah (Elderly thank You to VAC; commercials; Northern Illinois University interviews), November 17, 1983
Cassette Tape 4: L-0-8 -Kishwaukee Hospital-Make Your Spare Time Count
Cassette Tape 5: 1-4-20 -HE  Second Time Around (commercial for sale), May 1, 1982
Cassette Tape 6: 9 -Egyptian Theatre-First Segment
Sub-Series VI.: Videocassettes 8 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches
Box 8
Cassette Tape 7: Videocassettes 8 1/2 inches x 5 1/2 inches
Cassette Tape 8: T-63 -Personalities (local interviews)
Cassette Tape 9: T-58, 5-30 -Tomorrow Future, by RAW, February 8, 1984
Cassette Tape 10: T-32, 34-30 -How About Those Huskies
Cassette Tape 11: T-44, 33-30 -Christine (John Carpenter's 1983 horror film; preview)
Cassette Tape 12: L-3-60 -PPA Dinner Panel, producer Roger Legel, November 22, 1981
Cassette Tape 13: EC-3-15-82-8 -Worldly Goods - The World Economy
Cassette Tape 14: 19-30 -Sports Replay: DeKalb vs. Elgin Halftime, October 14, 1983
Box 9
Cassette Tape 1: L-0-6 -Streets are Neat and the Truth About Country Music
Cassette Tape 2: (no number) Introductions: Local Color, Weather-line, Public Service  Announcements
Cassette Tape 3: L-000-003 -ENT  Dixieland Jazz-Dee Palmer, producer Roger Legel, 21-Jan-82
Box 10
Cassette Tape 1: L-000-002 -ENT  Bicycling Thru China, producers Dan Burden and Roger Legel, October 30, 1982
Cassette Tape 2: L-000-004 -ENT  Kishwaukee Barbershoppers, producer Roger Legel, November 9, 1982

Browse by Series:

[Series I.: Administrative and Financial Records],
[Series II.: Production Records],
[Series III.: Correspondence and Subject Files],
[Series IV.: Tapes],

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