Daw May Kyi Win Letters, 1981-1989
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Brief Description:

The letters cover the period of time between 1981 and 1988.  In the letters she talks about:


-private tuition in Burma

-gay performers in Rangoon

-pornographic films that were popular among the Chinese merchants

-power cuts in Rangoon in the late 1980's

-rationing of goods during the Socialist regime

-ban on rice trading because of the scarcity in the mid-80's

-her friendships with foreign scholars and diplomats, which resulted in her coming under the scrutiny of senior officials and the government and unfair treatement at work

-logistics of sending books from Burma to the UK

-popularity of meditation centers in Burma

-demonetization of money in two waves

-Thai and underground lottery system of Burma

-Political events leading to the 1988 uprising

-the governments drafting of a scheme to fire civil servants who participated in the uprising

-everyday life of a Rangoonite in the 1980's and the life of a librarian in Burma in the 1980's

-family life surrounding a monk-father and mother who had mental health issues

Held at:
Northern Illinois University
Founders Memorial Library
Northern Illinois University
DeKalb, IL 60115
Phone: 815-753-1779
Email: rhcua [at] niu.edu
Created by: May Kyi Win (1947-2002), Allott, Anna
Volume: 1.0
Acquired: 05/08/2015.
Biographical Note for May Kyi Win (1947-2002) :

Daw May Kyi Win was an associate professor and curator of the Southeast Asian Collection at Northern Illinois Unversity Libraries from 1990 until her death in 2002.  She was the only native Burmese curator in the United States.  She was a member of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies and the Center for Burma Studies at NIU.  She was also a member of the Board of the Burma Studies Foundation.

During her time at Northern Illinois University she greatly contributed to the Burmese Collection, as well as the mainland Southeast Asia Collection through her vast knowledge of languages and literature of the region.  Due in large part to her, the Burmese collections at NIU are some of the largest outside of Myanmar.

May Kyi Win was also the co-author of two books, Historical Dictionary of Thailand, and Historical Dictionary of the Philippines and she was the editor of the Bulletin of the Burma Studies Group.

Acquisition Notes: Anna Allott