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Beaver Valley Grange Records (Boone County), 1916-2003

Collection Overview

Title: Beaver Valley Grange Records (Boone County), 1916-2003

ID: RHC/RC/142

Extent: 2.75 Linear Feet

Date Acquired: 11/19/1981

Languages: English [eng]

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Primarily comprised of meeting minutes and treasurer’s account books, the Beaver Valley Grange records documents the organization’s history from its inception in 1916 to 1973.  The meeting minutes indicate the number of members attending, social activities, the topic of discussions, resolutions approved by the members, and the amount and services for which bills are paid.  Topics of discussions range from the science of agriculture through the proper roles for men and women in rural life to political legislation on the state and national levels.  Researchers should note that the minutes dating from 1924 to 1948 neglect to thoroughly record the group’s discussions and instead report on bills paid and plans for social activities.  Nevertheless, the collection does provide an excellent insight into the concerns and opinions of rural citizens since World War I.

Also included in the collection are Juvenile Grange meeting minutes (1938-1957) and cash books for the Ladies Auxiliary (1921-1973).  The Juvenile Grange minutes discuss the activities of this young Grangers group and how they participated in the parent Grange’s events.  Records form the Illinois State Grange, by-laws and rules of order (1929, 1943) rosters (1930-1955), and annual convention proceedings (1935-1938), complete the collection.

Administrative Information

Accruals: Additional records were added on May 18, 2004.

Access Restrictions: There are no restrictions on access to the collection.

Use Restrictions: Property rights in the collection belong to the Beaver Valley Grange; literary rights are dedicated to the public.

Acquisition Source: Donald Paulson and Avis Swanson

Acquisition Method: Donald Paulson and Avis Swanson deposited the Beaver Valley Grange records in the Northern Illinois Regional History Center on November 19, 1981.

Related Materials: Researchers studying the Grange movement in northern Illinois may wish to check the other Grange collections held by the Regional History Center (see index in the Guide to Sources).  The Center also holds several collections from other agricultural organizations (such as the Farm Bureau) which contain information on agriculture in northern Illinois.

Box and Folder Listing

Box 1
Folder 1-16: Meeting Minutes, 1916-1978
Folder 17-18: Treasurer's Account Books, 1917-1950
Folder 19: Officers' Attendance Record Book, 1934, 1961
Folder 20-23: Ladies Auxiliary Cash Books, 1921-1973
Folder 24-29: Juvenile Grange Meeting Minutes, 1938-1942, 1949-1957
Folder 30: State Grange By-laws and Rules of Order, 1929, 1943
Folder 31: State Grange Rosters, 1930-1955
Folder 32: State Grange Annual Session Proceedings, 1935-1938
Addendum 1
Box 2
Folder 1: Bylaws, 1950
Folder 2-3: Meeting Minutes, June 25, 1993-November 24, 1995, September 14, 2001-October 10, 2003
Folder 4-5: Communications, 1981-1997
Box 3
Folder 1: Communications, 1999-2003
Folder 2: Committees and Officer Lists, 1992-2000
Folder 3: Membership Rosters, 1991-2003
Folder 4: Dues Receipt Books  (2 volumes), January 23, 1987-September 16, 2000, 2003
Folder 5: Secretary's Order to the Treasurer, September 25, 1992-March 22, 1996
Folder 6: Treasurer's Book, March 31, 1949-January 1, 1993
Folder 7: The Eager Beaver, Newsletter, November 3, 1998-December 2002
Folder 8: 40th Anniversary, 1956
Folder 9: 50th Anniversary, 1966
Folder 10: 60th Anniversary, 1976
Folder 11: 65th Anniversary, 1981-1982
Folder 12: Land Sale Transactions, 1994-1996
Folder 13: Grange Memorial Service, Candle Lighting Service (historical information), 1935-1988
Folder 14: Salley Memorial to the Grange, 1989
Folder 15: Certificates, 1977-1996
Folder 16: Scrapbook, Photographs and Clippings, 1977-1981
Box 4
Folder 1: Newspaper Articles, 1975-1982, 1984, 1992
Folder 2: Photographs and Negatives, Unidentified (4, 8 strips), no date
Folder 3: Ladies Auxiliary, History, no date
Folder 4: Women's Activity Committee: Minutebook, 1972-1989
Folder 5-6: Women's Activity Committee: Notebooks, 1970-1988, 1982-1991
Folder 7: Women's Activity Committee: Communications and Newsletters, 1990-1992
Folder 8: Women's Activity Committee: Program and Project Ideas, 1989-1996
Folder 9: Women's Activity Committee: Scrapbook, 1989-1990
Folder 10: Women's Activity Committee: Home Economics Committee/Women's Activity Committee, Minutebook, 1959-1972
Folder 11: Women's Activity Committee: Home Economics Committee, Minutebook, 1989-1995
Folder 12: Women's Activity Committee: "Betty Champion Night", 1975
Folder 13: Women's Activity Committee: Writings of Verna Marshallsay, 1954, no date
Folder 14: Boone County Pomona Grange, 1997-2000
Folder 15: Illinois State Grange: Bylaws and Rules of Order, 1922, 1929, 1964
Folder 16: Illinois State Grange: 125th Anniversary Program, 1871-1996
Box 5
Folder 1-2: Illinois State Grange: Rosters, 1994-1999, 2002-2003
Folder 3-4: Illinois State Grange: Annual Session Journal of Proceedings, 1937, 1991, 1993-1994, 1996-1998
Folder 5: Illinois State Grange: Annual Session Programs, 2001-2003
Folder 6: Illinois State Grange: The Illinois Granger, February 1987, August, November and December 1991
Folder 7: National Grange: Constitution, Bylaws and Digest, 1982
Folder 8: National Grange: Grange: Doorway to Community Action, Program Handbook, 1993-1994
Folder 9: National Grange: Annual Convention Program Highlights, 1990, 1992
Folder 10: National Grange: Legislative Policies, 1999
Folder 11: National Grange: Seventh Degree Conferral and Convocation, 19-Nov-94
Folder 12: National Grange: Brochures, no date