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In All Things Charity


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In All Things Charity

Rev. Gregory R. Dell

United Methodist Church

Documents Relating to Same-Sex Couples

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In All Things Charity, 1996-2005 | Northern Illinois University

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Collection Overview

Title: In All Things Charity, 1996-2005


Extent: 5.5 Linear Feet


The materials in this collection provide extensive documentation on the organization In All Things Charity and its work towards inclusiveness within the United Methodist Church as a result of the denomination’s stand on same-sex marriage. The primary focus of the collection is Reverend Gregory R. Dell, Pastor of the Broadway United Methodist Church of Chicago and a Director of In All Things Charity, and the United Methodist Church’s response to his officiating at a marriage ceremony for two of his male parishioners in September 1998.

The documents in this collection cover the period between 1996 and 2001, and are arranged into five series.

Series I contains information on In All Things Charity which Gregory Dell helped start, and served as its Director from July 1999 through June 2000. In addition to a brief history of this organization, there are by-laws, brochures, newsletters, correspondence, fund raising documents, response forms from both clergy and laity, and materials relating to In All Things Charity’s agenda for the 2000 General Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Rev. Gregory Dell is the subject of Series II. The majority of this collection focuses on the church trial of Dell which took place in March 1999, and includes transcripts of the trial proceedings as well as the appeal. Much of Gregory Dell’s correspondence and materials on his speaking engagements are related to his work with In All Things Charity. Also located in this series are photographs, articles and documents related to Fred Phelps anti-gay rally at Dell’s Broadway United Methodist Church on November 22, 1998.

Series III contains materials relating to the United Methodist Church. Included are documents on the future of Broadway United Methodist Church, Reverend Jimmy Creech, the “Sacramento 69,” the General Conference held in May 2000, and the denomination’s views on homosexuality.

Series IV is made up of five boxes of copies of newspaper, magazine and on-line articles relating to gay couples. They cover the period from the summer of 1996 to July 2000. Many of these articles relate to Rev. Dell and services which joined same-sex couples in marriage.

Series V contains a variety of audio and video tapes which primarily cover Rev. Gregory Dell and his trial. Also included are six “floppy discs” relating to In All Things Charity, and one on the AMAR (Affirmation, The Methodist Federation for Social Action, and the Reconciling Congregation Program) Coalition.

Series VI consists of digital content that was stored on three CDs related to IATC. Files on the disks include databases, templates, scanned letters of support, and emails.

Date Acquired: 02/16/2001

Scope and Contents of the Materials

Series I contains information on In All Things Charity. Rev. Gregory Dell is the subject of Series II. Series III contains materials relating to the United Methodist Church. Series IV is made up of five boxes of copies of newspaper, magazine and on-line articles relating to gay couples. Series V contains a variety of audio and video tapes which primarily cover Rev. Gregory Dell and his trial. Series VI consists of digital content that was stored on three CDs related to IATC.

Administrative Information

Access Restrictions: no restriction

Use Restrictions: Property rights in the collection were transferred to Northern Illinois University Libraries. Literary rights are dedicated to the public, however any copyrights so stated in the materials will continue in force.

Acquisition Source: Reverend Gregory R. Dell, Courtney Cosgrove, and Stephen Betzner

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series I: In All Things Charity],
[Series II: Rev. Gregory R. Dell],
[Series III: United Methodist Church],
[Series IV: Documents Relating to Same-Sex Couples],
[Series V: Audio Visual Materials],
[Series VI: Digital Content],

Series IV: Documents Relating to Same-Sex Couples
Box 8
Folder 1a: Inventory of Articles, 14-May-99
Folder 1b: "The Social Principles: The Nurturing Community", Summer 1996
Folder 2: Paul Halsall "Lesbian and gay marriage through history and Culture", 1-Jun-96
Folder 3: Detroit News, Deb Price "Civil rites: Arguments against same-sex marriage mirror those that kept the races apart", April 18,1997
Folder 4: William J. Abraham "United Methodists at the end of the mainline", Jun-98
Folder 5: "Texas Methodists Vote Down Anti-Gay Proposal", 4-Jun-98
Folder 6: Dana Sterling "Homosexuality still a touchy subject among denominations, leadership", 21-Jun-98
Folder 7: Seven Articles, Jul-98
Folder 8: Dana Sterling "Minister accepts all types of marriages", 19-Jul-98
Folder 9: Edward E. Plowman "Madness in the Methodist", 25-Jul-98
Folder 10: Bruce Sullivan "Methodists Split Over Homosexual Issues", 29-Jul-98
Folder 11: Gregory Dell "Who's Got the Truth?", 31-Jul-98
Folder 12: "Anglican bishops denounce homosexual relations", 5-Aug-98
Folder 13: "American Anglican Council Applauds Lambeth Resolution on Sexuality", 6-Aug-98
Folder 14: Four Articles, 7-Aug-98
Folder 15: Five Articles, 8-Aug-98
Folder 16: "Same-Sex Wedding to be Largest Ever", 10-Aug-98
Folder 17: Seven Articles, 11-Aug-98
Folder 18: Nine Articles, 12-Aug-98
Folder 19: Three Articles, 13-Aug-98
Folder 20: Charley Lerrigo "Talbert, 'saddened' by decision, says he will uphold Discipline", 14-Aug-98
Folder 21: "Reaction erupts across UMC at decision" and "A radical call to love 'enemies'", 19-Aug-98
Folder 22: "Reassignment for rebel priest who ministers to gays", 20-Aug-98
Folder 23: "UMC bans same-sex unions" and "Letter to The Washington Blade", 26-Aug-98
Folder 24: "Statement from Board of Church and Society", 29-Aug-98
Folder 25: Eight Articles, Sep-98
Folder 26: "Reaffirmation of Bethany's Statement on Holy Unions and Covenant Services for Same-Gender Life Partners" and "Commentary:Muddled in the Middle", 1-Sep-98
Folder 27: Rev. Dr. Alice G. Knotts "Affirmation: United Methodists for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Concerns", 2-Sep-98
Folder 28: "Is schism the next step for United Methodism", 9-Sep-98
Folder 29: "Lessons from Lambeth" and "Anglican bishops issue statement on human sexuality", 10-Sep-98
Folder 30: "Day of Listening," Eight Articles, 12-Sep-98
Folder 31: "Churches Continue to Struggle", 14-Sep-98
Folder 32: "Letters to the Editor" and "Meaningless Homosexual Dialogue Continues in North Texas", 16-Sep-98
Folder 33: "Impact of Judicial Council ruling still being disscussed", 17-Sep-98
Folder 34: "U.S. Poll Says most Want Religion to Avoid Gay Issues" and "The Church Wins-Methodism Lost: A Day of Listening in the North Texas Annual Conference", 18-Sep-98
Folder 35: Edward E. Plowman "Laying down the law", 19-Sep-98
Folder 36: "Milwaukee Overture to the 1999 General Assembly", 22-Sep-98
Folder 37: Irene Sauer "Bethlehem Presbyterian Church's Letter Objecting to Same-Sex Marriages", 28-Sep-98
Folder 38: Sheila Enstine "First Love", 29-Sep-98
Folder 39: Three Articles, 30-Sep-98
Folder 40: Eight Articles, Oct-98
Folder 41: Louis Weisberg "Honoring Vows Local Pastor Defies Methodists' Marriage Ban", 1-Oct-98
Folder 42: "UM Global Agency Expected to Recommend Legitimization of Homosexuality at GC2000", 3-Oct-98
Folder 43: Donald Fado "The Ugliest Word in the English Language", 4-Oct-98
Folder 44: "The issue market" and "Methodist Court Affirms Ban on Same-Sex Rites", 5-Oct-98
Folder 45: Six Articles, 12-Oct-98
Folder 46: "Where do we go from Lambeth" and "Letters to the Editor", 14-Oct-98
Folder 47: Three Articles, 15-Oct-98
Folder 48: Three Articles, 16-Oct-98
Folder 49: Joe Dallas "Responding to Pro-Gay Theology", 17-Oct-98
Folder 50: Gregory Dell "Pastor's Page", 18-Oct-98
Folder 51: Five Articles, 21-Oct-98
Folder 52: "Minister Faces Complaint Over Same-Sex Wedding", 22-Oct-98
Folder 53: Seven Articles, 23-Oct-98
Folder 54: Twenty-Two Articles, 24-Oct-98
Folder 55: "Gay Union Case Puts Bishop in Tough Spot" and "United Methodists Talk about Homosexuality", 25-Oct-98
Folder 56: Six Articles, 26-Oct-98
Folder 57: Five Articles, 27-Oct-98
Folder 58: Nine Articles, 28-Oct-98
Folder 59: Six Articles, 29-Oct-98
Folder 60: Fifteen Articles, 30-Oct-98
Folder 61: Five Articles, 31-Oct-98
Folder 62: Seventeen Articles, Nov-98
Folder 63: "Methodists to Honor Their Lesbian Union" and "WBC to picket dyke wedding in Calif.", 1-Nov-98
Folder 64: Seven Articles, 2-Nov-98
Folder 65: Ernest Tucker "Methodists uphold gay-marriage ban", 3-Nov-98
Folder 66: Seven Articles, 4-Nov-98
Folder 67: Four Articles, 5-Nov-98
Folder 68: Five Articles, 6-Nov-98
Folder 69: John G. Taylor "Pastor challenges gay-marriage ban Ex-Fresnan finds 80 Methodist ministers to help him officiate at a lesbian union", 7-Nov-98
Folder 70: Three Articles, 8-Nov-98
Folder 71: Three Articles, 9-Nov-98
Folder 72: "The master's plan" and "Biblical Foundations for Morality and Sexuality", 10-Nov-98
Folder 73: Six Articles, 11-Nov-98
Folder 74: "Hollywood United Methodist Church Denounces UMC Judicial Ruling" and "The Spong-Carey Controversy over Sexuality", 12-Nov-98
Folder 75: Four Articles, 16-Nov-98
Folder 76: Five Articles, 18-Nov-98
Folder 77: "Broadway United Methodist Church and Local Community Announce Response to Picketing by Hate Group" and "Southern Baptists Outlaw Same-Sex Marriages", 19-Nov-98
Folder 78: Three Articles, 20-Nov-98
Folder 79: "Planned Response Guidelines Picketing by Westboro Baptist Church of Broadway United Methodist Church" and "Coalition Sticker", 21-Nov-98
Folder 80: Five Articles, 22-Nov-98
Folder 81: Eight Articles, 23-Nov-98
Folder 82: "Year-end review: Disasters, same-sex unions drew church attention in '98", 24-Nov-98
Folder 83: Four Articles, 25-Nov-98
Folder 84: Louis Weisberg "Showdown in Chicago", 26-Nov-98
Folder 85: Three Articles, 27-Nov-98
Folder 86: "Methodists try to mend rift on homosexuality Church officials hope national dialogue help ease tension caused by hot-button topic" and "Protestkundgebung vor Broadway United Methodist Church in Chicago", 28-Nov-98
Folder 87: Twelve Articles, Dec-98
Folder 88: Lifewatch-Newsletter, 1-Dec-98
Folder 89: Five Articles, 2-Dec-98
Folder 90: "Showdown in the Methodist Church", 3-Dec-98
Folder 91: "Windy City Gay Chorus Celebrates its 20th Anniversary with a Reunion Concert and the World Premiere of "Jonathan and David"", 4-Dec-98
Folder 92: Five Articles, 5-Dec-98
Folder 93: "United Against Hate" and "Group to Protest Anti-Gay Preacher", 6-Dec-98
Folder 94: Five Articles, 7-Dec-98
Folder 95: Three Articles, 8-Dec-98
Folder 96: Tim Tanton "Talbert has key role in selecting future WCC leadership", 9-Dec-98
Folder 97: Four Articles, 10-Dec-98
Folder 98: Four Articles, 11-Dec-98
Folder 99: Northern Illinois Conference Evangelical Association Forms to Deal with Denominational Issues and "A man of God, and compassionate friend of man", 13-Dec-98
Folder 100: Rev. Carson Daniel Lauffer "Clergyman File Complaint Against Bishop Sprague", 14-Dec-98
Folder 101: "Why One Clergy is Participating in the Blessing of the Holy Union", 15-Dec-98
Folder 102: "Letters to the Editor" and "Here I Stand: UMC's history is diversity, not narrow uniformity", 16-Dec-98
Folder 103: "Circle of Love: Come Celebrate! Prayer and Support of Holy Union in Sacramento", 17-Dec-98
Folder 104: Four Articles, 21-Dec-98
Folder 105: "In Absentia Officiants", 22-Dec-98
Folder 106: "An E-mail Dialogue with the Reverend Fred Phelps" and "Letters to the Editor", 23-Dec-98
Folder 107: Five Articles, 30-Dec-98
Folder 108: Twenty-Three Articles, Jan-99
Folder 109: Newscope "1998-The Year in Review", 1-Jan-99
Folder 110: "Reconciling Kansas Newsletter" and "Austin Methodist Church Welcomes Gays, Lesbians", 2-Jan-99
Folder 111: "CAL-PAC Newsletter Promotes Mass Lesbian Wedding--More Disobedience to Come" and "Ecumenical Student Conference Includes Pro-"Gay" Themes", 4-Jan-99
Folder 112: "Presbytery of Hudson River-A Report of the Council", 5-Jan-99
Folder 113: Four Articles, 6-Jan-99
Folder 114: Three Articles, 7-Jan-99
Folder 115: Newscope "Two Unofficial Groups Issue Letters on Homosexuality", 8-Jan-99
Folder 116: "Jury Nullification" and "California Evangelical UMC's to Celebrate Biblical Marriage in Protest of Jan 16th Mass Lesbian Wedding", 9-Jan-99
Folder 117: Three Articles, 10-Jan-99
Folder 118: Four Articles, 11-Jan-99
Folder 119: Six Articles, 12-Jan-99
Folder 120: Five Articles, 13-Jan-99
Folder 121: Seven Articles, 14-Jan-99
Folder 122: Thirteen Articles, 15-Jan-99
Folder 123: Twenty-Two Articles, 16-Jan-99
Folder 124: Twenty-Two Articles, 17-Jan-99
Folder 125: Thirteen Articles, 18-Jan-99
Folder 126: Seven Articles, 19-Jan-99
Folder 127: Four Articles, 20-Jan-99
Folder 128: Ten Articles, 21-Jan-99
Folder 129: Eight Articles, 22-Jan-99
Folder 130: Six Articles, 23-Jan-99
Folder 131: "Bethany United Methodist Church Joins Valentine's Day Holy Union Protest" and ""This is My Beloved" A Festival Service of Love and Re-Commitment", 24-Jan-99
Folder 132: Four Articles, 25-Jan-99
Folder 133: "Methodist Church to investigate lesbian holy union" and "Complaint Against Sprague Deserves Fair Hearing", 26-Jan-99
Folder 134: Three Articles, 27-Jan-99
Folder 135: Four Articles, 28-Jan-99
Folder 136: Four Articles, 29-Jan-99
Folder 137: Five Articles, 30-Jan-99
Folder 138: Three Articles, 31-Jan-99
Folder 139: Twenty-One Articles, Feb-99
Folder 140: Four Articles, 1-Feb-99
Folder 141: Three Articles, 2-Feb-99
Folder 142: Nine Articles, 3-Feb-99
Folder 143: Eight Articles, 5-Feb-99
Folder 144: Three Articles, 6-Feb-99
Folder 145: "Questions and Answers Help Parents of Gay Children", 7-Feb-99
Folder 146: Four Articles, 8-Feb-99
Folder 147: Three Articles, 9-Feb-99
Folder 148: Three Articles, 10-Feb-99
Folder 149: Three Articles, 11-Feb-99
Folder 150: Ten Articles, 12-Feb-99
Folder 151: Six Articles, 13-Feb-99
Folder 152: "Forces ready to clash over gay marriage legislation", 14-Feb-99
Folder 153: "Casa Linda Pastor Invites Congregation to Join Confessing Movement's Call to Reaffirm Faith" and "Just How Important IS Sound Doctrine?", 15-Feb-99
Folder 154: "Letters to the Editor", 17-Feb-99
Folder 155: "Gay freedom isn't the same nationwide" and "Fired Methodist minister has 'no regrets' over gay wedding", 18-Feb-99
Folder 156: Jayne Suhler "Students oppose discrimination based on sexual orientation", 19-Feb-99
Folder 157: Six Articles, 20-Feb-99
Folder 158: "Cool Under the Collar" and "Stamford", 21-Feb-99
Folder 159: Ten Articles, 23-Feb-99
Folder 160: Eight Articles, 24-Feb-99
Folder 161: Four Articles, 25-Feb-99
Folder 162: Eight Articles, 26-Feb-99
Folder 163: "Church to try pastor who led gay wedding" and "Willie Brown to Bless Same-Sex Marriages Huge ceremony set for S.F. City Hall", 27-Feb-99
Folder 164: "United Methodist Pastor Faces Trial for Conducting Service of Holy Union" and "Minister's book seeks blessings for gays", 28-Feb-99
Folder 165: Eighteen Articles, Mar-99
Folder 166: Eight Articles, 1-Mar-99
Folder 167: Three Articles, 2-Mar-99
Folder 168: Four Articles, 3-Mar-99
Folder 169: Four Articles, 4-Mar-99
Folder 170: Five Articles, 5-Mar-99
Folder 171: Three Articles, 6-Mar-99
Folder 172: Six Articles, 7-Mar-99
Folder 173: Eight Articles, 8-Mar-99
Folder 174: Four Articles, 9-Mar-99
Folder 175: Five Articles, 10-Mar-99
Folder 176: Eleven Articles, 11-Mar-99
Folder 177: Five Articles, 12-Mar-99
Box 9
Folder 1: "Pushing to Open Church to Gays" and "Christian Pleads, Stand Firm in America: Canadian Church Already Traveling Road of Apostasy", 13-Mar-99
Folder 2: "Cincinnati archdiocese will minister to homosexual Catholics", 14-Mar-99
Folder 3: Eight Articles, 15-Mar-99
Folder 4: Three Articles, 16-Mar-99
Folder 5: "Jury selection in Dell trial closed to the public" and "Bishop, Disciple Bible Study Author, Says Bible Favors Homosexuality at Epworth-by-the-Sea Camp Meeting", 17-Mar-99
Folder 6: Eight Articles, 18-Mar-99
Folder 7: Five Articles, 19-Mar-99
Folder 8: Twelve Articles, 20-Mar-99
Folder 9: Five Articles, 21-Mar-99
Folder 10: Five Articles, 22-Mar-99
Folder 11: Seven Articles, 23-Mar-99
Folder 12: Twenty Articles, 24-Mar-99
Folder 13: Eighteen Articles, 25-Mar-99
Folder 14: Thirty-Eight Articles, 26-Mar-99
Folder 15: Forty-Five Articles, 27-Mar-99
Folder 16: Fifteen Articles, 28-Mar-99
Folder 17: Seventeen Articles, 29-Mar-99
Folder 18: Eleven Articles, 30-Mar-99
Folder 19: Seven Articles, 31-Mar-99
Folder 20: Sixteen Articles, Apr-99
Folder 21: Four Articles, 1-Apr-99
Folder 22: Seven Articles, 2-Apr-99
Folder 23: Cathleen Falsani "Gay issues evoke pain this Easter", 4-Apr-99
Folder 24: Seven Articles, 5-Apr-99
Folder 25: Three Articles, 6-Apr-99
Folder 26: Seven Articles, 7-Apr-99
Folder 27: Six Articles, 8-Apr-99
Folder 28: Three Articles, 9-Apr-99
Folder 29: Three Articles, 10-Apr-99
Folder 30: "Marietta First Splintering, 11-Apr-99
Folder 31: Five Articles, 12-Apr-99
Folder 32: Three Articles, 13-Apr-99
Folder 33: Three Articles, 14-Apr-99
Folder 34: Three Articles, 15-Apr-99
Folder 35: Ten Articles, 16-Apr-99
Folder 36: Five Articles, 17-Apr-99
Folder 37: Eight Articles, 20-Apr-99
Folder 38: Eleven Articles, 21-Apr-99
Folder 39: Seven Articles, 22-Apr-99
Folder 40: Nine Articles, 23-Apr-99
Folder 41: Three Articles, 24-Apr-99
Box 10
Folder 1: "Pastor Suspended in Test of Same-Sex Marriage Ban" and "Judicial Council says 12-year rule for staff execs is constitutional", 26-Apr-99
Folder 2: Thirteen Articles, 27-Apr-99
Folder 3: Three Articles, 28-Apr-99
Folder 4: Five Articles, 29-Apr-99
Folder 5: Eight Articles, 30-Apr-99
Folder 6: Seven Articles, May-99
Folder 7: Three Articles, 1-May-99
Folder 8: "Episcopal priest to lead new flock", 2-May-99
Folder 9: Four Articles, 3-May-99
Folder 10: Parker T. Williamson "For gay, 'Coming out' is justification", 4-May-99
Folder 11: "Judge evicts Episcopal congregation" and News Briefs, 5-May-99
Folder 12: Broadway United Methodist Church letter and Dell Trial News Continued, 6-May-99
Folder 13: Bill Lancaster "Unity/Diversity Confernece experience positive, but event attracts few conservative participants", 7-May-99
Folder 14: Petitions in Wyoming Conference of NY-PA, 11-May-99
Folder 15: Three Articles, 12-May-99
Folder 16: "Suspended pastor files appeal", 13-May-99
Folder 17: "UM Bishops Condemn U.S. Military Action in Yugoslavia", 14-May-99
Folder 18: "Lesbian evangelist lauded by PCUSA", 15-May-99
Folder 19: Inventory, Fred Phelps Documents, No Date
Folder 20: Rowland Nethaway "Anti-Gay Kansans Go on a Texas Road Trip", Jan-97
Folder 21: Three Articles, Oct-97
Folder 22: Five Articles, Dec-97
Folder 23: Four Articles, December 1997-January 1998
Folder 24: Three Articles, March-June 1998
Folder 25: Three Articles, May-June 1998
Folder 26: Thomas R. O'Donnell "Pickets protest gay pastor", May-98
Folder 27: Eight Articles, May-June 1998
Folder 28: Jim Henderson "Preaching hate/Kansas pastor, church accused of using terrorist tactics to spread anti-gay beliefs", 2-Aug-98
Folder 29: Four Articles, Oct-98
Folder 30: "WBC to picket moral leper Marilyn Manson" and "Church's protest was pretty uneventful Marilyn Manson gets his share of hecklers, but the scene isn't chaos", Oct-98
Folder 31: "Anti-gay Activists Protest" and "Gay-Hater: Can You Find the Godliness in This Man?", 28-Nov-98
Folder 32: Non-Methodists and Homosexuality, February 1999-July 2000
Folder 33: Documents regarding the estate of Marshall G. Gardiner Court Case, 21-Mar-02
Folder 34: Matthew Shepard, November-December 1998

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